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  1. Crunched

    Little Creatures Oatmeal Stout

    Just wanted to post this up for the other Brisvegas residents - Nectar in West End has 2 cases left of the Little Creatures Oatmeal Stout. I picked some up today and am just sampling one now - not bad at all. Very similiar in flavour to the JS Porter, with more body and creaminess from the...
  2. Crunched

    Use Up My Hop Scraps!

    As I'm sure most of us do, I have a bunch of hop left overs in my freezer. Some of these left overs have been there a while, some are fairly fresh. Anyway, I want to get rid of them to make space and to save me from throwing them out, I thought I would post the list up here and see what...
  3. Crunched

    Forgotten Brews In Kegs?

    I've just discovered 2 kegs that are full which I had thought were empty - I couldn't work out what I might have had in them, so I plugged in a tap and had a sample of each. I was pleasantly surprised - one seems to be a golden ale or landlord ale of some sort, with slightly more roast/crystal...
  4. Crunched

    Fs: Bris - Kegs, Can Cooler Bags, Capper Etc

    I've just moved house and in doing so have decided to clear out a few things. I don't like the idea of selling the kegs, but I really do have too many as I haven't even used some of these yet (and they still have pepsi/7up in them). I still think you can never have enough, but these are taking...
  5. Crunched

    Cloudy Brews - Mash Temp?

    My last 4 brews have all been really cloudy and all have struggled to drop the last few points in gravity. After scratching my head for a while, I tested my mash tun's thermometer to find it's about 2-3 degrees out (ie, it reads 2-3 degrees lower than the mash really is). Would this be...
  6. Crunched

    Recipe Advice

    Just looking for some feedback an ESB recipe I just came up with. I'm trying to use up some grain and hops I have had sitting around for a while. Any absolute no-no's stand out? Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size: 21.00 L Boil Size: 26.00 L Estimated OG: 1.057...
  7. Crunched

    Ttl Using Wyeast 1968 Instead Of 1469?

    I'll be brewing one of the doc's landlord recipes tomorrow and was wondering what everyone's thoughts on using Wyeast 1968 instead of the hard to find 1469 are? I have some 1968 in my yeast collection and after reading Wyeast's site, it seems very similar to the 1469. Any advice? Will it turn...
  8. Crunched

    Advice On Brown Porter Recipe

    After doing a bit of research and sussing out other people's recipes, I have attempted to put together my own brown porter recipe. Was hoping to hear any comments/tips before I brew tomorrow arvo. What do you guys think? Amount Item Type % or IBU 4.50 kg Ale - Golden Promise (Thomas...
  9. Crunched

    Wyeast 1084 - Fast Fermenter?

    I brewed my first BIAB last Sunday (Screwy's Irish Red), then no chilled and pitched a Wyeast 1084 Irish Ale yeast on Monday. OG was 1048. It is now Wednesday and has been approximately 48 hours (almost exactly) and temps have been sitting at 18-20*C. I just took a SG measurement - 1014. Is...
  10. Crunched

    Maintaining Your Biab Mash Temps?

    I did my first BIAB today and found I had to turn my burner on a few times during the 90 minute mash to hold the 66*C. What is everyone else doing to maintain temp with their BIAB brews? Turning the burner on a few times didn't really cause a problem, it's just that I have read that most...
  11. Crunched

    Maturing In The Keg

    I started kegging a few weeks ago and just filled my 3rd and 4th kegs today. I'm planning on letting these sit for a few weeks or so to mature (a golden ale and an aussie pale FWK). Anyway, after reading around it seems that most people on AHB don't bother maturing and just chill the kegs...
  12. Crunched

    Just Made A ... Wort Bomb?

    I made a starter last week for a brew, then put the left overs of the starter wort I made for it (just some LDME and water) into a PET bottle. Used that to step up the starter. Anyway, I just went to make another, using the same wort that was left in the PET bottle, when I noticed the bottle...
  13. Crunched

    Mislabelled Fresh Wort Kit

    I'd read about the Brewer's Selection Amarillo Ale fresh wort kit and most of the comments about it were extremely positive - so I went down to the LHBS and asked for one. Got given a Brewer's Selection fresh wort kit with a label on the top corner that read "Amarillo Ale". The owner also gave...
  14. Crunched

    Fittings For Keg Kettle

    I'm converting a 50L keg into a my BIAB brew kettle/mash tun and just wanted to know what others have done in terms of fittings for taps and thermometers etc. I was thinking of going with a stainless steel ball lock tap and mashmaster's thermometer (the threaded one). How have others fitted...
  15. Crunched

    Beer Smith Help

    I'm planning on putting the following recipe (posted in another thread by Fourstar): I have all the ingredients, however decided I would work out how to use Beer Smith and tweak my recipe to suit my particular ingredients and their EBC/IBU levels. So I decided to enter the recipe as posted by...
  16. Crunched

    Using Liquid Extract Instead Of Dry

    I'm about to brew up 2 brews, both calling for 1kg of dry wheat extract. I have 2 1.5kg tins of liquid wheat extract. How can I work out the right amount of liquid extract to use compared to dried? I'm thinking 1.5kg of liquid extract would be more than 1kg of dried, but unsure how to work it...
  17. Crunched

    Anyone Wanna Send Me A Sample?

    I've been tossing up whether to go AG for a while and had pretty talked myself out of it, at least until another forum member (reviled) told me about BIAB. After reading up, this process sounds pretty simple and I'm keen to give it a go. Although I think I'm still on the fence. I'd only have...
  18. Crunched

    Ok To Freeze Yeast?

    I just racked a lager I've been brewing to secondary and farmed the yeast. My question is - is this farmed yeast ok to store in the freezer? Or will this have a negative affect on the yeast? Kill it? Freezer burn it? Will it turn into the abominable yeastman? Encino yeast?
  19. Crunched

    Reusing Yeast?

    I just racked an ale to secondary and decided to keep the yeast slurry and read up on how to re-use it. After a lengthy search, I can't find any specific info (as searching for anything with the term 'yeast' produces alot of results). Anyway, I've stored it in a sanitised glad-wrap bag for now...
  20. Crunched

    Krausen, Then Nothing After 2 Days?

    Pitched a S-04 in an extract brew the other day, then had a great krausen formed after about 6 hours. Now, 3 days later, the krausen has disappeared and the surface of the wort is clean. What happened? Surely it can't be finished - SG is currently 1016 (OG was 1042). I pitched the yeast in...