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  1. Mooshell's Brewery MKII

    Mooshell's Brewery MKII

    The new brewstand, and some beers...
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    Pilsner with NZ Hops

    Absolutely. Nelson and Moteuka in particular I think are great pilsner hops. I don't have any of the recipes to hand but I use a ratio of 90/10% Pils/Munich malt, bitter with either a clean bittering or the same hop and then a flavour addition of 1.23g/litre at 15 or 10 mins (not my ratio, I...
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    What are you Brewing 2016?

    Being a dutiful husband and putting down a couple of beers for my wife's birthday :) A new world pils Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size (fermenter): 23.00 l Boil Size: 28.00 l Bottling Volume: 21.00 l Estimated OG: 1.044 SG Estimated Color: 4.7 SRM Estimated...
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    All grain setup - suit beginner - Brisbane (southside)

    Unfortunately bara you just missed out. Sold through another channel very fast.
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    All grain setup - suit beginner - Brisbane (southside)

    I'm selling off the bits and pieces that make up my first and second All Grain setup now that I have my Grainfather up and running. It is all well used, except where noted, but in good working condition. Items available separately if no takers for the lot but would prefer to go to someone...
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    Another wet, sad and sorry footballer

    That's right, with a clean living lifestyle you don't have to piss yourself because you can just go anywhere you feel like, just ask Nate Myles ;) :)
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    Hops that work well?

    Both Motueka and Nelson work in pilsners very nicely, by themselves or together. They also go nicely in a pale ale. Some people don't like Nelson but I am a huge fan. They also work nicely in a saison. A US style wheat beer, with a neutral yeast like US05 I think you could use either, but I'd...
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    Donald Trump's Muslim US ban

    I read an article the other day that suggested, rather hopefully I thought, that he was getting more and more outlandish because he wants to be removed from the race but can't quit as that would be 'losing'. I'd like to think that was true, I really would, hope springs eternal and all that, but...
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    What are you brewing 2015?

    Put this down on the weekend as a quick ingredient user / keg filler for Christmas. Light easy drinking pale Recipe: Quick Pale Style: American Pale Ale TYPE: All Grain Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Batch Size (fermenter): 22.00 l Boil Size: 27.00 l Bottling Volume...
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    Christmas/Summer BIAB Recipes

    S189 is a beautiful clean lager yeast that gives you lagers ready to go in a shorter space of time. You can ferment it higher as some do, 18C or so, or ferment down around 12 - 14 and either way it doesn't need much "lagering" I just chill mine at fridge temps, about 8-9C in my case, for a...
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    Australian Amateur Brewing Championship

    It was enjoyable day of judging, congratulations to all the winners and placers, and indeed anyone who got a beer to the AABC has made a cracking beer along the line, even if something did happen by the time it got to the Nats. I got to judge the farmhouse category and the first place beer was...
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    Father's Day plans?

    Bacon bagel in bed while opening quality gifts from the kid's school Father's Day stall. Bought some beers. Drank said beers while preparing a beef roast with Yorkshire Puddings for lunch. Boardgames with the family. Fine day all round.
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    I wonder who?

    The site allows comments on articles. They do need to be moderated though apparently.
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    I wonder who?

    For some reason I opened the website... The news section still has standard blurb text from the WordPress framework he's used for the site. One of the praise from customers is from the CEO of the company that built said framework. There's parts of the site that are basically unreadable because...
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    Broken brewer :(

    Colo, Another point related to this is to definitely find some people to taste the finished beer you think is infected, especially if you can get a few involved. Some people are better than others at picking up certain characteristics and/or flaws, so it is good if you can find more than one...
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    My boss is a Dick!

    That's the thing that gets me about the whole sick leave nonsense. There's always articles floating about saying how much 'sickies' cost business, but nowhere near as many that discuss this aspect. Many years ago I worked for a place that gave us 90 days sick leave. They decided to make the...
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    Rye ESB recipes that worked please share

    I've made this recipe, or variations of it, a few times. A few other brewers have made this recipe as well. I like the depth that using caramel rye brings but others have dropped that for just all plain rye. All my versions of this have kept the rye at about 20%, which I like for this beer...
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    Grain father

    So what I'm reading from that is that you use BIAB and someone has given you a recipe kit usually sold for the grainfather. If so, just use the same procedure you normally use. I assume for your recipes you do some sort of calculation to work out the water, just use the same amount of water...
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    Carrot Beer - Four Hearts Brewing Company "Wabbit Season"

    Haven't tried the carrot one but I really enjoyed the Finger Lime one.
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    Going back to do an extract -HELP PLEASE

    Non entirely on topic but I put 1kg of dry malt in a beer recently and I had forgotten what a bitch it can be. Even though it was DME that dissolved quite well and didn't clump as easily as some of the bad stuff I had back in the days of extract brewing it still was hard to deal with after many...