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    Mash volume question

    Hi all I am about to attempt my first all grain this weekend and have a few questions I can't find answers to. I have a recipe kit from a brew shop, it has a grain bill of 4.31 kg. The recipe states a boil volume of 28 litres. I intend to batch sparge in my esky. If I do equal volume sparge...
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    Pale Ale-wheat Or No Wheat

    Found a pale ale recipe on here and I'm just wondering whether I should put the wheat malt in it as well or leave it out. The recipe is3kg of ldme200g of crystal malt-----I have 250g10L boil20g of chinook @ 60 min----I have northern brewer I think it was called as substitute30g cascade @ 15...
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    Almost Stuffed My Regulator

    Hi all just a post to say I had a close call today. I almost stuffed my regulator because I didn't depressurise my keg. I've only just started natural carbing my kegs and I put one into my fridge today and thought I would give it a shot of noss just to see if it had held pressure. Not thinking...
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    Brand New Keg Dip Tube Problem

    Hi all, got a brand new keg for fathers day and have a problem with the beer dip tube. It seems to be a straight tube and when i put it into the keg and it hits the bottom it seems too long and really have to struggle and twist and bend it to get it to seat properly. Anybody else had this...
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    Thomas Coopers Ipa Thoughts

    Hi guys, got a recipe from lhbs was trying to go for a James squires golden but think it might of been an amber instead. Anyhow it is Thomas coopers ipa tin, 1kg light dry malt, 300 grams dextrose, 12 grams fuggles and English ale dry yeast. Will this still come out a decent taste for kitnbits...
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    Brew Water Quality

    Just have an idea about using better water for brewing. I know that tap water is not supposed to be any good but how can I get bulk quality water short of buying it. I thought of gettin those aqua bottles from work but they are a bit bulky to conseal. I don't want to spent 100s on a water filter...
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    Dunkel Weizen Recipe Help

    Hi all. Just trying to make my first dunkel weizen for a mate and found a recipe on here from a Morgan's website but can't get hold of some of the bits. Recipe was Morgan's golden sheaf wheat beer kit, 2kg Morgan's choc malt master blend, saaz hops @ 45, 15 and hallertau at flameout 10gr each...
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    Gravity Filtration

    Hey all, few questions. I got my beer filter last night so I have been searching about how to best use it ect and I'm basically siphoning my beer straight from the fermenter through the filter and into my keg. Now when I have siphoned before I think my hose may have been a bit long and kept...
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    Leaking Co2 Bottle

    Well got home after a few days away and went straight to my kegerator, checked the pressure gauge and she was dropped to near bottom. Only put one keg on it so far. I squirted the lines and connections when I first hooked up and fix a leaking post. Sprayed everything but the neck of the actual...
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    Dry Yeast Starters And Cultivating

    Hi all, can't really find my answers I'm looking for so started a post. I've been reading about starters and stepping up starters and reusing yeast cake and splitting smack packs. I have a couple questions. I so far have only used or even seen dry yeast like s23 and us-05 and normally rehydrate...
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    Boil Ups

    Sorry if this has been done before but I can't seem to find my answers. I've been reading about people adding crystal grains and hops and stuff and steeping ect at certain times in their boil. Is this with the coopers kits and stuff. I've been brewing kits for few years now and am now adding...
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    Basic Aussie Pale Ale

    Hi all, coopers Aussie pale ale, be2, us-05 and cascade dry hopped. Be any good what do you think Cheers Chris
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    Hi all, I just got myself a kegerator setup and have been brewing in my other fridge. I've got problems with getting the temp on the kegerator down below 12 C so the fridge has Togo back and get replaced. I racked my brew to secondary ferment yesterday as it was going to take a little while for...