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    Cammeray Craft

    Had a trip to North Sydney to go to a couple of places yesterday and this was the first stop, it's located at: 504 Miller St Cammeray website is: And the tap list can be found on I really liked this place, there was 6 taps on and no mega swill, the...
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    Conditions same as bulk buy last year, as below. 'day, arranging a bulk buy for Ross's/ Craftbrewer's fresh wort kits for Sydney delivery. There are over 30 different FWK's to Choose from and can be found here: http://www.craftbrew...ault.asp?CID=88 Several of the beers just picked up awards...
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    F.S. Keg set up (Syd)

    G'day due to lack of use I'm selling my keg set up as below, located just south of Campbelltown. Includes: Whirlpool fridge/ freezer with 2 taps in door, freezer good to keep hops in, fridge only about 4 years old. 6 19L kegs Keg on legs gas bottle, big one stands as tall as the kegs, about...
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    The Brew Cellar Aus

    NZ's online shop has just opened an Australian site, Haven't placed an order yet, but they have a lot of stuff not available elsewhere. Can check it out here:
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    Keg Help Please

    Just started kegging and have to say beats bottleing to shite! Anyway I have a 2 keg set up and one is pouring fine. I've discovered the other is blocked because of hop debris from dry hopping which I didn't filter out and now the keg won't pour, how the fek can I fix this now? Cheers,
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    F.s. Sydney 3x 19l Kegs

    As title, 3x cornie kegs: $50 each or 3 for $140. PM if interested.
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    Sydney Craftbrewer Fwk Bulk Buy

    G'day, not sure if many look in the bulk buys forum, but for any who want to try what all grain tastes like I'm running a bulk buy for Ross's Craftbrewer fresh wort kits. Pick up from Sydney and Wollongong. Details in this thread:;gopid=922635&...
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    Bellarine Peninsula?

    G'day will be in Port Arlington for the Celtic festival this long weekend, wondered if there are any breweries or decent bottle shops near by worth a visit? Any help appreciated. Thanks,
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    Syd Craftbrewer Fwk Bulk Buy

    G'day, arranging a bulk buy for Ross's/ Craftbrewer's fresh wort kits for Sydney delivery. There are over 30 different FWK's to Choose from and can be found here: Several of the beers just picked up awards at the Australian International...
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    Free Crownies

    G'day have 400 odd of Crownies I bought off Ebay thinking they were long necks, I'm legally blind so can't see pictures! Anyway free to a good home, would take a couple of craft beers or home brews for them if offered. thanks,
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    Urn Additions

    G'day, just about to start doing AG, I have a 40L Birko and BIAB bag, I just wondered what other additions I could make to the urn to make things easier/ better? Cheers,
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    F.s . 70l Pot And Lid, Sydney

    I have a brand new 70L stainless steel pot that I got off Ebay that I'm not going to use as I've now bought an urn. It's a Chinese pot and is about the same thickness as the Big W 19L pots. Asking $80, I paid $100. Located between Campbelltown and Wollongong. thanks,
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    Keeping Track Of Beers Drank?

    G'day, I'm sure some of you keep track of what beers you've tried and just wondered how you do it? Are there any programs out there for this? I've found som mobile aps, but I just want an online/ PC based program. Alternativly, anyone have a good Excel set up? thanks,
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    1/2 Price Deal, Hearts Pub Sydney

    Good deal running for the next 2 days for the Hearts Pub in Sydney, you get a tasting paddle of 4 beers and a Wagyu beef burger and chips for $15. affiliated link below if anyone is interested, or just search Living Social for non affiliate...
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    Warners At The Bay!

    Well after spending a great weekend up at Port Stephens and Murrays I thought I'd push my luck and get the mrs to go home via Warners Bay to visit this bottle shop. I have bought from Slowbeer and the International Beer store before, but I didn't think N.S.W. had anything that compared, boy was...
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    Bloody Murrays

    Well spent Easter long Weekend up at Port Stephens, have been to Murrays previously and it was part of the reason for returning to Port Stephens along with a bloke that runs a bloody good wine tour. Well the reason for cursing Murrays is two fold, first they certainly lightened my wallet, as I...
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    Holy First!

    G'day, just like to thanks to all posters, after a lot of reading of the site for a while I have just tasted my first brew, a Muntons Yorkshire bitter and have to say I'm impressed! I have a bar fridge/ freezer with a STC 1000 set to 18 degrees and CC'd for 2 days, the beer is a good clear...