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  1. manticle

    What are you listening to

  2. manticle

    Calcium carbonate

    None. There is a much more complicated answer but basically chalk has no place outside the classroom in my opinion. What are you trying to do?
  3. manticle

    Help needed: esky mash tun

    I’ve had my esky tun for a few years, the previous was made the same way (and was only replaced because mr stupid had a spac out and threw a shifter at it after failing to fix a leaking keg). Really is quite simple- all thread through the aperture (drill slightly smaller than the thread)...
  4. manticle

    Frothy Cider?

    Foam head on pouring isn't super unusual but it would be unusual for it to remain. If your friend can remember what the cider was, I can try and find out for you but it won't be till early Feb. A guy closely involved with the cider making process at WS trains at my kung fu school and he's quite...
  5. manticle

    Long term storage + ideal brew

    Longest for me is about 2 years bulk age and maybe another 12 months in the bottle. Similar recipe 12 months bulk age and 2 years in the bottle - both lovely. Never used external storage. Beer will really need cold storage whereas wine can deal with cool. Beer does degrade due to certain...
  6. manticle

    Europe visit

  7. manticle

    Europe visit

    Svankmajer is on the cards
  8. manticle

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    The reason pms are historically accessible by admin (not mods) is in case of legal proceedings occurring. That’s the only time they should be accessed, unless a member makes a report displaying part or all.
  9. manticle

    Stalled fermentation with Wyeast 1968 London ESB... advice needed

    Using hydrometer or refrac?
  10. manticle

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    She said 'scared? Me scared? I'll fuckin' show 'em. Stick scared up ya mashtun AHB'.
  11. manticle

    Europe visit

    So far: about 5 days in Tyreso, Sweden. 2 days in Arhus, Denmark. 3 days in Wuppertal, Germany (which will include a trip to altstadt in Dusseldorf to visit Zum Uriege and hopefully others). 7 days Berlin/surrounds 7 days Prague/surrounds (which will hopefully include a visit to Plzen or...
  12. manticle

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    She might just feel threatened (and embarassed to admit it).
  13. manticle

    Curious - I may be making a negative alcohol brew

    Numbers dropping inversely correlates with alcohol production* so going below the 'beer finish' zone means your beer is attenuating well (or has an infection - fingers crossed that's not it). How does the sample (not the main fermenter) smell and taste? *Not technically but gravity dropping...
  14. manticle

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Can't top a film with a character called 'Toecutter'
  15. manticle

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    Taboo is great
  16. manticle

    Hi there downunder from Germany!

    Going there because there's a gig we want to see and we were intending to be in dusseldorf right around that time. Beer, buildings, music
  17. manticle

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    I know his lineage but I still have the same question. Maybe he wagged special ed classes. Yes to your review of FR. Even more shameful that Tom Hardy agreed to be in it because I reckon he's generally great.
  18. manticle

    Hi there downunder from Germany!

    Thanks Warra. Was hoping to start at zum uriege and see where that takes us. Spending 3 nights in wuppertal too so hoping the beer there isn't too distant since they're geographic relatives* *Dusseldorf and Wuppertal
  19. manticle

    Continuing Rant Thread - Get it Off Ya Chest here

    I don’t like avocado either
  20. manticle

    Hi there downunder from Germany!

    Hello. Visiting Germany for the first time in March. Wuppertal, dusseldorf (for the altbier) and Berlin. Hope to learn a smidgeon of the language between now and then.
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