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  1. Leigh

    Kegging Clean Up Sale

    Clearing out excess gear. First up, the kegerator. Fits 5 kegs comfortably, 6 with a squeeze without a collar. I have reverted it back to a single side-knocker tap to put my twin font and taps on my other kegerator. Temp controller is an older style analogue dial that can be taken or left...
  2. Leigh

    6 Tap Flooded Font, Bottle Tower (vic)

    Have for sale a 6 tap flooded font with adapters and seals etc as shown - $350 Also up for sale is my old trusty (hardly used) bottle tree - $30 Objects are located in Berwick, Vic. Can pick up from there, or I can meet in the CBD (Exhibition St). Happy to post at your expense.
  3. Leigh

    Build Your Dream Brew Shed For Peanuts [east Melb]

    Purlins Z and C section Never used. Enough purlins to build your dream 7 x ~9m shed. Z's - Are all 200mm deep x 75mm. Total of 36 Lengths Half are 1.6 wall and the other half are 2mm wall. 1 x 7M, 20 x 5M, 2 x 4.5M, 1 x 3M, 6 x 2M, 3 x 1M C sections are 250mm deep x 75mm with a 2mm...
  4. Leigh

    Vic Grand Final Brew Day And Bonfire

    As promised, have settled on a date so here it is: The Grand Final Brew Day and Bonfire :drinks: Meet your fellow AHB'ers without the pressure of a major swap. Date Saturday 25 September Location My place in Upper Beaconsfield (in the South of the Dandenongs) Address will be PM'ed. The...
  5. Leigh

    Char Char Char In Word

    have this problem in Microsoft Word that documents keep creating hybrid "styles" called "char char char" (etc) it's no drama for me, but when I send documents to certain people, it provides a corrupted view... Is this a macro virus? Virus? Just a MS botch job? How do I fix it? Any...
  6. Leigh

    Fed Square Micro Brew Showcase

    The Fed Square Micro-brewery showcase is on again this week Where: The Atrium When: 17th and 18th March 2010 Time: 4.30pm - 8.00pm Tickets: Tasting tickets $25 (plus $2 glass deposit), includes 20 tastings (60ml) and $5 food voucher. So who's...
  7. Leigh

    December Meeting

    Don't forget fellow Melbourne Brewer attendees, this months meeting is this Wednesday. Turn up and have a few drinks and yack from 7:30, with the formalities somewhere after that (usually around 8ish for 30-45 minutes)... Now Chris did tell me what was on the cards for this week at the Vic Case...
  8. Leigh

    Coggs Brewery

    Had a Coggs Premium Lager last night. This has to be one of the best, cleanest tasting aussie lagers on the market But, in googling this and other sites, I hear it closed down/stopped brewing last year (although the beer I had last noght was too...
  9. Leigh

    Unskunkable Beer

    Found this article while searching for something else...the Germans have found by removing riboflavin (or Vitamin B2) you remove the skunkability of beer...I wonder how long before this is available for us homebrewers? Edit: Fxied...
  10. Leigh

    Outsource Your Job

  11. Leigh

    Pm's Not Sending

    Has anybody else had PM's that they thought they wrote and sent disappear? Happened to me 3 times now where I send a PM, but they never arrive and they are not in my sent tray :(
  12. Leigh

    Secondary Fermentation

    Been reading a bit here and other sites, great site this one, lots of very helpful information...BUT I am currently brewing a Heineken kit and given the cloudiness I have experienced with lagers, thought I'd try racking...this is where the trouble LHBS suggested I rack after about a...