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    5 x corny kegs - Brisbane

    Hi Guys - I have 5 x cornie kegs for sale located in Brisbane. $65 each or all 5 for $250. Have not used for a couple of years but they all held gas then and unfortunately I don’t have gas at the moment to check them. Condition is your standard second hand cornie key... bumps and scratches...
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    For sale: Braumeister 50l with 20l malt pipe

    Have moved overseas so selling my Braumeister. $2,150 ONO 50ltr with 20ltr short malt pipe and thermojacket. Bought brand new and has probably done around 30 odd brews over time... was used but certainly wasn’t used excessively. It’s in basically perfect, used condition. No dramas...
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    Random gelitine question

    So I prepared two lots of gelitine to add to two kegs today but then had to rush out for a few hours... the gelitine mixture is in the kegs already and sealed up but I didnt get a chance to transfer the beer from the fermenters. Question is whether it will be fine to finish it off 4 hours later...
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    CO2 Brisbane North Side

    Hi Guys Are there any places on Brisbane North Side that either swap out the My Keg On Legs gas bottles or do refills? I have been to the Brew for you over at Virginia before but wondering if anyone uses someone else? Cam
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    Hop Juice Recipe

    Hi Guys Enjoying a Left Coast Brewing Hop Juice at the moment and loving it! This is now on my brew list! I don't usually brew IPAs but this is incredibly easy to drink and 9%! Does anyone have a recipe or care to take a guess? Such a big beer but so smooth and nice to drink!
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    Brisbane - 60 ltr Fermenter Bulk Buy

    Hi Guys I am buying a few 60 ltr Fementers for the obvious use as well as some for Bulk Grain Storage. I will be getting them from People in Plastic in Brisbane. I only need 5 of these but the price drops from $53.55 to $35.70 (ex GST) if I buy 6 or more so I am opening a bulk buy. I'll...
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    James Squire's The Constable

    Had this one at the cricket recently and was very happy to get a decent beer instead of smashing down watery Carlton mid all day long. Does anyone have a recipe that they have tried for this or a good guess as to a starting point?
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    Bris: fridge free to good home

    Hi guys, I have a fridge here that I am offering for free if you are keen to come and pick it up. The freezer works like a charm but I just can't seem to get the fridge section to get colder than about 15c.... I understand that it is airflow from the freezer to the fridge that makes the fridge...
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    Anyone interesting in making me a motorized mill unit?

    Hi guys Just wondering if anyone out there with some spare time on their hands would be interested in building me a motorized mill unit to suit my mill master minimill? I just don't have the time and skill/patients to take on the project at the moment but would love to have a tidy unit to...
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    For Sale: 3v Herms 100ltr system Brisbane

    Hi Guys Over the last 6 months I have put together my 3v Herms System after moving from BIAB in an urn and thinking that I wanted to build a big system so that I could brew larger quantities less often as I am time poor with work and family but I am now thinking that I went down the wrong path...
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    Little Brown Pump - dead?

    Hi guys Just hooked up all my piping for my new system and one of the LB Pumps seems to be dead? I used it once last brew and now it won't seem to go? No motor noise coming out??? My second one which I just hooked up is all good so not sure what the problem is. Are these known to die...
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    SEQ grain Bulk Buy - Feb

    Hi Guys Starting a new bulk buy seeing as the last one has just been completed (waiting on Dane's approval but pretty sure this will be ok!) All the usual rules... We will go for one pallet but if the need for two arises we can push it to two. Splits = No (organize with others if you want...
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    Mounting a 3 Way Valve

    Hi Guys, I am looking at mounting 2 x 3 way valves and 2 x little brown pumps to a piece of checker plate that I will mount to the front of my brew frame and just wondering if anyone has any photos of how they have "installed" them on a flat surface?
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    LCPA Recipe

    Hi Guys, sorry to start a new thread as I am sure there is a recipe on here somewhere but I tried searching and just couldn't find one. I am doing a brew day next weekend with some non brewing friends and they have asked if we can brew a LCPA. Does anyone have a good recipe for this? Also what...
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    Frozen starter!

    Made a 1.5ltr starter from a 1272 smack pack and put it in the fridge to drop the yeast and got busy for a few days..... Looked at the starter today and it's frozen solid!!! Isn't salvageable or best to just get another smack pack?
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    Crown Urn, Concealed Element - Brisbane

    Gents, I am upgrading my brewery at the moment and decided that the 40 ltr urn won't cut it in the new brewery (100 ltr mash tun and 100 ltr kettle) I am putting it up for sale now to fund a 100 ltr pot for my HLT. This urn is around 18 months old and done around 15 brews... Crown 40 ltr...
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    Is My Fridge Dying?

    Gents, sorry for starting a whole thread about this but I couldn't find my answer from searching. One of my fridges (the big one :angry: ) has started to not cool down in the fridge section but the freezer is still going strong.... The fridge is still cool but cetainly not cold and I think it...
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    Growlers Bulk Buy $25 To Brisbane

    Hi Guys I am getting 10 of the growlers from "Brewnut" sent up this week and I will be keeping 2 for myself so there is 8 more up for grabs. I will be attending the SEQ Swap on Saturday if anyone is keen I can bring them along (will be posted tomorrow so "should" arrive in time). Alternatively...
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    Seq Grain Bulk Buy - 6th October

    OK guys, I have put my hand up to organise this quick bulk buy... I have not done one before so please bare with me and let me know if there is something that I am not doing that I should be doing. I need the pick up to happen on Saturday 6th October as the weekend before is my Buck Weekend and...
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    Kegs Brisbane

    Hi Guys, I know its a long shot but does anyone in Brisbane have any kegs they want to offload? I need to stockpile for my buck weekend so need 2 extra kegs. (Ball lock).... Obviously willing to pay if the price is right :D Cheers Fellas Camo