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    April 13th 2014 long jetty meet

    Hi guys Determined to get to this one with a clovey wheat.Gotta get hold of duane and get some yeast in.Is he still getting wyeasts in?
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    Meeting Sunday 14th October

    Meeting proposed,sunday 19th october,2pm.Check your email for more info.
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    Herms Temps

    with these herms setups,i notice theres a temp varaition from actual mash to hx output(where most probes seem to be). Does that meen your not actually getting a sugar profile of say a 67c mash.?? like,if you soak a cup of grain in water,and that mash is at 65c ,if you collect just wort,heat it...
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    Meeting Sun 9th September

    Hi all With our numbers swelling,and participants locations ranging from summerland point to the peninsula i propose a casual meeting 3.00pm sunday 9th september on the foreshore at long jetty.Ill bring the bbq and some snags.Map attached. cheers sama
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    Stainless Perlicks

    Ive had 525ss perlicks for a fair while now,no issues...i had a banner held onto my keg fridge with magnets for mates birthday.grabbed a magnet,placed on lever it dont stick to,the body it does..low grade stainless or obviously not stainless?? supplier is about to get an...
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    Contact Details

    interested peoples please send your: name,AHB name,suburb and contact number to
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    Calling All Central Coast Brewers

    As there is not a current homebrew club on the central coast of nsw,and have heard there have been a feww enquiries about such a club from duane at country brewer toukley,I've decided to form the Central Coast Brewers.A club where central Coast brewers can have a yarn and sample each others...
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    Exploding Keg Kills
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    My New Mash Tun

    made a new mashtun out of an old keg cut down to 36l for single batches (infusion),check it out! Insulated with a removable jacket of aircell insulation i scored from a site.Drains via a skin fitting through the bottom,false bottom held in place with 2 welded in 5mm bolts and wingnuts.Couple...
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    been looking for a mini bar style fridge we can take camping with us,use for partys on the back deck when needed and when not being used for these things,to double as an extra fermenting/conditioning fridge of course.Found this baby $325 2 year warranty...takes a bunnings fermentor..and as ive...
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    Domed False Bottom Grind Size

    What size you setting mill gap at for the shop bought domed falsies?
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    When Have You Noticed Infection?

    Have an infected batch.The infection has showed up as milky white film with the odd bubble that breaks up into white plates when disturbed. wort was fermented with white labs Notingham strain,cleared up at about 7 days,top of beer clean as a whistle at(to the naked eye anyhow) about 10 days.Went...
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    Sexy Stainless Thingys
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    Gas Bottle Weights

    Hi yall I have a Keg King 6kg/9.1 litre co2 gas bottle.Does anyone know of this bottles empty weight and full weight? Cant find such a post or info anywhere.
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    Score Of The Year

    Working at an old club in sydney thats getting a renovation and amidst all the rubble and crap i spy on a window sill,gleaming,winking at me... it cant isnt..its a andale 5 tap after checking it out,asking a labourer if its rubbish..he tells me to ask the boss,who tells me he...
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    Glass Bottle Supplier

    Does anyone know who supplys the 330ml glass crown seal bottles that murrays,wiked elf and several other craft brewerys use.Anyone purchased any?Dont really want to purchase them filled if i dont have to.
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    330ml Pet Bottles

    Anyone come across brown PET bottles in a smaller size than the coopers 750ml ones? Say 330ml or 375ml?
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    Sierra Nevada@dan Murphys

    Syd paper,dans stocking sierra nevada and free tastings friday and saturday afternoon.!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    10% Viability

    Have a tube of white labs that mr malty tells me is 10% viable.would an initial 500ml starter before stepping to 2000ml be the go for a 1045 ale?!
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    Beersmith Grain File

    hello fellow brewers cant seem to locate the bsm file for thomas fawcett amber malt. Can anyone help me in creating or finding it? It dosent seem to be in the downloadable grain extensions.