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  1. J

    Do I have a problem with Extract with Grain

    This was my last brew . Boiled on electric stove with what I would say was not a rolling boil but a gentle boil in the middle of the wort. The taste is very bitter and although I've become used to the bitterness others find it hard to drink. Is this caused by the bitterness hops or by the boil...
  2. J

    Kettle or Hot water Urn for AG brewing

    Seen this item on Ebay.Seems cheaper than purchasing Crown or Birko 40 litre urns.Is this the way to go?or is there traps I'm not seeing? BRAND+NEW+STAINLESS+STEEL+46LTR+BREW+KETTLE%2C+SANDWICH+BASE%2C+HLT%2FMASH+TUN%2FBOILER&_sacat=0&_from=R40
  3. J

    Mirror Pond Clone

    I pulled this recipe from Brew Magazine's 250 Classic Clone Beers. The only change I made was to include the Dry Wheat Malt to assist in the head retention. It's an extract with grain and nearly finished in the fermenter at 1.012.Will leave it for a few more days to clear and bottle on the...
  4. J

    Coopers Free Freight until end of may

    For people who use Cooper's products note that if you are a member, all Cooper's products are freight free until 31st may.
  5. J

    Assistance with OG and Eficiency calculations

    I have just put down my 3rd (9th )partial mash in a bag using a 20 litre boiler. I use BREWMATE to design the recipe As my mash has only two grains and steeping of two specialty grains I've only a small amount of liquid. .Unfortunately I don't have enough liquid for the hydrometer to stand...
  6. J

    Assistance with Wheat DME & Wheat Malt

    Just cracked a bottle of my 7th brew which was an extract with grains. It include 250g of wheat DME & 250g of wheat malt both being 6.67% ea of total ingredients. The head and taste out of the bottle is great , certainly the best head of any of my earlier brews.Could probably age a bit in the...
  7. J

    Converting 19 litres recipes to 23 litres

    I've just received the 250 Clone Received from Home Brew Magazine from US.All the recipes are 19 litres and I want to covert to 23 litres .Should I just up the ingredients by 23/19?Or is there another method? .All recipes I would attempt would be extracts with grain.
  8. J

    Cloudy at end of pour

    I bottle my brews in 750 ml bottles and add two carbonation drops before storing. The first pour out of the bottle is nice and clear and as is the second pour until the last few mls. There is no sign of sediment other than the definite darkening of the pour with those last few mls.I've only just...
  9. J

    Recipe Check Please

    I've put together this recipe using brewmate I think I'm in the right forum as I wish to do an extract with some grains I have.Any comments would be appreciated. Pale Ale Recipe Specs ---------------- Batch Size (L): 23.0 Total Grain (kg): 3.500 Total Hops (g)...
  10. J

    Fat Tyre Ale

    I'm a fan of Michael Connelly and his character in his books Harry Bosch.In his latest book he mentions Fat tyre Beer and I was able to pull down an extract clone recipe straight from the manufacturer. It is as follows converted to metric; Fat Tire Amber Ale (20Litres extract with grains)...
  11. J

    Storage of Bottles Whilst Fermenting.Run out of Space

    I just filled 29 bottles of my latest brew.Run out of space and Cook want give me any cupboard space.Is the any reason why I can't set the STC 1000 at say 27-28' and store them in the fridge whilst they are fermenting?.I'm wanting to store them for carbonationg whilst in the bottles
  12. J

    Foaming Airlock

    I put down the Little Critters Pale Ale (discussed earlier) yesterday usinfg Safale US 05 yeast pitched at 24" dry..Looked at it this morning in the controlled fridge (set at 18.5') and found that the airlock has foam coming out of it.I removed it and resterilised and filled it with water. I'm...
  13. J

    Little Creatures Pale Extract Recipe

    I picked up the following recipe off the Internet and I would like to try it as my second extract recipe.The first Coopers Irish re Ale is still not showing any yeast activity,so I'm not sure it will turn out. Ingredients for Little Creatures are; Little Creatures Pale Ale Extract Method...
  14. J

    Coopers Irish Red Ale 4th brew

    I put down 20 litres of the Ale on Friday morning as per Coopers recipe.The only change was to boil the DME for 30min and adding 20g of Kent Goodings pellets at the start of the boil.I also used Brewcraft English ale yeast.. Yesterday the air lock was showing short bubbling as the yeast went...
  15. J

    yeast storage

    ive had to buy a lot of my ingredients as my LHBS doesn't have a lot of the items. and to keep postage down i order in larger numbers. How should i store yeasr and hop pellets?
  16. J

    Aldi 10.5ltr Stockpots.What else?

    Only into my third brew but would like to start partial mash brewing as my next brew.Just brought a Aldi 10.5ltr Stockpot.What other equipment will I need to start .
  17. J

    Third Brew Little Creatures Pale Ale

    Just finished botlling the second brew and having nearly consumed the first didn't want to waste any time before putting down the third.I picked up a recipe on the net called LITTLE CREATURES PALE ALE.The ingredients are: Coopers Pale Ale 1.7kg Morgans Wheat Extract Malt 1.5kg( Coopers not...
  18. J

    Assistance with recipe ingredients

    Before I begin ,I apologise as every time I go onto the forum I'm asking for assistance. I have a recipe for a Pale Ale.LhBS doesn't have most of the ingredients and not very helpful. Ingedients are; 1.7 kg Coopers Pale Ale can 1.5kg Coopers Wheat Malt Extract 300g Wheat Dry Malt 250g...
  19. J

    Head on beer

    On the first brew I primed the bottles with carbonation drops and when pouring the beer it has a decent head and at times quite vigorous.However ,as it settles after a short period in glass it goes flat quickly.In pewter mugs it remains ok for about 10-15 minutes.It is quite frustrating as the...
  20. J

    Temperature with STC1000

    I set up my STC1000 yesterday in the fridge that I just purchased (wine cooler sold and gone).Have only this morning attached the probe to the side of the fermentor.Up to now the probe has just been sitting in the fridge. Checked the temp on the stick on thermometer and although the stc 1000 is...