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    Free hop rhizomes

    Hi people! I am digging up my hop garden to make way for normal veggies. I’ve got Hallertau and mount hood that are in the ground. Is anyone interested in digging up the crown/rhizomes? Rather than sell them I would prefer to give them away to people in the club. Collection from Narara...
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    Well I never knew!

    Hi all, Just came across the group while looking for a brew shop that was open today on the coast. The past two years have seen me brewing a lot less frequently, although I did have a brew weekend where I did 3 batches which lasted forever. I'm based in Narara, I hope to meet up with everyone...
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    Need to buy hops for brewday on weekend, from where?

    Hi All, With the DIY dog booklet coming out and a brewday on Saturday I'm in need of some hops. I'm looking for anywhere that can supply Ahtanum,Chinook,Motueka and Crystal. Hopefully from the one shop in case I need to get them shipped. I'm based on the Central Coast but work in Sydney so...
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    WTB Cubes in Sydney or Central Coast

    Hi All, Does anyone have cubes that they are looking to offload? happy to pay. Need to start brewing a tonne and my big fermenters are not ideal to stack in the fridge. Cheers Clint
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    WTB Fridge on the Central Coast

    Hi All, I'm running low on beer and with the heat I need another fermentation fridge. Is anyone on the coast wanting to offload a fridge? Please state your price! Cheers Clint
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    [Central Coast] Taps,Snaplocks,Filter

    Hi All, Selling a bunch of brewing stuff to help pay for rego. Andale Floryte tap. $30 Sold to n87 pending pickup. 3 Snaplock adapters (all of them fit the Andale) $15 each Beer filter housing. Only used a couple of times so the john guest fittings will be like new. Bought from clarence water...
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    Malt Muncher Grain Mill

    Hey All, Finally bought another mill after I sold my crankenstein 2a a few years ago (thought I was giving up brewing, what an idiot! :lol: ) Anyway, I paid $115 shipped which includes a hopper and it turns out it's keg king branded. On the keg king website they are going for $135, so a pretty...
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    Tastes like yeast has been stressed (over temp) but has been treated f

    Hi All, I've started brewing again now that I've got my own place. I'm starting with kits to fill the kegs then will get back on the grain. I've made a few batches so far and they are tasting ok in the fermenter at around 2 weeks, then I leave them for maybe another week or less and keg. By...
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    [SYD] Wanted: Brew Cubes

    Hi All, I'm going camping in a few weeks and I'm looking for some 20-25L cubes for water storage and showers. If you have one or two you'd like to sell, please let me know. Cheers, Clint
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    Pre-coiled Stainless Tube For A Jockey Box.

    Hey All, With summer around the corner, I want to get setup with a jockey box. Trying to find anywhere to buy pre-coiled stainless is a nightmare. I presume by using copper it will deteriorate rather quickly? If anyone knows where to get pre-coiled stuff or an engineering shop that can order it...
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    Epic Brew Sale Gear,plumbing,malt,

    Hi All, Continuing on from my sale earlier in the week, I've got more stuff to sell. More posts coming, not enough room here! Pickup only from Wahroonga , NSW. I'm opposite the F3. Pics are below: $40: Braumiser Kit: 19L stockpot, 1mt stainless threaded rod, nuts and washers. $50 25KG Joe...
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    25kg Ale And 25kg Wheat Malt + 40l Ball Lock Rheem Keg +crankenstein M

    Hi All, I have decided to stop drinking so much (get healthier, lose the gut etc) and it is working! As a result, I've decided to just use FWK's instead of AG. Recently bought some malts from Country Brewer, and unpacked them into my storage containers. They are: 25KG Joe White Ale - Looking...
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    50l Stainless Keg Cut Out Lid, Pre-drilled For Tap

    Hi All, I have started to downgrade my brewery as I am considering giving up brewing for a while. I will keep my 60L pot for BIAB, but getting rid of kegs that were going to be a 3V setup. When I bought my kegerator I got given a couple of kegs and I drilled and cut the lids out of them. I've...
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    Grain Bulk Buy Sydney Putting My Hand Up!

    Hi Guys, It's been a while since a Syd bulk buy, so I thought I would put it out there. Hopefully other people are thinking of it too, and have the logistical room to do it. Unfortunately JB Brew Supplies in Cronulla have moved to Melbourne, so we'll have to find another way. Cheers, Clint
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    Andale 3 Tap Flooded Font, 3 Snaplocks And 2 Andale Floryte Taps

    Hey Guys, Have been trying to sell my font on ebay including the bar but have had no luck. No one has even made an offer! Wondering if anyone here is interested. Would split taps (must take 2) and the font and snaplocks (must take...
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    Kettle / Mlt Fitout Service

    Hi Guys, I've been setting up my own kettles recently and have been grinding lids out of kegs, drilling holes for ball valves and elements. I've got the tools now, hole saws,drills (bits),grinder,flap wheel cutting fluid etc so I think I could do more. There would be a fee involved because of...
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    [syd] Wahroonga -about 100 Longnecks Mostly Clean. Free Must Pickup To

    Hi Brewers, I'm cleaning out my garage at the moment, and I have a shitload of bottles. I've got kegs, and no matter how many times I think I'm going to use these, I never do. Today only, Would love a chat, and a couple of your HB's if you're getting the lot. I also have 500ML Rekordelig...
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    Wahroonga- Bar Fridge

    Hi Guys, Have a bar fridge that is not working right now, but is making a clicking noise. Not sure how to repair this, but if you want it, have it for free. Just found out it is no longer cooling. Cheers, Clint
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    Wahronga NSW - FS Two Garden Sprayer Party Kegs + 2 Fermenters

    Hi Guys, I have the following for sale: Two bunnings 5l party kegs. Comes with bulkhead, mag wheel schraeder valve and giant rubber stopper in place of cutting board. This has proved to seal better than the cutting board. The second of the two kegs has just been built and not pressure tested...
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    Fs Or Trade: Peristaltic Pump (syd) Pickup Or Post

    Hi Guys, I have a peristaltic pump for sale. Has served me well, however has recently sprung a leak in the hose. The new hose is $18.50 from Craftbrewer. I would prefer to go for a march pump, so I'm offering this up for sale or trade. If you've got a march and want to go for a peristaltic...