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  1. RobboMC

    American Black Ale - Cascadian

    Tried my hand at making this little known style as it seems attractive to a dark beer lover. My recipe looked like this: Volume 21 litres, abv about 7.25% 1 can Thomas Coopers IPA 1 can Morgans Ironbark Dark Ale 1 can Liquid dark malt extract 500g...
  2. RobboMC

    back to back batches

    Up until now I've always done one brewing activity at a time, so I'll bottle say one weekend, and then start the next brew a week or two later, wait for that to ferment, bottle it, wait another few weeks, etc etc. It often ends up over a month between brews. But the thought occurs to me that...
  3. RobboMC

    Stove Top Vs Esky Steeping

    I made the Coopers Old Brown Dog recipe pack at the weekend. I had the run of the kitchen so I used the gas cooktop to steep the crystal grain. This means of course I could add heat along the way and get the temperature right up to exactly where I wanted it. In the last few years I have been...
  4. RobboMC

    clone for Kosciusko Pale Ale

    Enjoyed a beer from the tap in Jindabyne last week, a Kosciousko Pale Ale. Appeared very similar to a Fat Yak until you tasted it. The hop bill must be enormous. I must say it's the best commercial beer I have tasted for a long, long while. Does anyone have a clone recipe for this beer?
  5. RobboMC

    Bottling in 3 lots

    I thought I'd share my method of getting 3 different abv levels out of one brew. Sort of started when visitors that were driving asked to taste the home brew. So I start with a simple technique, I brew a 24 litre batch of whatever takes my fancy at 7% abv. Starting in fermenter - 24 litres @...
  6. RobboMC

    150 Lashes hop

    In the holidays I ran out of brew to drink so I made myself a very nice Porter by mixing 50/50 Coopers Best Extra Stout (6.3%) with James Squires 150 Lashes Pale Ale ( 4.2%). The result was so good that I can't wait to make some of my own. I can easily dilute a stout kit to 5.25% ( or boost a...
  7. RobboMC

    Water Supply

    Our new BBQ has an outdoor sink that I now dream of connecting as a brewing water supply. The BBQ has an excellent triple ring burner and a large stainless steel work area so it will make a superb brewery. The water supply has a nylex tap fitting. What sort of hose should I use to connect to...
  8. RobboMC

    Free Old Brewfridge In Sydney

    My old brewfridge is no longer needed as I have a new one. It's an old 340 litre fridge/freezer. The freezer seal is cactus so it's no good as a full time fridge without new seals It's been hand painted a grey colour and looks rough, clean inside however. I was using the fridge compartment as...
  9. RobboMC

    Grand Porter

    Over Xmas my kitchen building will be completed and I am planning what to brew in it to celebrate. I've seen in the fancy bottle shop some 'Grand Porter' labelled at 8.5%abv. So that's what I want to make. So here's the plan, considering I can only mash up to 2 kg and boil 10 litres with my...
  10. RobboMC

    Coopers Best Extra Stout Clone

    Due to my kitchen rebuilding project I ran out of beer, so I bought some Coopers Bext Extra Stout reasoning that if it were Coopers and had 6.3% abv it must be somewhat drinkable. And it is quite drinkable so much so that I'd like to make a clone of it. Now I know all the normal comments about...
  11. RobboMC

    Rice Cooker For A Mash

    Has anyone tried using a rice cooker for a mash? The science guru here at work is testing various brands and found one that holds the contents at 70 deg C using it's internal thermostat. The bowl is too small for AG, but I reckon it would hold 2-3 kg of grain in 8-10 litres quite easily...
  12. RobboMC

    Well Aged Stout

    New brewers often ask how long will my brew last in the bottles. Last night I cracked open an old glass bottle that a brewer had found during a garage clean-out. It was a straight K&K Coopers Stout. "In those days all I knew was to add the sugar and ferment it" he said. The steel top was...
  13. RobboMC

    Rip Morgans Dark Crystal Master Blend Malt

    I have made some great brews with Morgans Master Blend malts, but with the recent rationalisation of their products the Dark Crystal is no longer available. Does anyone have any ideas on what else to use to get UNROASTED dark malt? Has anyone used the Coopers Dark Extract? Does it provide...
  14. RobboMC

    Converting Old Bbq To Brewing

    Does anyone have any experience at converting a BBQ to use for brewing? I'm currently doing 5 to 8 litre boils and 1.5 kg mini-mash, and SWMBO has made it quite clear that the aromas I'm producing are not acceptable inside the house. The BBQ is under cover and has supply of electricity and...
  15. RobboMC

    Coopers English Bitter

    I'm going to knock up a quick Coopers English Bitter to counter an impending beer drought. Anyone got a good recipe with this can?
  16. RobboMC

    Diluting At Bottling Time

    I brew with strong batches to maximise my fermenter throughput, and water down as I bottle. My question is how to best add the diluting water ( boiled and cooled of course ) I want to introduce as little oxygen back into the beer as possible and just pouring the extra water into the bottling...
  17. RobboMC

    Imperial Aussie Pale Ale

    After looking at the Old Ale and 'imperial' styles my crazy thought is to make Imperial Aussie Pale Ale with a 2 can of Coopers and some extra bits. So far the recipe looks like this: Volume 22 litres abv about 8% 2 x Coopers Aussie Pale Ale 1.5 kg can of Morgans Caramalt 0.3kg Raw Sugar...
  18. RobboMC

    Dex Free Beer

    A fellow brewer came down the coast last week with his 'new' beer. I've been on his back for years to stop using sugar and dex but he has been resistant. Up until now his favourite brew has been a can of Coopers Dark Ale and one kg of Raw Sugar ( sucrose ) $16 - 4 days to ferment and 12 days in...
  19. RobboMC

    Master Blend Extract Only

    I know the Morgans Master Blend cans are made from 100% grain, and have a combination of some seriously nice grain types. The thought has crossed my mind to make an all extract brew using 100% master blend cans. I'd hope it would be almost as good as AG without the mashing. Has anyone tried...
  20. RobboMC

    Old Fridge/freezer In Parramatta, Sydney

    I have a running upside down fridge/freezer that I would be happy for someone to use as their brew fridge, that is excess to my requirements. I can see someone getting a fermenter in the top fridge part, and if you can reset or rewire the freezer thermostat in the bottom part, make that into...