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  1. geneabovill

    FS - All my brewing gear (Pics)

    Hey there, After a long time of not brewing, and also a need for money, I've decided to sell off all my gear. I'd rather sell it all at once, but realise that that's probably undoable. I have the makings of a whole 3v gas system. Just need some stuff welded, which I never got around to. 3x...
  2. geneabovill

    On in Newcastle An historic pub crawl through Newcastle's oldest pubs with a tour guide. History/pub buffs might be interested. I'll be dragging my FIL along to it.
  3. geneabovill

    Potter's Vanilla Porter

    Well shit. What a top beer. Keith, if you're reading this, I'm at yer brewery now drinking the vanilla porter and LOVING it. I'll slip ya $20 for the recipe? Nice coffee and vanilla notes, well balanced beer, nicely served by attractive blonde barmaids, and drunk by a bearded, lecherous, half...
  4. geneabovill

    3v Upgrade

    Having most of the required parts (I think) for an electric 3V system, it's time to begin the upgrade. First up: I'm currently brewing on a recirc BIAB system - PID controller, 40L urn, little brown pump for recirc. It serves me well, makes excellent beer. I want to upgrade to a system that's...
  5. geneabovill


    Either brew club still active? I'm after a brew club that's nice and local.. And the website is DEAD. What's with that?
  6. geneabovill


    Bit quiet round here, wot? I know there's brewing happening, because I see all the orders waiting for pickup at MHB.
  7. geneabovill

    Corny Kegs

    Talking with a bloke in the trade, and according to him, the supply of corny kegs is drying up due to soft drink peddlers using bladders instead. Can anyone confirm or deny this rumour? I don't wanna start paying $200+ for brand new kegs any time soon.
  8. geneabovill

    Brew Day

    Planning a brew day in the (very) near future and was wondering if there were any brewers in the Newcastle area keen for a beer and brew session. Not that I need any particular help, but if there's any new brewers wanting to check out BIAB or anyone keen on beer and bullshit while brewing...
  9. geneabovill


    So.. Been off for almost 12 months. Actually, I've always been off, but I've been inactive here for a year. Coupla things - love the improvement to the phone-based fora. Tapatalk is loads better than whatever that other garbage was. Thing two: have brewed a bit, but not loads. Maybe three...
  10. geneabovill

    3333 - German Wheat

    What are people's experiences with this yeast? I'm worried my fermenter (pail with lid and airlock) is going to blow its lid over night. The krausen has filled the whole headspace and spewing out the airlock - it even evicted the kitten. Recipe: 53% Wheat 42% Pils 5% Dex .50 GPL of Perle @...
  11. geneabovill

    AHB Articles: Draught cleaning made easy

    This is the discussion topic for article: Draught cleaning made easy
  12. geneabovill

    New Addition

    My apologies to the Xmas Lotto PM senders - my baby boy was born at 3:24 this morning. I'll get around to replying ASAP.
  13. geneabovill

    How To Buy A Vacuum Sealer: A Guide

    Step one: say to SWMBO (the Minister for War and Finance) "Honey, you know how we waste a lot of food?" Note: this will work even if you don't waste food. SWMBO: "Yes, we do, don't we?" Note: See? Gene: "Well, there's a machine that seals food in an airtight bag and extends the shelf-life by...
  14. geneabovill

    Come On Infection!

    So after noticing my airlock wasn't seated properly I decided to **** with it to make a nice seal and prevent infection. After some minor moing around the airlock bung went thought the hole into the fermenting beer. The yeast was only pitched this morning, so not much krausen to catch the bung...
  15. geneabovill

    Krausen Monster

  16. geneabovill


    Is there anyone in the Newcastle/ Port Stephens area that will lend me a CPBF? And instructions? Ha, having just blown a load of cash on equipment sight unseen, I'd like to have a go at using the filler before outlaying the $100+ on buying one.
  17. geneabovill

    Free Beer And Mates

    A quote from my mate upon tasting my first AG batch; an APA: "It's like the flavour of a James Squire... Only more of it. I reckon it's better." The influence of drinking a mate's free beer? Probably. Still nice to hear though. I wanna hear what yer mates say about your brews. Go!
  18. geneabovill


    So I'm getting a consistent into the fermenter efficiency of 76.45%. Is this good? Not sure what steps I can take to improve this. FYI, I'm BIABing in a 60ltr kettle. Dunk sparging and using about 8kg of grain for a 30ltr KO.
  19. geneabovill

    Krausen Question

    Hey, gang,. I've been a KnK and KnB man for about three years, and finally converted to AG. I did my first AG brew on Sunday last week (12/08/12), with an OG of 1.061 (brewing an IPA), and its still sitting sitting at a super high krausen..Typically the krausen has settled by now in my other...
  20. geneabovill

    Temp-controlled Fridge At Aldi

    Sold as a wine cooler, but rip those shelves out and you ca bung a fermenter in there.