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  1. Yob

    KegKing now at keg-king.com.au

    edit out a rather large post CBF
  2. Yob

    Melbourne 2018 Glassware BB

    "content deleted" I need to check which ones the SN are, the ones JB has linked arent the ones Im thinking of that are the doggies bollox...
  3. Yob

    Melbourne 2018 Glassware BB

    Rogue Dead Guy Pint (24 Pack) - $110 rogue R Revolution Pint (24 Pack) - $110 Rogue Stout Glass 500ml ( 6 pack) $50 SN Hop tulip glass 20oz ( 24 pack) $100 BrewDog Goblet/Snifter Glass ( 6 pack) $32 BrewDog Punk IPA Monaco Pint Glass ( 24 pack) Price tbc Tim Taylor Pint Glass ( 12 pack ) $55...
  4. Yob

    Melbourne 2018 Glassware BB

    Spoke to a/the man today about this... Working on it will have more info shortly
  5. Yob

    Melbourne 2018 Glassware BB

    Im back... List to follow but will be reasonably extensive, boxes only /single person making payment on boxes but split as you will, I highly recommend half splits of boxes of 6.. when talking glassware 3 is a better number. I'll get the list posted in the next few days but think Rogue Stout...
  6. Yob

    ebay and gum tree finds

    bargain at $800 squids
  7. Yob

    Megaswill tap badges

    I could always mount the high as a 'feature'.. Same mental image, less issues?
  8. Yob

    Megaswill tap badges

    Lay em on me mate, I'll be more than happy to piss on them
  9. Yob

    Megaswill tap badges

    gunna epoxy them all in so shouldnt be too bad for cleaning... need to find a g***e is***d one especially, Ive got PL covered...
  10. Yob

    Megaswill tap badges

    Hay all, I've a need for a bunch of megaswill tap badges, they're gunna go in the piss trough at the bar so folks can piss all over them, if you've got some laying about, I'll be happy to put them to good use Cheers
  11. Yob

    Pirate Life sells to AB InBev

    I already did... The Pale ale and the IIPA arent the same beers they once were.. Confirmed 2 weeks ago when I spoke to the Vic Rep, I had a taste of the Pale and picked it instantly
  12. Yob


    1 day cig free, Ive got a basic model as I was scoping it out but I can see that it will certainly help, not tried many flavors yet but will likely get a few next week
  13. Yob

    Mini Keg Bulk Buy MKIV

    checked the disconnect o rings? I had this issue once and the o ring on the disconnect was jammed weirdly
  14. Yob

    Brewman Dealz

    Love Rakau, I did an NZ pale with it, NZ Cascade and Wai Iti which was amazing, 45IBU (it was back a while now) %50 Pale malt %30 Pilsner %18 Wheat %2 Acidulated Cascade for bittering to 30 IBU and Rakau Wai Iti even to make up to the 45 in late additions Remeber it fondly and didnt last long
  15. Yob

    The Foragers Drop

    Seems likely ;)
  16. Yob

    The Foragers Drop

    Thats kinda last weeks taps and will suffer rotation this week for even greater things ;)
  17. Yob

    2018 Hop Plantations

    I put my POR in a raised planter last year and it's gone sick.. threw about 60 bines and is at about 8 foot now, definitely going to raise all the others at the end of this season, the difference between its growth and the others at ground level is huge.
  18. Yob

    The Foragers Drop

    It's been a while since I've had a chance to pop in here in any real terms, hopefully that can change over the next few weeks as I settle into a new groove. The bar is popping along well, I've got 6 months off the 'day job' to focus more on the important job. Taps are spinning along well...
  19. Yob

    Put on a keg at local club

    Is there an outdoor area you could set up a tent and a miracle box? I think putting it through the taps will bring you undone, if you ran a free sausage sizzle and gave away the beer not at the bar you might be able to swing it. Serving size would need to be (by vcglr rules, Sydney may be...
  20. Yob

    Put on a keg at local club

    No, called an implied sale.. Big no no
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