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    For Sale: Kegs, Reg, pump and bits. Brisbane

    Hey, Having a bit of a clear out. Located in East Brisbane. Not really keen on postage - super busy. Most items purchased from Anthony at Craftbrewer. 2 x 9lt kegs $80 Each 5 x 19lt kegs $80 each or if you take more than one $70 each and a freebie 4 x brumby taps $20 each or $15 each...
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    Free: 2 x 20l cubes Brisbane

    Located in Coorparoo Pm me for details
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    FS: Cascade Rhizomes Brisbane

    Hello, I have 2 Cascade plants that were dug out yesterday and wrapped in damp newspaper. There are a few rhizomes on each that could be split up. $15 each. I don't have time to post them sorry. Pick up from Coorparoo.
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    Stainless Steel Sink & Bench Top + Extras [BRISBANE]

    I have a stainless steel bench top with twin sinks for sale. 2345mmx640mm There is also a conical flask, yeast tubes, o-rings for grolsch bottles and o-rings for keg posts. Have a few other bits and pieces to go as well. -cubes..... Yes I know the picture is upside down - iPad...
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    Xmas-in-July Caseswap 2013 (SE QLD) Tasting Thread

    Thought I would start a tasting thread for this case swap. Pretty disappointed I missed the event, definitely have to make the next one! The list compiled from the other thread; 1. Winkle - Saison Noir (ready) 2. NickB - Hoptamination IIPA (ready) 3. Tazman1967 - Rye Saison 4. Rowy -...
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    Kegerator with 3 Tap Font + Kegs For Sale (SEQ)

    I have a Kegerator with a 3 Tap Font plus 3 Kegs for sale. I am located approx 80km West of Toowoomba, I can help with postage and or freight but that is for you to organise. I regularly go to Brisbane so could drop it down. I would prefer not to split this up. $800. 1 x Kegerator from Craft...
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    3V + HERMS For Sale (SEQ)

    I have a nearly complete 3 Vessel + HERMS setup for sale. I am located approx 80km West of Toowoomba, I can help with postage and or freight but that is for you to organise. I regularly go to Brisbane so could drop it down. I would prefer not to split this up. Brew System $1900 3 x 70lt...
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    Perlicks or Celli Flow Control Taps?

    What is the difference between these two taps? Obviously looking at the Chrome Celli FC Tap. Cheers, Ben
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    Perick Taps - Flow Control Or Not?

    Hello brewers, I am in the process of building myself a new keezer and need some advice on the following; 1. I intend to purchase Perlick taps but I am unsure whether or not to get Flow Control taps? 2. Should I be using JG fittings on all Quick Disconects, the back of taps and manifold or...
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    Plastic Kegs, Which Venues In Brisbane Use Them?

    Hey Brewers, I am trying to find some plastic kegs, the 'one use' 50lt type. I see Archive and Tippler's Tap have them. (I have already requested that they keep them, rather than throw them away.) I intend to use them for some projects at uni, so it would be best if they are free and I only...
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    Fs: 21 Grolsch Bottles + New Seals, Brisbane/seq

    Hey I have some grolsch bottles for sale. I have 21 of them (possibly 24 if I can find the others) all with new seals and extra new seals. Will only sell them all together for $20, plus a few bottles of your finest beer! I am located in Toowoomba, but can drop them to Brisbane if needed...
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    Free (seq) Chest Freezer 200lt

    I have a 200lt Malleys 'Tucker Box' Chest Freezer that my Grandfather no longer needs. He is a happy to let it go in return for a six-pack of your finest brews! It is located in Toowoomba, but I can easily drop it to Brisbane for someone. Interior measurements are 540mm x 500mm x 760mm...
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    Beer Emergency! Hop Help Please

    So I started brewing this today, just mashing out. And have just started to weigh out my hops when I discovered that I have forgotten to get more Chinook and Citra. Can someone please help figure out some substitutes? Hops I have are; 180g Amarillo, 180g Cascade, 125g Simcoe, 90g Hallertau...
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    Fs; Honey

    Anyone interested in buying honey for mead?
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    To Filter Or Not To Filter?

    Hey Brewers, I have a quick question, My current practice with fermentation is this; 1. Ferment in primary for two - three weeks. 2. Transfer from fermenter to keg. 3. Purge keg and place in lagering fridge at 2 degrees. 4. When I have room in my kegerator I add Polyclar and after 24...
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    Fs: Antique Beer Draw Pumps

    Hey Brewers, Thought this may interest some one; Antique Beer Draw Pumps (English Bar)
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    Differences In Grain? Help Please

    Hey Brewers, I am organising my first Bulk Buy and I am unsure what the difference between a few grains are. 1. Is Pale Malt, Marris Otter the same as Ale Malt, Marris Otter? 2. What is the difference between Ale - Marris Otter Malt (Bairds) and Ale - Marris Otter Malt (Thomas Fawcetts Floor...
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    Seq Grain Bulk Buy

    Hey Brewers, I am keen on getting a bulk buy happening. Hopefully get it all sorted to pick up 24th of November or 1st of December. We can do one or more pallets, depending on the demand and how quickly the first one fills up. A pallet consists of 20-36 sacks, obviously more we have the less...
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    Grolsch Bottles

    Anyone know who stocks new Grolsch or similar bottles? Cheers Ben
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    Biab; Consecutive Batches?

    Hey brewers, I have been using the BIAB method for a few months now using a 40lt Concealed Element Crown Urn. As summer is on it's way I would like to some idea's on the best way to do consecutive batches in a brew day. I have contemplated going to a 3V Herms System but I am not really up for...