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    April 13th 2014 long jetty meet

    Hi guys Determined to get to this one with a clovey wheat.Gotta get hold of duane and get some yeast in.Is he still getting wyeasts in?
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    Vacuum Sealer For Hops

    got one of these,works great on the cheap shop Asian mason type jars.No bags!!!!!!!
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    Another Keg Mash Tun Build

    Are you using a pump?I found with such a setup after an hours mash,anything that gets through your false bottom/manifold will clog the outlet tube/pipe.all the shit settles at the lowest point .with a pump it'll suck through,tho without,you need to blow back up through the ball valve to...
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    Keg Help Please

    You could unscrew the post pull the tube out,blast it with hose,sanitise it and reinsert it.
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    Stirring Water In Hlt

    Stir the bloody thing with a spoon
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    Calling All Central Coast Brewers

    A great day had at the weekends meet.Next planned for 16th december to coincide with the case swap.!
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    Electrical Loads

    Just to clarify,What size circuit breakers are supplying the circuits to the shed? I ask this cause 10 amp power circuits is not the norm. Old school the norm was 16 amp rewirable fuses.these days most use 20amp circuit breakers for power it a mixed light and power circuit at...
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    What Napisan Is Napisan?

    Napisan as we know it is a nappy/clothes is a granulated white washing powder additive , used as a stubborn stain soaker/remover.contains sodium per carbonate as active ingredient.I'm sure you have similar products marketed under various name.
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    Meeting Sunday 14th October

    Meeting proposed,sunday 19th october,2pm.Check your email for more info.
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    Show Us Your Brew Cave

    nice bar... hotdogs and a side of fries with ketchup wouldn't be ouuta place there
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    Sodium Percarbonate Surfactant?

    where did you get it from mate?got a contact number?
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    Dry Yeast Cell Count

    as a guide mr malty and those fellas pitching rates seem to work,dosent it? well does for me..great info provided tho.
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    Wyeast mate,if you get a chance ,read this,print it off,read it on the train or something,will give yo ua wealth of knowledge on yeast.Dont be scared of all the jargon and graphs and maths,the basics of good pitching...
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    Free Beer And Mates

    hahha great comment.
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    Nsw Amateur Brewing Competition

    Great stuff,looking forward to the feedback.
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    Nsw Amateur Brewing Competition

    from what i can gather from the comments here, there seems some sort of nasty history between sydney and hunter,tho why on earth is there a major comp in relatively the same period as the state comp anyhow...? i wouldve thought all would be working for the benefit of state comp, regardless of...