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  1. big d

    Beers @ Mash This Friday

    Im heading down to Mash Brewing this friday @5:00pm to catch up with an old work mate from a previous life and to see if they have any seasonal beers on tap so if any AHBers are around and feel like a beer do drop in. Cheers Big D
  2. big d

    Bar Da Boa

    1. GO TO THE FOLLOWING SITE: 2. TYPE YOUR FIRST NAME ON THE 1st LINE 3. TYPE YOUR LAST NAME ON THE 2nd LINE (Skip your e-mail address.) 4. Click on "Vizualizar" and watch what happens . & don't ask me how they do that Cheers Big D \2. TYPE YOUR FIRST...
  3. big d

    The Nine Dollar Pint

    Went to a well know Perth micro in the Swan Valley today for a feed and a few beers and was quite suprised to see Pints are $9.00.Geez i obviously havent got out and about if this is the norm so am wondering what the rest of OZ pays at the micros for a pint. Mind you the beer was the grouse x 3...
  4. big d

    Grumpys Invades Lcpa @ Freo

    Well not really but had a great time today at LCPA/Freo discussing the merits of fine brewing whilst wearing a favourite Grumpys shirt.Coped quite a few comments about the T.Man this place rocks even on a sunday going into the evening.Packed with people and the food and chicks are top stuff...
  5. big d

    Moving Grain To W.a

    Just finished talking to my removalist about what can and cant go into Western Australia and you would find it easier taking stuff into another country.The list is pretty exhaustive and some will require a stat dec ie stating all gardening implements are thoroughly cleaned and basically...
  6. big d

    For The Serious Yeast Farmer

    Also noticed Grain and Grape are selling this microscope for the serious yeast farmer.
  7. big d

    Stainless Steel Obsession Gone Mad

    I love my stainless brew bling but this is bordering on obssessive bower bird type stuff.(Wonder if this is a sneaky pic of Docs work office. ;) :D ) Cheers Big D
  8. big d

    New Web Site

    Grain and Grapes flyer also makes mention of a new web site. from Western Australia and a very interesting site plus an interesting top 100 homebrews as sampled by two knowledgable industry type people.Hasnt quite started yet but should be an interesting list...
  9. big d

    Monica Vs Nasa Burners

    Cyclone Monica is bearing towards Gove which has put paid to any brewing this week end and during the week. Question is can the nasa burners withstand tomorrows wind squalls of 120km/h building upwards to 160 km/h in the arvo without going out if im foolhardy enough to try a brew..? This is pre...
  10. big d

    Clever Tv Show

    Not too sure if this is up to date or not but did anyone see the Clever show tonight? Where they asked the panel of learned celebs what is the quickest way to brew beer. A. In a microwave oven B. In a washing machine C. I n a cuppacino machine One of the learned ones says i brew my own beer...
  11. big d

    Squat 23 And 12 Litre Kegs

    Latest grain and grape newsletter has these brand new 23 and 12 litre kegs for sale.No price but they look the goods. cheers big d
  12. big d

    Fermentor Age

    im curious about this what stage do you decide to chuck out the fermenter and buy a new one.they must have a useful life span before age creeps in.Do age weary fermenters hide off flavours or are they more susceptible to infection. I intend to purchase a ss conical fermenter some time...
  13. big d

    S/s Bling

    mmmmm the shine
  14. big d

    Beer Ads

    check out froggs beer ad link from the superbowl in america in the humour section.theres some great ads there.mainly bud ads and a great one from michelob amber. memorable ones are secret fridge, superfan cowboy(kiwis be warned its sexual in content) and wave. bud light- for you office workers...
  15. big d

    Step Mashing And Malt Complexity

    well heres a doozy ive come across that has me thinking somewhat about highly modified grains.its from zymurgy volume 28 #5 sept/oct issue.yeah i know its old but i always look over bits and pieces and miss things now and again. anyway it is an american award winners view point so taken as is...
  16. big d

    Beer Dispenser

    could do with this setup after mowing the lawn.
  17. big d

    Unusual Beer Font

    what can i say :lol:
  18. big d

    Xmas Case Labels

    im amazed at the great labels that are being posted on the various xmas case state save the challenged like myself from going between threads to peruse the labels is there any chance those with labels may post under the one thread the pics of said xmas case labels. reckon that alone...
  19. big d

    Merry Xmas

    ok all ahb members.its getting way near that time of year so before i get too festive and forgetful i wish each and all of you and familys a very merry xmas and a hoppy new year. may your new year brew ventures be very fulfilling and enjoyable. all the best in 06 :beer: dave
  20. big d

    Spam Attack

    ok will try again.something weird is happening.grumpys is being carpet bombed with a seller of a bottle opener.hope ahb doesnt get hit.current target is about every post.i tried posting before but for a weird reason i couldnt.coincidence maybe from looking at his site? be warned cheers big d