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    Head Retention

    If I'm enjoying a good beer, I'll tip just a little (like less than 10 grains - and no I don't count them :) .
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    New Belgian Beer Bar For Sydney

    I've hear there's one in Perth, though I've not been.
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    Name That Flavour

    Enjoying a Cascade Premium. The smell is captivating :chug: . I have no idea how to describe it. Anyone care to put a description and perhaps what causes it?
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    Winter Brewing

    Does the beer get lightstruck :huh: or is that only after bottling?
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    Overly Vigorous Boiling

    Tried boiling a brew on the weekend. Have always just added ingredients to the carboy with hot water. Boiling is so much more interesting! Anyway... Can you boil a brew too vigorously? Should you see bubbles rising - how many at once? Is it more of a simmer? What signs do you look for to...
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    Winter Brewing

    I bought one of those brew belts. It's ok - a little tricky to control the temperature. I've got an electronic timer that plugs into the AC wall socket. Think I'll try the brew belt with that so I don't have to turn it on every night.
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    To Lager Or Not To Lager, That Is The Question

    Using Saflager S-23. It's the last packet of the only sort at the shop. I rehydrated it to be sure. Re: the avatar. If you squint really hard, it looks a little like Elvis.
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    To Lager Or Not To Lager, That Is The Question

    Just finished my first attempt at boiling. It's a lager, but I don't have a fridge or ice box to maintain a constant temperature. Hoping to take advantage of the cold weather. Will a natural rise and fall in temperatures affect the fermentation?