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    Measuring wort temperature coming out of plate chiller

    I use one of these , the listing states 1/2" but the threads are 3/4" BSPP. The readings take a little while to settle but it works well for me.
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    Gluten free recipes

    My wife is gluten intolerant and I've had success with this White Labs Clarity Ferm To be on the safe side I never use any wheat malt in the grain bill, try to keep the ABV around the 4% mark and she's never had any adverse...
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    Braumeister - Tips & Tricks

    Hi, I use leaf hops and this is what I use on the end of one of Mark's dip tubes to filter the wort before it gets to my plate chiller. I bought a sheet of mesh, cut off a section of the sheet and formed it round a 15mm copper pipe to make a straight tube. I removed the copper pipe replacing...
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    Barley Wine On 20l Braumeister

    Hi, can you tell me what volume of water did you start with before adding the first batch of malt ? also what was your pre boil volume ? I'd like to give this a try but I don't want to find that the BM is overflowing :D
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    50l Braumeister Or 20l

    I went with the 20L BM as I brew to fill 1 cornie. I like to try different recipes and styles, I also like a selection of beers on tap, so I try to keep 6 different beers on the bar at any one time. I don't do many 'big' beers and after checking my brew records I'd only done 2 'big'...
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    After seeing this post I bought one to measure the output temp from my plate chiller and it works a treat :) The reading is not as instant as a digital and takes a few seconds to settle down, but for output to the FV it's plenty fast enough. The threads are 3/4" BSPP
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    Speidels Braumeister. Impressive Yes. Expensive Yes.

    Update. BM ordered 31/5 BM arrives in UK 15/6 I go on vacation 16/6 I return to UK 30/6 Balance paid 2/7 BM delivered 6/7 Wife finds me jobs to keep me occupied until Saturday 21/7 !!!!!! MHB/Mark is an absolute gent and very kindly agreed to allow me to buy the rubber seal and the S/S bent...
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    Speidels Braumeister. Impressive Yes. Expensive Yes.

    I've only looked at the 20L as I brew to fill 1 cornie and I like a selection of beers, I try to keep 6 different ones on the bar at any one time. I've paid the Euro price at a reasonable exchange rate for Sterling taking into consideration the current strength of the against the . They are...
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    Speidels Braumeister. Impressive Yes. Expensive Yes.

    I would really have liked to buy from Mark, he deserves the business, but I live in the UK and Speidel have told me that I must buy from the UK distributor :( I would like to get hold of the rubber seal and the S/S bent pickup, as you say, they are useful additions to improve the BM. I'll...
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    Speidels Braumeister. Impressive Yes. Expensive Yes.

    After much reading, researching and justification to myself and SWMBO I finally placed my order for a 20L Braumeister :D I just wanted to mention that it was the informative threads on this forum, MHB's honesty and belief in the BM and finally the down to earth vid that SJW put together of his...
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    What Do You Do For A Crust?

    Cisco Network Professional, specializing in Voice and Security.
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    Prototype For A Cheap Braumeister

    Hmm, second image shows that it is a 0 - 400 C range K type thermocouple with relay output, in fact this is the same image as the one used in the ebay ad that I got mine from. From the third image it also seems to be missing the 3rd connection, screw connection No 8, which I thought was needed...
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    Prototype For A Cheap Braumeister

    Universal PID That PID looks just like mine which will only take K type thermocouples and not PT100 probes. I suggest you ask the seller to confirm it will take a PT100. I find that mine is pretty accurate above 50 C, +- 0.5 C I...