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  1. geneabovill

    FS - All my brewing gear (Pics)

    Kegs, taps, associated plumbing, and the beer gun is sold.
  2. geneabovill

    FS - All my brewing gear (Pics)

    Bump. Hi guys, so sorry for disappearing. Separation from the wifey is hard. Anyways, stuff is for sale again. Need some cash to get my shit together and move. I'll accept reasonable offers, or $1500 for the lot.
  3. geneabovill

    FS - All my brewing gear (Pics)

    For you, Yob, I have two of the ones that go from the tap shank to the line.
  4. geneabovill

    FS - All my brewing gear (Pics)

    Update, the final list of items for sale: 3x legally acquired 50L kegs 1x NASA burner and reg 2x MkII mag drive pumps Misc stainless fittings - barbs, QDs, etc 1x 12" stainless false bottom 1x stainless 14m immersion chiller 1x 4 outlet gas manifold Misc JG fittings 3x corny kegs, newish seals...
  5. geneabovill

    FS - All my brewing gear (Pics)

    Yep, Medowie.
  6. geneabovill

    FS - All my brewing gear (Pics)

    I have 4x stainless barbs, 2x QD posts, 2x QD female thingies.
  7. geneabovill

    FS - All my brewing gear (Pics)

    Sure. Can post at buyer's expense, or happy to deliver to Newcastle or Central Coast. They're unused, and still have the price tag and box. $75 each.
  8. geneabovill

    FS - All my brewing gear (Pics)

    Hey there, After a long time of not brewing, and also a need for money, I've decided to sell off all my gear. I'd rather sell it all at once, but realise that that's probably undoable. I have the makings of a whole 3v gas system. Just need some stuff welded, which I never got around to. 3x...
  9. geneabovill

    help with temp probe and PID on recirc system

    Is there a chance that the PID probe is calibrated to read correctly at, say, 20°c but when approaching mash temps it's well out of whack? I didn't read in the OP whether or not you calibrated at mash temps or not..
  10. geneabovill

    BJCP course?

    Could be a goer. I've sent emails off to IBD and Sebel too.. Might be a stretch though, they're both brewing organisations, not judging.. But still.
  11. geneabovill

    Blind Monk

    Might have to revisit. Probably after work tomorrow, since I'm getting 5 teeth (wisdoms +1) pulled on Wednesday, and can't drink for 6 weeks afterward. 0.o
  12. geneabovill

    You know you are hooked when...

    When you spend 8hrs welding together a welding bench so you can weld your brew stand together with ease. Also, when you get angry text messages for grinding at 9pm under the brew brats bedroom window. When you by shit that isn't directly brew-related because it looks brew-related.. Like tiny...
  13. geneabovill

    Sydney Bulk Grain Buy

    JUST ADD YOUR NAME IN A SLOT NEXT TO WHAT YOU WANT. Simpsons Crystal Pale (5kg)($13.70) 1. Aussiebrewer 2.Scooby 3. mb-squared 4. mb-squared 5. NewtownClown Simpsons Crystal Pale (5kg)($13.70) 1. skwaler 2. Ruckus 3. Ruckus 4. 5. Simpsons imperial (5kg)($13.70) 1.Aussiebrewer...
  14. geneabovill

    Christmas in Late July 2014 Lotto

    Congrats guys.. Lad a former winner, I know that sweet, SWEET feeling of delight knowing free, handcrafted beer is coming your way. I'll send mine off in the morning.
  15. geneabovill

    What have you dropped into the Fermenter?

    Had a kitten crawl in through the airlock one time.
  16. geneabovill

    Help choose our tap beer - Royal George Hotel

    Young Henry's Bitter. Jeez I love that beer.
  17. geneabovill

    Christmas in Late July 2014 Lotto

    Also, thanks to whoever added all that coding - really did a number on me trying to add my name.
  18. geneabovill

    Christmas in Late July 2014 Lotto

    1. Fat Bastard 2. Danwood 3. Danwood 4. n87 5. Beersuit 6. luggy 7. Gr390ry 8. jaypes 9. Menoetes 10. Menoetes 11. Dj_L3thAL 12. Menoetes 13. barls 14. Waggastew 15. Bridges 16. GrumpyPaul 17.NealK 18. Bearded Burbler 19.Robv 20. Beersuit 21. Potof4x 22. jyo 23.Stalking Wilbur 24. Nick R 25...
  19. geneabovill

    ebay and gum tree finds

  20. geneabovill

    Stainless hop spider

    I reckon I could make a decent one of those. Right after I make everything else on me list. Till then I'll chill with my SS coil.