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  1. Silver

    Coopers pale ale with coopers euro lager yeast.

    So i found myself in a situation where i have pitched a lager yeast into a pale ale. Sitting at 19c waiting for signs of life before i drop to probably 15c. I am guessing i should treat this brew as a lager from here on. Dry hop some saaz at fg crash chill etc. Has anyone done can o pale ale...
  2. Silver

    Rookie mistake.

    Been a while since i last brewed a beer and decided i'd ease back into a routine with a kit and kilo. Coopers aussie pale ale and 1 kg dextrose. I neglected to take an OG reading. If anyone has a reading for this, be much appreciated. Have searched interweb for last 2 days, no luck. Thanks in...
  3. Silver

    How long is grain good for?

    So I've had a fair spell from brewing and think I might crank up the urn again. Was wondering what is the longest people have had a sack of grains sitting around and still made a good brew with it.
  4. Silver

    Sth Island NZ AG Brewers.

    Sorry if this post should be somewhere else. My brother lives in Geraldine, south island NZ and is hoping to see someone do an AG brew. He does his own spirits but also likes a tasty beer and would like to have a crack at it. If anyone can help out would be great. Cheers Silver
  5. Silver

    Clearing Cider

    Googled a bit and found SFA info regarding clearing cider with gelatine. Does anyone clear their ciders?
  6. Silver

    Bulk buy Etiquette and Traditions.

    Are there any traditions re Bulk Buys? Being a shift worker means it can be very difficult to chip in time to help out. This is a great service to those of us who reap the benefit. I hope a few others will join me by bringing in a bottle of their finest to share amongst the contributing parties...
  7. Silver

    Yeast Sex

    All this talk about yeast has spurred me into a bit of googling. Aside from some being asexual, apparently yeast know if they want to have sex with a partner within 2 minutes. Does this mean most of them are Male?
  8. Silver

    FWK dimensions

    Would someone give me dimensions of this container please. 20ltr jobbies. Do the standard water tap ie. bunnings cheapy fit these? I am hoping to slot side by side in my ferment fridge.
  9. Silver

    Clearing beer with sugar.

    Just wondering if any punters clear their beer in the FV after it has finished fermenting by adding sugar. I guess you would call it bulk priming but leaving it in FV until the yeast in suspension has eaten those sugars and dropped out leaving a nice clear product to keg. And yes i know at the...
  10. Silver

    Argon method using plastic milk bottles.

    I've just tested a 2ltr plastic bottle with boiling water and it holds without falling apart. Has anyone used these containers for this method?
  11. Silver

    Wanted Brew Cellar fermenter.

    If anyone in brizzy nthside has one of these they have no need for, please drop me a line.
  12. Silver

    Foamy layer on lager brew.

    Just a general question. I have only just started doing Lagers/Pilsners and lager yeast is all new to me. I have a brew in FV which has a foamy thin layer, mainly CO2 bubbles i guess. Is this usual with a lager yeast or should it appear as an ale type brew where everything drops to the bottom...
  13. Silver

    How many gravity points to carb a bottle.

    Wondering if anyone has purposely bottled cider/beer before fermentation has completed, so as to finish carbing in the bottle. Have just started playing with cider and recall reading somewhere the brewer bottled at 1020 and it carbed up like champers. Assuming it was heading for 1000 i would...
  14. Silver

    Wheat beer with US hops?

    I have stacks of Amarillo, Bravo, Cascade and Summit. I also have some Danstar Munich yeast. BB Ale, BB Pale, Wheat, Caramunich and Caramalt. This is going to be my 1st crack at a wheat beer. Just wondering if any of the more experienced wheaties can see a half decent recipe with what i have in...
  15. Silver

    Crash chilling and dry hopping.

    OK i've read and tried to sort the good advice from the not so good. Still a little unsure. I've just added my dry hops to FV at day 3 (ferment almost done). I plan to crash chill FV tomorrow or day after and was concerned whether or not the dry hopping process would carry on as well as if I...
  16. Silver

    Clear vinyl tube for sight glass.

    Just wondering if anyone has used clear vinyl tubing as a sight glass. Main concern is how it would react to boiling wort. Apparently this stuff is food grade. Cheers Silver
  17. Silver

    Putting thread on polycarb tube.

    Anyone got the good oil on how to cut a 6mm thread on polycarb sight glass tube. It disintergrates when i put a 6mm die to it. Should i be putting some sort of cutting compound on it first. My feeling is the die needs more of a taper. Cheers Silver
  18. Silver

    Cpbf Diy For Under $5

    I know it looks simple and it is. It also works brilliantly. I run off the keg through a short line to a splitter tap then through a short line and through a grommet in a PET bottle cap which is screwed onto a nice clean PET bottle. So here's the procedure, open valve gently and at about 1/5 to...
  19. Silver

    Having A Beer With A Fellow Brewer.

    The great thing about having a beer with a fellow brewer is seeing his set up, how he does things differently to you, achieves a certain result, and then evaluate how you can make changes to your own brewing practices. I had that privelage today and decided i am going to cold crash a few brews...
  20. Silver

    Someone Wants To Show Of His New Shoes.

    Merry Christmas boys and girls. Cheers Silver