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  1. mwd

    Sheffield South Yorkshire Real Ale Capital of the World

    Ahy Up Lad it must be true it was in the Local Paper thar knows. Frog and Parrot was famous for making one of the strongest brews.
  2. mwd

    Yeast may be tougher than we think

    I just made a Trican recipe (see battle of the toucans) with belle saison yeast or so I thought. I did a twenty minute Pioneer hop boil in 2l and 200g BE2 with two packets of Coopers yeast as yeast nutrient. All good. Did a quick clean up of the fermenter and collected the yeast cake from the...
  3. mwd

    Muntons Irish Stout

    Found this in the LHBS and found it to be better than the Coopers Irish round about the same price too. I did a toucan with Morgans Dark Ale and it was a ripper pity I drank it too soon the last bottle was the best sooo smooth.
  4. mwd

    The Official Commercial Cider Thread

    Cider is having a resurgence in popularity so thought it a good time to have a thread dedicated to commercial offerings. Tell us the ones you recommend. Westons Oak Barrel Vintage Herefordshire Cider 8.2%AV $6.99 from Dans for 500ml good cider good value.
  5. mwd

    Australia with Simon Reeve on SBS 1

    Starts tonight at 8:30 on SBS 1 HD well worth a watch. 3 part series. Nothing much for beer drinkers but some interesting wine making statistics.
  6. mwd

    ABC News New strain of Barley South Australia
  7. mwd

    SBS doco Do I Drink too much?

    8.30 tonight on SBS One Queensland time. Might be an interesting watch for the health conscious.
  8. mwd

    Big Brewers looking for a Tax Cut (Hurray )

    From today's paper but don't hold your breath. I reckon they have no chance in hell.
  9. mwd

    Proposed tax hike on Cider

    Looks like somebody has noticed that Cider has become popular lately. Maybe they might be better off taxing like beer.
  10. mwd

    Weihenstephaner Pilsner

    Found this in our local Liquorland today at $16.00 for three. Quite enjoyed it very nice downed two saving the third.
  11. mwd

    Automatic Alchohol Tax prices up again

    See the auto excise on liquor tax kicked in again 1st Feb what a scam.. Lucky I bought a case of Tower 10 IPA on 30th January. It is a throwback to the Hawke era but is such a cash cow for the government never likely to be removed. ( also affects the smokers too ). Heard from a mate in the...
  12. mwd

    New Forum Revamp

    Not sure I like the new forum layout maybe I am just comfortable with the old style. Cannot delete post now I see there is a topic and thread running.
  13. mwd

    The Red Bay Brewery

    Came across this while scanning the E-Bay thread. Looks to be a lot better than the Ubrewit franchises. Might be handy for new brewers just getting a feel for the game. Seems to have a good number of recipes to try not sure whether it is all grain or extract brewing pricing might be a bit of a...
  14. mwd

    The People's Supermarket On Abc1

    If you missed this today look out for a repeat it is a real eye opener even though it is London. Makes you wonder about Woolies and Coles.
  15. mwd

    Poh's Kitchen Abc1

    Poh's Kitchen on the road today 27th Nov features cooking with beer and visits a brewery at Bright in the Alps. might be worth a watch. Poh is brilliant and a real natural in front of the camera.
  16. mwd

    Which Torrent Client Are You Using

    I am using Tixata 1.92 and getting nearly the maximum download speed that my ADSL allows without messing about with settings. I used to use UTorrent but it got messy and bloated. BTW been using Linux Mint 13 from a DVD on a Win7 laptop and quite impressed pity I have so many Windows apps.
  17. mwd

    Mega Brew On 7 Mate

    For the insomniacs or PVR owners saw a beer show advertised for Seven Mate 1.00am 18th Nov. No furthur info check your local TV guides.
  18. mwd

    Fox And Hounds Inn Mt. Tamborine Qld

    Fancy owning your own pub found this while trawling the internet. Link to F&H Choice of beers on sale seems to be a bit limited though but had what looks like the old English beer engines.
  19. mwd

    Thomas Coopers Ipa

    1 X Coopers IPA 1Kg LDME 250g Carabohemian 150g Black Malt 200g raw sugar 25g Chinook @30mins 25g Simcoe @30 mins Malts steeped at 65C for 40 mins Some Nottigham yeast captured from my last stout brew. Got some dex hanging around too not decided to add any or not. Might have brewed another...
  20. mwd

    Cooking With Beer On Sbs Food

    Found a few recipes for cooking with beer on SBS website one features JS Lager.Link to SBS