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    Albury Wodonga Beer Scene

    Thirsty Crow bar seems to have other stuff on tap now and is on Nowtapped:
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    Never Wet

    Just saw this thread, thought it was about my wife! :)
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2014

    My order: 3x Mangrove Jack's Burton Ale (10gm) $2.50e 3x CraftBrewer American Ale (Twin Pack 2 x 12gm) $8.50e 2x CraftBrewer English (Twin Pack 2 x 12gm) $8.90e 1x Danstar - Nottingham British Ale (11gm) $4.50e Bacchus GMT+10 IPA - Fresh Wort Kit (20L) $59 Bacchus GMT+10 London Porter - Fresh...
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2014

    I'll get 3-4 , will have a think of which to get and confirm. Even with just the free freight I still highly recommend.
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    G'day Ross yesit was Zwitter that contacted you, as he was going to receive the shipment. If any people are still interested I think the free delivery is still a good deal and would get a few myself.
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    A new thread will be started for the new BB when we hear back from Ross. :)
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    I'm in, looks like we're on again. :) Cheers,
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    Black Duck Brewery & Bar Port Macquarie

    Been there a couple of times, top bloke and nice dog Murphy from memory, the Phoenix stout is there best beer by far IMO.
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    Cammeray Craft

    Had a trip to North Sydney to go to a couple of places yesterday and this was the first stop, it's located at: 504 Miller St Cammeray website is: And the tap list can be found on I really liked this place, there was 6 taps on and no mega swill, the...
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    nsw annual pub crawl 2014

    Barls, I'll give it another try if you'll have me, will do my best not to be sent home in a taxi this time! :(
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    Craft Beer Establishment in Western Sydney?

    Judging by Gumtree, I'm guessing this place is for sale. $570,000 seems a bit much!
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    Craft Beer Rising

    Heading into Sydney, If anyone sees a blind bloke with a Craft Beer Rising t-shirt say G'day.
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    Bacchus in Melb & Sydney...

    Bloody hell Ross sounds great, wish the City wasn't so far away! Love to try the Cunning Ninja and finally meet you. :)
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    Ross, haven't had any more I haven't tried before yet; but as posted before. London Porter, great porter on par with some expensive craft brews I've tried, nice and malty with great flavour from multiple malts. GMT IPA, didn't do a side by side with the real GMT but this was a bloody good...
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    ebay and gum tree finds

    For people who don't read website deals thread; Graysonline craft beer liquidation pick up Welsch Pool WA Some very good beers in there, would've been a good bottlo. :(
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    website deals of the day

    Bargain Craft beer Graysonline pick up Welsch Pool WA
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    Flat Rock Brew Cafe - Naremburn NSW

    Long post.. Just spent a couple of hours there for lunch as was far away from home picking up FWK's from bulk buy. Must say this is now one of my favorite bars in Sydney! Prices are very reasonable and tasters are a decent size and good value for people who want to try all on tap, $12 for a...
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    Cheers to all that took part and Ross, easy to organise and will probablly do again in future, once you taste the product you'll know why! :) Thanks to James for warehousing and distribution. LOL
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    Cheers James, will be in contact.
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    Syd Craftbrewer FWK Bulk Buy 2013

    Pick up will be organinised with zwitter as that's who they're getting delivered to. So PM him or he'll contact you.