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    Braumeister 20l, fermenting fridge, grain mill

    What's the dimensions of the fridge? Would you sell it separate?
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    Inkbird Giveaway! Open to All!

    Please let it be me, my mash control unit has just stuffed out on me, this would get me back brewing consistent again.
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    Intro To All Grain

    cheers everyone for the replies, everyone was so helpful, and allot of good information in there, and some great links to check out too. especially Nick JD, so detailed and helpful... im really looking forward to brewing some decent beers. i will let you all know when the brew system arrives...
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    Intro To All Grain

    Im just waiting on delivery of a synergy brew system from the states, once it arrives ill be straight into brewing, but before it arrives i want to design my own recipe and just get a bit of local knowledge on All Grain brewing. how do hops interact with one another? i love my beers really...