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    Coolroom - Who is running one?

    Right-o I've just started brewing again and all these fermenting fridges is giving me the shits. Who has a coolroom for fermenting? How does it perform (brilliantly I suspect?) Do you run a chilling unit or is the insulation alone enough (I'm guessing this will vary with location)? How do you...
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    Making Passata/Tomato sauce

    So its the time of year when people go buy (or grow) a tonne of tomatos and turn them into tomato passato/sauce. My wife and I have done this the past few years but this year mum and dad and some other friends want to join in. But I'm concerned that the old hand crank machine we use will be a...
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    Hlt Size And Herms Ellement Sizing

    OK so I've got a 50L BeerBelly SS Mashtun which arrived today to match my 70L Beerbelly SS kettle so I'm now planning my next round of upgrades. Im not sure if I should have a seperate HERMS vessel or if I should use my HLT for my HERMS coil. I'm also not sure if I should go a 50L or a 70L SS...
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    Right I've got the shits up. I had my mill going great guns but I was never happy with the setup from a safety (and dare I say aesthetic) perspective. So I stripped my setup and marked out a new bit of MDF and set my mill, hopper and motor up. But I must be doing something wrong as I cant get...
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    Chest Freezer Repair

    Guys, I have a 500L chesty thats been running well for about 2.5 years. Recently it has been running longer and the motor sounding louder (vibrating sound?) I think whats happend it that the copper pipe has sprung a leak from the vibrations of the pump where its been joined. (assumption only)...
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    Burner Control

    Guys is it possible to buy the parts to control a burner much like an instant gas hot water heater? something without a pilot that ignites the gas when required shuts off when not required has flame out etc. Obviously its possible but where do I go to start looking for such controllers?
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    My Cider Is As Dry As A Nuns Nasty

    Guys, I recently put down a cider of about 19L of berry apple juice, 5L apple and pear, 2L pear, about 300 grams of invert sugar (which I've had good results with in the past in ciders), 500grams of boiled saltanas, couple of cinnamon quils done in a "tea", 2 vanilla pods split but left whole...
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    Using Heat To Kill Yeast...

    Ok so I've currently got a cider down and all is going well. However I usually keg my brews but lately Ive been bottling some for picnics, bbqs, family events and for friends and family to try at home etc. I've been toying with the idea of making a cider using heat to kill the yeast when it...
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    Is Your Brewery Insured...?

    So something I was thinking about on my way into work this morning - how many of us have our breweries insured. Many of us have invested $1000's of dollars into our breweries & kegging setups but how many of us have that covered in insurance should something happen or if some low life knocked...
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    Canning Homebrew

    Guys, Just something I've wondered about - is it possible to can home brew? I know that barleycorn brewers (one of the "u-brew-it" type places in melbourne) offers canning for customers as a cheaper alternative to bottles but I'm sure they've been able to justify the setup costs. But is there a...
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    Co2 Secondary Regulators

    So I have 6 kegs (looking to get more soon) and 6 taps. Now some beers want more carbonation than others and my soda water tap wants a rediculous amount of carbonation. So I'm looking for secondary regulator options. Ideally I'd like to be able to have upto 7 different pressures one for each...
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    Redhill Brewery Looking For A Trainee Brewer
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    Internet Black Out Are you going to participate? Is AHB?
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    One Way Valves / Check Valves 5/16" (8mm)

    Would any one be interested in any at this price? I need to purchase 40 to get them at this price and I want 12 of them so I would need to move a further 28. Postage would be about $4.50 for a standard auspost satchel
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    Pulley Setup For Grain Mill Help!?

    Guys, Im looking to run my monster mill MM3 grainmill off a motor using a pulley setup. The motor I am looking at using is a 1/2hp (0.37KW) capacitor start motor with a 5/8 drive shaft which spins @ 1425 RPM the smallest pulley I can get for such shaft is 1.25" and I wanted to try to keep the...
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    Too Long On Yeast?

    Guys, Just wondering if there is a time limit for how long you can leave a brew on yeast for after fermentation activity has ceased. I tend to leave my brews in the fermenter for about 3 weeks but some times longer - once 6 weeks (I forgot about it...). I've not noticed (thats not to say it...
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    Digital Thermometer

    Guys, I'm wondering about using a digital thermometer in my mashtun rather than a dial type (ie mash master) Is any one using a thermocouple in a thermowell with a digital thermometer? I want to have a panel mounted digital thermometer on my rig for both my HLT and mash tun but all that I seem...
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    Eloping - Do We Tell Our Parents?

    So my partner (Kelly) and I decided whilst in Tassie earlier this year that we would like to elope to europe and get married in italy next year (2010). We decided that we really arent the formal wedding type, both of us would much rather have a nice big holiday to europe than paying for a...
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    Python / Trunk Line Where To Buy?

    Guys, As I've posted in the past I want to set up a "long line draught system" so I can have my ugly bulky chest freezer in the shed and have my beer taps out at my BBQ area where they are easily accessed for a beer after work or when we are entertaining. This keeps the minister of war and...
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    Font Disconnects - Which Ones?

    OK so I've just purchased 6 Perlick 525ss taps and now im looking to (attempt to) build a font (might end up buying one depending on cost looking to do something like the "pipeline" font) - so im trying to decide between SnapLock / FatLok or PushLock fittings. So if you guys could fill me in...