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    Guten 40lt programming guide

    Actually I just bided my time and kept an eye out on Facebook, eBay and gumtree. Eventually found one with a slight defect with the screen. Cost $65
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    Guten 40lt programming guide

    I’ve just hooked a grainfather control box onto my Guten works a treat and you can mount it any you like (I’ve got mine mounted on my keeper which is next to the Guten when I brew) Cheaper than the smartPID and a hell of a lot easier to alter the wiring (just have to cut the pump power and...
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    Water additions

    Mark I’ll forward what was sent to me on this
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    Water additions

    I’m in Ballarat Victoria and have had a guy look at my local water supppy He basically said that our water is basically RO water What I want to know is if I go for a recipe and it has whatever additions for the water do I assume that they are adding these additions to RO water? I’m basically...
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    Mine doesn’t and that’s with the pump running flat out I leave the top screen off for about 1/4 hour to stir the mash then the top screen goes on. (I’ve only just started to use it too)
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    Ideas for a new homebrewery garage

    I’ve got the one (olive drum) for cooling. A boat bilge pump down the bottom with the hot returning to the top (I also have a little room around the hoses which exit out the lid at the top. Rain water can then enter the drum and be filtered for debris at the same time) The pump is run by my...
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    Giveaway and Inkbird Big Discount Sales on IBBQ-4T bbq thermometer+ITH-1p

    I’ve got 1 at home but would absolutely love another for our caravan (Yes I have often gotten to a camp area and couldn’t find the thermometer just to realise that I didn’t pack it😤)
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    Guten 40lt programming guide

    15A maybe it uses a standard IEC (computer style lead) I just kept an eye out on eBay gumtree & Facebook market place and a faulty one came up (just needed an new lcd screen). Cost me about $100 all up with new screen and some leads
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    Guten 40lt programming guide

    About the only benefit that I can see with the smartPID is that it’s wifi The advantage with the gf is that it is cabled (have to lengthen the probe wires) and it has an angled screen Wifi would have been nice but the Bluetooth will still work for me as I don’t go far from the brewery when I’m...
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    Guten 40lt programming guide

    I was looking at the smartPID too but when you look at about $300 compared to $100 with a hell of a lot less programming to get it going....well you know what I went for. (Also considering the 125k recipes in grainfather app and the interface with brewfather
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    Guten 40lt programming guide

    I’m in the process of by passing the Guten controller and putting a grainfather Bluetooth control box with longer cables so I can have the controller away from the Guten. Also I won’t have to stand on my head to access it
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    I’d go for 100% block out
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    The one that I have is a 220Lt and has an external dia of 55-58cm
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    Micro, Mini Keg Tap, Portable Keg Systems, for BBQ, Camping, Travel

    I’ve got a couple of mini regs I got new of eBay. Can’t tell you a make but both hold pressure with no leaks. One I have
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Why not get an olive oil drum ($10-15) and cut it to suit?
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    I love the snub with the floating dip tube (weighted) I only get about 1-2 Lt of trunk/hop matter in the bottom (depending on the amount of hops) The narrow opening on the top was purposefully done to stop hands going in and scratching the inside. Just clean with a bucket blaster and KK’s abc...
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    KegLand Questions and Answers

    Now this sounds very interesting. Keep me informed on this please
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    Nice Guys Brewery & Bar, Richmond (VIC)

    I’ve seen what looks to be similar venue a few years ago. Was this formally a tattoo parlour?
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    Inkbird giveaway and new thermostat ITC-306T wifi releasing !

    This would be awesome for being able to ramp up the temp for the rest during fermentation and then to cold crash