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    Bench top draught viability

    I've been thinking about upgrading my kegging/draught system as my next investment into the brewery and one possibly crazy idea that crossed my mind is that I could put a bar fridge / small chest freezer, UNDER the house (stumped on a gradual slope) and run the beer lines through the floor...
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    Thermomix - my wife wants one

    So I know how much they cost and the basics of what they do. I'm impressed by a lot of the functions, but the price makes me feel very unimpressed. We always research thoroughly and compare against competitor products etc. but nothing is more valuable than the advice from someone who has...
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    Single smack pack, single starter?

    Been a while since I was on the liquid yeast bandwagon and I've noticed a lot of old threads are gone and links to them dead! Using yeastcalc or similar, it seems that any 3.5L+ starter will get the snack pack up above the required cell count for a lager. Is there any reason to do it in more...
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    34/70 taste?

    I've been going on about strange/unpleasant tastes in my beers lately and I've deliberately been altering as many variables one brew at a time as an elimination process. Now I'm down to only two constants, 34/70 and ME. My wife, who has a very sensitive pallate has detected absolutely no flaws...
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    AG brewers Up Gippsland way?

    Whilst I enjoy the solitude and the time out brewing allows me (busy work/family life), I often think it would be good to have a local to catch up with now and again. At the moment I seem to be detecting very slight off tastes that are coming through in every beer, despite most variables...
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    3 way L port ball valve vs X piece

    I have a plumbing scenario where I would like to be able to control flow from one source to three outputs. One way to do this is to use a T and attach one ball valve to that and a 3 way ball valve to the other end. This would create minimal diversions to flow as the L port is designed with this...
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    Pumping through a filter instead of co2

    If I'm using my LBP to move beer from a fermenter tap to a keg via a beer filter (simply using a 1/2 female BSP to john guest on the outlet), can I run the filter to the outpost of the keg (down the tiptube diptube) with the keg sealed and not have any need to relieve internal pressure during...
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    Little Brown Pump not enough power

    My hot water test run went fine on my 2 tier 3v+HX HERMS system, my actual brew day did not. The plan was to change the outlet from the HX from the MLT input to just hanging over the side of the boiler (until I get the appropriate fitting to allow underletting), however, the LBP did just not...
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    Recirculation cold spots in grain bed

    I'm just mashing a maiden brew with my HERMS and while calibrating the HX temp probe I'm noticing a disparity in temperatures in various locations of the grain bed. Obviously the areas closet to the output are the most accurate and I assume the readings would eventually normalise given enough...
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    Chugger pumps (SS heads!)

    I know some folk on here are aware of Chugger pumps and hanging out for them to release a 230-240v version. Well, they've arrived! The version 2 of each pump model is the 230v variant. For the record, I have not purchased one (although I will if my brown pump dies or becomes redundant) and am...
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    Sparge advice - new system

    I have put together a two tier HERMs brewery that I plan on fly sparging with eventually by gravity feeding the sparge water to the MLT and pumping out through the HX, back-letting up the boil kettle outlet and using the kettle valve to control the pace. I have a few parts missing to do this...
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    What Are You Drinking Tomorrow?

    Forecast for the high 30s almost country-wide tomorrow, it's inevitable that the vast majority of us will be enlisting the services of beer to quench our thirst. So what will it be? I will most likely support Mildura Brewery and grab some Stefano's pilsner.
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    Sodium Perc Ruined My Beer

    Just tasted my xmas lager to test carbonation level and almost vomitted! The memory of the taste is almost making me vomit now. Perhaps my filter cleaning techniques suck!? Here's what I did: 1. Filter was soaking in sodium perc since last use, so I rinsed it under hot water for ages, then...
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    Momarillo Ale - A Smash Plan

    I felt like doing an APA SMASH, so here's what's happening this weekend: 20L OG: 1.055 IBU: 37 (possiblely a bit higher due to slow chill [chuck jerry in the fridge]). 100% MO - 4.8kg 20g Amarillo @ 45' 15g Amarillo @ 25' 20g Amarillo @ 5' US05 90' @ 65c Decoction to 75c (Pull decoction at...
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    New 3v System - A Problem.

    Half way through my first brew on my new system. As per beersmith I transferred 12L of water @ 75c expecting to dough into 65c. Instead the resultant temp was 44c and has thrown the whole brewday out the window. I had to crank the HLT to boiling and double the desired volume in the mash just to...
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    Mildura Brewery - Stefanos Pilsner

    Tried this beer out for the first time last night and I felt it warranted a new topic; what a sensational local example! I'd happily pay the $57 for a case in preference of Budvar or the likes. Anyone else tried it? It's perhaps on the low side of bitterness for the style, but not at any cost...
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    Off To Holgate!

    I'm off to Holgate brewhouse with a mate on the show weekend. Staying overnight in a mountain view room and going on the brewery tour. I was originally going to Healsville to visit the 3 breweries in that region, but after some initial umming and ahhing, Im feeling pretty good about the change...
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    Keggle Lids (for Top Cut Off)?

    G'day, I'm gearing up to move to 3v and have spent hours scouring google, but can't find any ready made lids to suit my kettles. I decided to just cut the tops straight off to make cleaning easier and to cut down on superfluous surface area... And now I realise that finding a lid that big isn't...
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    Step Mashing In A 3 Tier Gravity System

    G'day. I've been BIAB mashing for a while now and my 30th is on the horizon so I'm planning on stepping it up to 3v. Whilst I enjoyed the simplicity of BIAB, especially while learning the fundamentals of brewing, I have found it doesn't quite suit me. I can't afford the financial outlay to jump...
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    American Propane Burners In Aus?

    Been doing some reading, but I can't seem to find the answer to my simple question: Do yankee home brewing burners/regulators plug and play with Aussie gas regulators/bottles? If not, what is required to make it so? (My brother is off to NY in a couple of weeks, so I have a shopping list for...