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    Yakima Valley Hops

    It wasn't that long ago that Yakima Valley Hops introduced themselves here as a new start-up hop supplier. Judging by their current facility YVH has succeeded...
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    "BentSpoke", new Canberra brewpub link
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    "Beer could improve your heart health", ('dark beers even

    DRINKING a pint of beer a day improves the health of your heart, research has shown. Read more:
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    Stovetop Biab

    1) Big W 20L pot w/Woolies sourced cooling rack on bottom to prevent bag burning. 2) Voille bag w/ 14L water for mash-in 3) Boiled kettle about to be wrapped up to warm blankets 4) Pot wrappped up in blankets 5) Mashout finished, colander sitting on a Woolies rack, sparge 8L...
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    Canberra Rhizome Availability

    Colin, at his Kambah based homebrew shop (Canberra) will receive a total of 60 rhizomes from Eslasser, Tettnang and POR hop varieties tomorrow. These include 'crown' segments. ie. the entire rhizomes have been removed from the ground.
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    "top Ten Weirdest Beers..." Article/pics "Top Ten Weirdest Beers..."
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    Keg Fresh Beer @ Sydney Bottleshop
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    Canberra Rhizome Swap & Freebies

    Canberra: Currently have two POR and two Chinook in the ground. Will be removing one of each mid-August. Both are two years old, had good yields, and originate from ''Gilbrew". Would like two other varieties. Already have Tett & Elsasser. Intend to have extra to give away to Canberra brewers...
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    Pick The Brewpub

    Go to the toilet, view the current brewing process. _ _ _ _ _ _ Australia.
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    Space Beer
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    Ship Ahoy!

    as per pic
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    Mudgee Brewery Sampling

    Left Canberra for another overnight motorcycle sojourn/micro visit. Mudgee brewery is offering all but accommodation. But located in the CBD, there isn't a need. Meals, live music nights, regional wines and on-site brewed beers. I stayed two hundred metres away, sweet. The wheat was nice and...
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    25cent Draft Schooners

    Vietnam's draft 'bia hoi' has increased in price from 3000 to now 5000 Dong! ie 25cents per schooner. Czech pilsner origins. I think of an aussie pilsner, drink a third, and refill it with water. But no lawnmowers in sight... Yet "when in Rome..."
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    P.e.t. Bottle 'flexibility' Withstand Depth Pressures!

    Divers find centuries-old beer in sea AAP September 3, 2010, 6:14 am "Divers who found what's believed to be the world's oldest drinkable champagne say they have also discovered two-centuries-old bottles of beer at a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea. Bjorn Haggblom, a spokesman for the researchers...
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    Kiwi Or Aussie Craft Beer

    Enclosed link promotes some New Zealand & Australian craft beers in the lead up to the Bledisloe Cup. Great to see micros/various styles highlighted rather than the 'big boys' fare. eg. C.U.B.
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    Canberra Beer Experience

    A recently completed ten-day road trip from Canberra to parts of Victoria revealed how 'the grass isn't always greener'. ie. our two local micros offer a greater range than many of the nine craft beer/micro outlets experienced during our Vic travels. It wasn't unusual to find craft beer (on tap)...
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    Book Title: "b Is For Beer"

    Light, fun reading. Book Title= B is For Beer: "A children's book for grown-ups" ; "A grown-up book for children" By Tom Collins, HarperCollins, 2009
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    Local Micro's "swill" Offering

    One of Canberra's micros supplies kegs to a number of the region's restaurants. After regularly hearing/reading disparaging comment re the Mega's and their swill, I was amused to see a well presented tap handle labelled as "SWILL" while dining out yesterday . And "SWILL" was sandwiched between...
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    Gilbrew's Hops = 100%

    Earlier this year I purchased three hop varieties from Gilbrew. (he supplied an extra two, gratis) I put the five in the ground last month. All five have succeeded and are reaching skyward... Thanks Gilbrew...
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    Hoegaarden 'pinched' In W.a.

    1 349 cartons of Hoegaarden stolen in Perth. No coriander in W.A?