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    Fruit beers slate review An article about fruit beers in Slate. Seems Yanks view fruit beer as "girly" Personally I would sooner drink fosters, but I guess whatever rocks your boat.
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    NSW New annual licence fee

    I only heard about this today though it has been around a few months. Holders of a producer/wholesaler license will have to pay an annual $500 licence to pay for the risk of harm from alcohol consumption. This will also apply to all licence holders except some small bars will only pay $200. I...
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    Walker's brewing co?

    This article appeared in our local paper (Bathurst). They want people to contribute to their "crowdfunding" of a brewery. They seem to have a website, very short of details...
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    Frost protection

    At this time of year I have to protect my vines from frost, I live in a frost pocket and without some sort of frost protection I couldn't grow grapevines. I use sprinklers that spray along the rows. As the water freezes on the vines a property of physics called "heat of fusion" comes into play...
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    Spinach fetta potato bake

    Just thought i would post this simple recipe I made, very tasty. 1 bunch English spinach 2 onions sprig rosemary 1kg potato 150g fetta 100g tasty cheese First peel chop and boil the potatoes for mashing Slice onions, fry in a pan wash and coarse chop spinach fine chop rosemary chop fetta...
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    Definition of cider

    This came up on the cider workshop, I thought I would post it here. According to the ATO - Cider or perry is a beverage that: · is the product of...
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    Basic Winemaking Methods

    I thought I would do a write up of the basics methods and materials used in home winemaking. If you want to make wine at home you should forget about all the tricky stuff sometimes discussed about fine wine. The main thing is to understand the basics and how to make drinkable wine. Once you have...
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    Fish River Valley brewers Just thought I would give Mick Hoban a plug, as far as I know the first craft brewer in Bathurst in recent history. Only one outlet as yet,(The church bar) there was hope a bar might open in a...
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    Fresh pressed apple juice

    I have a good crop of apples near Bathurst west of sydney, and will be able to sell some juice. The apples are ripened on the tree so will have a sg in the range of1.050 - 1.065. I don't sell juice from fallen apples, only apples picked from the tree. I will be pressing in 2 weeks all being...
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    Show Us Your Cider Trees

    I'm starting this thread because I'm so impressed by the hop thread, shows that people on this forum do like to grow stuff. It's now the time of year when you need to plan new cider apple trees. If you want to raise your own trees it is a good time to sow apple seeds for rootstocks. You can use...
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    Coriander Chicken

    A very easy, tasty chicken marinade recipe. 600g - 1kg chicken thigh fillets 1 bunch coriander 4 cloves garlic 1 tablespoon coarse ground black pepper 1 teaspoon salt juice of 1 lemon Finely chop coriander and garlic, combine with pepper, salt and lemon juice. Cut chicken fillets in half...
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    Bulk Buy Awri 350 Yeast

    Andrew Lea has recommended Maurivin AWRI 350 as the yeast used at the Long Ashton cider research station in the 1970s. It is supposed to produce fruity ester character, low h2s and good flocculation, so sounds good for cider from storebought juice as well as fresh juice. It has poor tolerance...
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    Apple Tree Seedlings

    See my post in non-beer brewing.
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    Apple Tree Seedlings

    I believe in the principle that you can never have too many apple trees, however this year I have heaps of apple seedlings coming up around the place. If you pot them up in good potting mix they will be good for grafting next winter, or you can just grow them as trees in your garden. Cider apple...
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    Wanted: Beer Bottles

    I need to bottle 500L of cider but I can't find suppliers for new bottles, except cospack and plasdene which are both pretty expensive around 65c/bottle.(650ml) Just wondered if anyone knows a cheaper supplier of bottles. Greg
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    Iron Age Beer

    BBC science "Dr Bouby and his colleagues have now analysed the "macrobotanical" remains found at three sites during those digs: a paved floor near an oven and hearth of a home dated to the 5th Century BC, and a ceramic vessel and a pit that were near storage containers. Ninety percent of the...
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    Fresh Pressed Apple Juice Bathurst

    I have a bumper crop from unsprayed apple trees. I have a press and will have more juice than I need so can sell some. You would have to come to Bathurst in the next few weeks with your own containers. The juice is untreated and for cider brewing only - not for fresh consumption. Price $3/L...