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  1. newguy

    Is it just me or is the BJCP going to hell?

    I've been less & less involved over the past 7 years or so. Kind of turned off by some things, particularly the new style guidelines. Then today, this: I wonder how long before some douchebag judge writes down "oxidized" under appearance.
  2. newguy

    Anyone know this guy? (Mitch Lawry)

    On the weekend an Australian died here in a toboganning accident. You can read about it here:
  3. newguy

    Aussie Brewer of the Year?

    Is there such a thing as the Aussie Brewer of the Year? Just curious because in Canada, mainly due to the near impossibility of getting entries across the border into the states (especially since 2001), we started a Canadian Brewer of the Year a few years back. It's just an informal thing but...
  4. newguy

    Holgate Brewery

    Noticed that the local liquor store started stocking Holgate, so of course I had to try one of everything. Can't tell you how impressed I am with this brewery. Absolutely fantastic beers. I know that little creatures is supposed to be great as well, but so far I've not been able to find it here...
  5. newguy

    Dog keeps digging up hops

    I moved over the winter and I planted the rhizomes I dug up from the old house. Damn dog keeps digging them up. Any suggestions to discourage this? I'm tempted to BBQ the prick. I want to try laying chicken wire over the holes and securing that with tent pegs. Sound like a good plan or not?
  6. newguy

    Beer Advent Calendar

    I had never seen an advent calendar before I met my wife, but since we've had kids every year she'll buy a couple. If you don't know what they are, they're a calendar with little pop-out sections marked 1-24 that hold little chocolates. A local liquor store had beer advent calendars in stock...
  7. newguy

    Moving - Need To Dig Up Hops

    Where I live I have anywhere from days to weeks until the ground freezes solid, so I have to act fast to dig out my hops because I'll be moving this winter. Anything to watch out for? Tips/tricks from those in the know?
  8. newguy

    Flowers In The Road

    A short story and photo from my (almost) home town. Apparently someone got tired of a hole in their road and decided to dress it up in a tongue-in-cheek manner that I found hilarious. Photo here.
  9. newguy

    Beer Pr Fail Of Epic Proportions

    If you've heard about the gay Canadian cannibal in the news, a Canadian "beer" company managed to **** up their image because a newspaper ran a picture of the guy holding a bottle of their beer. Their lawyers threatened the paper with legal action. Search twitter for #newlabattcampaign
  10. newguy

    Dogs Are Disgusting

    We have a pomeranian/american eskimo mix. Yesterday some strange cat used our back garden as a toilet. Some time later we let our dog run around the back yard and she promptly discovered the cat's latrine, which she dug up. She then gingerly removed the cat crap, dropped it on the lawn, and...
  11. newguy

    The White Trash Chronicles

    My kids came home today clutching cut flowers. Naturally my wife asked where they got them. "Tim's [our neighbour] girlfriend threw them on the ground, kicked them, stomped on them, swore, and drove away. Tim then told us we could each have 4." Don't know why I pay for cable. :lol:
  12. newguy

    Public Service Announcement: Get Your Eyes Checked

    Woke up Tuesday morning and had what I thought was a case of typical "morning blur" in my right eye. Everything was just a hair blurry, both distant objects and up close. I wear glasses and I thought that perhaps my prescription changed dramatically...again. I say again because when I was 9...
  13. newguy

    Nice Wheels

    The leader of a political party here unveiled her campaign bus today. Apparently the placement of her own wheels just happened to coincide with the placement of the bus' wheels. Slightly different artwork was immediately ordered after the press pointed this out.
  14. newguy


    Thought this might be interesting. From the local paper (Sept 12, 2011):
  15. newguy

    New Computer - Whoa!

    Old computer's hard drive was starting to pile up (it's nice when they warn you), so I went all-out and built a new one from scratch. Got it finished a couple of hours ago. Intel i7 2600K + 16GB RAM + 128GB SSD for windows & programs + 1TB conventional drive for data + Spanky 1GB video card...
  16. newguy

    New Brewery Build

    Followup to this topic. Got the PCB all soldered today: All that's left to do is to mask the headers and spray it with conformal coating and it's done. The large silver thing on the back of the PCB is a micro SD card connector as I decided that I want to incorporate a datalogging...
  17. newguy

    Downed Plane - Holy Shit!

    This plane went down yesterday not too far away from where I used to live, and less than 2 blocks from where a good friend still lives. I know that crashes are rare but I'm glad I don't live in the flight path of an airport now.
  18. newguy

    I've Lost My Mind

    Background: Since moving into this house in 2005 I've brewed the same way. I've set up an electric HERMS in my basement and and I haul the wort outside to boil on a propane burner. I then haul it all back inside when I'm done. It works just great, but there are some aspects of my system that...
  19. newguy

    Utter Horseshit....

    My weekend - which I look forward to so that I can relax and unwind from the stress of the week - was spent in vigourous exercise. We got a helluva dump of snow, beginning Friday afternoon, and while it's pretty much stopped now, it's forecast to dump some more. The piles at the front of the...
  20. newguy

    How The Russians Deal With Pirates...

    You know those emails that friends send you? Usually a poorly animated cartoon joke that you've seen 1000 times before? Well I finally got something I haven't seen before... From the email: