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    Free hop rhizomes

    Silence means I'll push forward with ripping them up. Consider them gone.
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    Zero alcohol beer

    I would say look at a Coopers Pale Ale and use that as a guide. Don't forget you're going to have alcohol in it by adding sugar to prime the bottle.
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    Free hop rhizomes

    Hi people! I am digging up my hop garden to make way for normal veggies. I’ve got Hallertau and mount hood that are in the ground. Is anyone interested in digging up the crown/rhizomes? Rather than sell them I would prefer to give them away to people in the club. Collection from Narara...
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    October Oktoberfest meet 20/10

    ok, that’s a bugger. I am going to vote to postpone it then, not really going to be the same without n87!
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    October Oktoberfest meet 20/10

    Alright, have moved back to the coast, just received my brew fridge yesterday and I am back in the game. Unfortunately nothing to bring for sampling atm, but hope to talk about where to source grain and hops. Attendees: n87 gone brewing dkaos Website #1 Website #2 Food: n87 - Fresh Pretzels...
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    WTB: Cold Plate (Hunter Region)

    The bloke in a thread co-incidentally above yours has one, but he's in Bris I think.
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    July theme meet: America 16/7

    This sounds great, looking forward to it!
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    June Meet?

    Not sure if I can attend atm, am travelling every week for work. Plus no beer to bring atm! Although if I can make it I could always do a slow cooked chunk of something.
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    Well I never knew!

    Yeah nice! I am getting there with the new brewery build, going back to 3V so I can get more grain in at once. That looks like a winner
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    Well I never knew!

    n87! Far out, I had completely forgotten mate. Yeah the Nelson is all gone. I have 25kg of Vienna,Wheat and Pilsner atm. I have a pound of Amarillo and some Cascade, and Centennial in the freezer. I want to do double batches to use it all up asap as it is getting on a bit now. Any ideas...
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    May/June meet

    That's super exciting! Maybe they can be the central location if we ever end up doing grain bulk buys. It would be way better than driving to Sydney.
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    Well I never knew!

    Hi all, Just came across the group while looking for a brew shop that was open today on the coast. The past two years have seen me brewing a lot less frequently, although I did have a brew weekend where I did 3 batches which lasted forever. I'm based in Narara, I hope to meet up with everyone...
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    For Sale: Brewstand - Single Tier - VIC

    This is mental. If only you were in NSW I would be all over this.
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    Recipe Help - Pirate Life IPA Clone

        It does indeed say 16 degrees, but there are no words next to it:)
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    ebay and gum tree finds
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    Homebrew yeast stir plate and stir bars For sale with flask & frid

    This is the link for anyone keen:
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    Yeast is Rising

    If the fridge that it is currently in works, just cold crash it once fermentation is complete. Don't worry about chocking it up. Or chock it up, then cold crash. At worst you will probably get a bit of yeast initially.
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    Vic Floor Malted Barley - EOI

    Looks like half a pallet was produced for a brewery (according to FB page so it is happening!
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    European Beer Glasses

    4 glasses for $70? Or are there more than that
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    Having a whinge at the price of beer

    Don't know why you posted here too, it must have really pissed you off. Yes it is expensive to drink out, but look where you were.. if you don't want to pay so much then go to a less trendy place and drink beer or don't go out as much. I hate paying a lot for beer as well but when you go out you...