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    [BRIS] Wanted: Broken/dead corny keg

    FOR SCIENCE! I was curious about how they were manufactured, so I wanted to rip one apart, see how they were welded together, whether they were spun, or deep drawn, etc.
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    [BRIS] Wanted: Broken/dead corny keg

    thanks mate, crafties sorted me out!
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    [BRIS] Wanted: Broken/dead corny keg

    EDIT: Have been sorted out, thankyou. Hi all, Does anyone in brisbane have a broken/busted/FUBAR corny keg they are willing to let go of for free or super cheap? Can have holes/be totally unusable and unrepairable, just relatively in one piece. Cheers S.
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    [BRIS] 3x 200L stainless fermentor vessels, 2x50L kegs, BIAB pot

    Hello, doing a mass cleanout. 3x 200L stainless steel fermentor/boiler/vessels They are open top with lid and locking clamp. They have been modified with a conical base, stand, and ball valve/tap. Two of the units also have a 2 inch BSP screw ferrule to suit a large heating element or can be...
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    Sell: 50L SS Kegs, New (Brisbane)

    Bump, two left.
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    Sell: 50L SS Kegs, New (Brisbane)

    Only three left.
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    Sell: 50L SS Kegs, New (Brisbane)

    Selling brand new/unused 50L Spearless SS Kegs from Keg King. 6 or so available. Here is a link to the item on their site. Retail at $149 on their site. Make an offer.
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    [QLD] Legal 50L kegs for sale

    Hello, I am clearing out my old brew gear and have a number of 50L kegs for sale. They are legal, unstamped, imported kegs. Stainless steel, with threaded fitting but no spear. Some kegs are unmodified, and I have some that have a stainless welded ball drain valve, some with element sockets...
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    Source of sterile tubes

    Just like to say, although I am quite busy these days and haven't been on AHB chat or the forums much (at all), I am still happy to help out with consumables and brew gear. And I really appreciate the recommendations. Between a hectic social life, my PhD and other commitments, my website is...
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    [bris] Keggles / 1v Biab Rigs

    I asked a few brewers about the price and they expected them to get snapped up very quickly saying they were a good deal, and quite confused when I suggested issues selling them. I just put it down to holiday season, hence bumping every week or two weeks or so. The workmanship is okay, I...
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    [bris] Keggles / 1v Biab Rigs

    Bump.. And a happy new year..
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    [bris] Keggles / 1v Biab Rigs

    Bump... (and merry xmas to those who celebrate it.)
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    [bris] Keggles / 1v Biab Rigs

    Pickup is from Capalaba, 4157.
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    [bris] Keggles / 1v Biab Rigs

    Hi guys, I've rescued some old gear and knocked up a few keggles/1V BIAB suitable rigs that could use a happy home. 50L kegs (and one 50L cooking pot) welded 1" BSP socket with 2400w element welded pickup tube/compression fitting set, and ball valve (full bore). Asking $250 ea ono/pm me with...
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    Ready To Go Keg King Type Keg Fridge - Brisbane

    looks like a great setup mate, the new owner will be happy.
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    Mash Paddle

    Totally dissapointed, was expecting to see a giant spork.
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    First Brew

    Fusel alcohols/oil typically will always be produced, IMHO the type of yeast and substrate is more of a deciding factor as to how much fusels are produced, although temperature does play a role.
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    New Research Suggests 0.08%bac Enough To Do Harm

    Yes, but when that monkey is your son or daughter, one's perspective changes. Alas we enter the ethical dilemma. "The scalpel and the butterfly" is a good book for that topic, if anyone is interested. Also AHB in entireity is OT, the train was never on the rails to begin with, so it's only...
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    Wedding Beer Pictures

    that looks like it was awesome.
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    New Research Suggests 0.08%bac Enough To Do Harm

    NP mate. If you're ever interested in future for any papers on SD or elsevier etc, or want some help interpreting a paper, pop me a PM, i'll do what i can