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    Hop Mashing

    We've been discussing putting hops in the mash at our local I was curious about this method as I've never tried has anyone used this method and what would be the ratio of hops to grains in the mash ? B)
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    Glycol Mix Ratio A Little Help Please

    o.k. need a little help please , Recently my keggerater shat itself :( I searched around and a friend of mine had a small temprite unit which had a 5 ltr ressevoir with a small refrigeration unit that chilled the beer u fourtunately you could not run...
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    Aroma Hops

    Talking to the guy at my regular hbs and we were discussing whether it is worthwile dropping the aroma hops into the final stage of the boil.We both agreed that the last couple of minutes didnt realy give the hops enough time to reach its full potential and we both considered leaving the aroma...
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    Under Pitching ?

    I was putting in an order at my local hbs yesterday,and I was discussing yeast with one of the staff there as I suggested that I felt that in some cases certain strains of yeast can perform rather sluggishky.I recover all my yeast from most of my brews (except for any kit yeasts ).I usually make...
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    Any Thoughts

    hi everybody, I was a bit strapped for cash over the hols, you know the usual money for pressies ect so rather than spend my spare cash on gas which I was out of I decided the most economical way was to do a couple of kit brews and experiment with ingredients, so this is what...
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    Sanitising (a Little Help Please)

    G'day hope everones well, I usually use sodium percarbinate for all my steriliing and sanitation needs and dont have any pribs at all.My prob at the moment is that I,ve just about ran out and I gotta kegg up a couple of brews on thursday!the store I go to is...
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    Am I On The Right Track

    HI everone , This is my first post so first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR! O.K. then, I just read the article on gassing and flow ressitance for my keg system checked my fridge temp its at 4.00c(a bit too cold so I've raised the temp and will adjust till I hit 6.00c) I currently have...