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    Rhizomes FS: Cascade and Golding's.

    Hi All, I have some rhizomes for sale $10 each + postage($11 for two, 500g satchel. $15 for more than two, 3kg satchel) PM if interested Cheers.
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    FS stainless steel drip tray

    For sale SS drip tray 500x500x50 4.5Kg. $120.
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    Fs 3 Tier Brewstand (Sunshine Coast QLD)

    ] For sale ss brew stand and kegs with tigged ss sockets false bottom and 3 1/2' ball valves $250.
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    Fs Cascade Rhizomes

    Hi all,I have had a few pm's re Cascade Rhizomes,so I have dug some up $10 each + $10 postage I can fit 2 in a 500g satchel.I also have some Hallertau,Chinook and Golding's,PM if interested,Cheers Ratchie.
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    Hallertau Rhizomes For Sale

    Hi All, dug up my Hallertau plant on the weekend and have some rhizomes for sale $10 each + $10 postage 500g express post.They are medium size can fit 2 in 500g post satchel,no WA or Tas .PM if interested.