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    Whirlpool, Immersion Chiller And Hop Bags Query

    So I finally got around to getting an immersion chiller, but I am a bit unclear on when I should be doing what at the end of the boil. EG today I had some 0 minute addition hop pellets.. I put them in a hop bag (I dont have any kind of hop screen), turned off the heat and started the immersion...
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    Leaking Fitting.. Help?

    Scored a free water filter and faucet which I plan to use for my brewing water but am having problems hooking it up. Spent a while today at bunnings trying to find a number of fitting to get what I had connected to the tap the dishwasher was hooked up to. Ended up with 20mm t piece, 20mm to 15mm...
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    Wort Aeration.. Is It Always Needed?

    Was just having a look through the nottingham dried yeast instructions online and noticed the following: "It is unnecessary to aerate wort." Is this correct? Just about every bit of information I have read on all grain brewing states...
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    Can 10% Crystal Turn An Apa Into An English Real Ale?

    Just had a taste of an 'APA' I knocked up quickly to fill some empty kegs and it has a very strong caramel/toffee kind of flavour and almost none of the C type hops are showing through like I would normally expect. (Reminds me of some of the real ales I had when in london, mainly one of the...
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    Recipe Advice - Bits N Peices

    OK I have no idea what I really want to brew.. just some nice beer.. but have a pound of willamette I want to try out and I also bought 500g of wheat and caramalt to give them a shot. Have heard some people say willamette tastes minty which worries me a bit as I dont know if I would like that...
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    Citra Cascade Centennial Apa

    Got a pound of 2011 citra from Niko Brew before xmas and hopefully will have time to brew with it tommorow as stocks are getting low (had 6 kegs of beer but 4 got polished off SWMBO's birthday party). Feel like making something like an APA and was after some feedback on wether there is anything...
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    Wild Yeast Fermentation

    So I was a bit bored and collected a bunch of wort and trub in a 2l soft drink bottle and thought I'd sit it outside to see if something would ferment it. Today it has a nice froth on the top and actually smells pretty good.. is there anything I should know about before taking a swig in a few...
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    Porter Recipe Help

    I have so far only made lagers and pale ales pretty much and now figure I will give the dark side a shot. I plan to use jw export pils, crystal, chocolate and possibly roasted barley but the only hops I currently have are: cascade, centennial, galaxy, hallertau and nelson sauvin. Can anyone...
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    Mounting Drip Tray On A Fridge

    Basically after suggestions on the best way to mount a drip tray onto a fridge door (drip tray is the type with holes for screws to hang from e.g. ) Is there a type of screw that is suitable for the thin fridge door with insulation...
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    Recipe Critique

    Plan to put on my 7th ag brew tommorow (BIAB and No Chill). Was thinking of making a kolsch but dont have the yeast so thought I would try to make something similair with the lager yeast I have handy. I have a bunch of 2010 German Hallertau that I want to use (I havent used hallertau a whole...
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    Dry Hopping Fermenter

    I finally have a fermenting fridge up and running and have a pale ale that is finished fermenting that I chucked 20g of loose cascade pellets into and am cooling it down now to drop out the yeast etc. I probably wont get a chance to keg it untill next week, is there any problem with leaving...
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    Beer Battered Onion Rings

    Does anyone have a really good recipe? I made some hastily that I found in a magazine that was basically flour beer and onion. They were ok but lacked something flavour wise. Is there a good source on the web for beer relating cooking (other than Mercs cook book which I hope to get a hold of...
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    Recipe Suggestion From Ingredients

    It would be cool if the recipe db had some kind of search where you could input the ingredients you have and spit out matching recipes. I have got the following ingredients (I am using BIAB and no chill): 5kg Pils Malt JW 0.5kg Crystal Malt JW 1kg Munich Malt JW 0.25kg Carapils Galaxy Flowers...
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    Someone Likes The Stc-1000

    Trialling the temp controller with a heater pad and the cats bed (untill I sort out my fermenting fridge) She seemed to like it.
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    Mashing Temp Vs Carapils Question

    Here is a question I was just pondering.. People say to add carapils to add body to a beer. Also mashing at a higher temp leaves more dextrins (is that the correct term?) in the beer. So say the difference between 64 and a 68 degree mash.. is there an ammount of carapils you could use to equal...
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    First Biab Underway But Have Some Questions

    First Question: The water temp after I put they grain in was 66.7, 20 minutes later it is 65.4 (I have wrapped the urn in a doona and a jacket). Is this something to worry about? I have probably a bit of space on the top I could pour some boiling water into and stir? I am mashing for 90...
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    First Biab Advice

    Made this as a seperate post so I dont clogg up the biab threads. After reading the great posts from Nick JD I have ordered all the bits and pieces I need to get going (40l birko urn, bag from craftbrewer, mill etc) I think I have all the steps worked out in my head. A couple of things I...