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    FS Bris - My awesome fermenting fridge. Very reluctant sale....

    I have decided to downgrade my fermentation capabilities, and sell my super-fermenting fridge that has fermented every single beer since I started brewing. It can fit 2 x 60L + 3 x 30L fermenters, or 5 x 30L fermenters, making it a formidable bulk beer fermenter. It is on castors and has a...
  2. K

    Introducing the perlick growler filler

    Picked this up today, makes filling growlers from a perlick flow control tap a breeze with minimum oxygen exposure.
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    So I just had to get some yeast from craftbrewer......

    So I hitched a ride to craftbrewer today to grab a bit of yeast with thcarbinator as he was picking up some bulk buy grain. We all know we cant go in there on a Saturday morning without walking out a few bills lighter even if you just wanted to get some yeast, Rosco has that way about him. Had...
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    Sour Beer Event at Kerbside this Saturday at 1pm

    If anyone is interested in trying some extremely rare sour beers, I'm hosting a sour beer event this Saturday at Kerbside at 1pm. The beers we are trying are: 1. Moondog Mr Mistoffelees - Passionfruit & Mango Wild Ale 2. Oude Gueuze Tilquin - blend of 3 lambics 3. Haandbrygerriet Sur Megge -...
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    Holgate Empress QLD Launch

    I know most of you guys will be at the Scratch homebrew comp tonight, but if any of you want to sneak into the Holgate Empress launch tonight at the Burrow in West End, it starts at 5:30pm. The Head brewer Ian Morgan will be there and I'm sure he would love to say g'day to you (despite how...
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    Ross from Craftbrewer in a dress!

    Now that I have your attention, I just couldn't help but share the festivities that were had last night. This is from the launch of Holgates 1000th brew 'The Millenium Falcon' last night at Archive Beer Boutique in Brisbane. Ross was in fine form. Many more photos to come....
  7. K

    Motion dynamics mill motor and controller setup

    Has anyone got a picture of theirs set up and in action?? I just bought one and need some ideas on how to mount it.
  8. K

    Sestos Pid

    I know there has been a lot of mention about these in different threads, but I think now with so many people taking advantage of Nev's awesome and cheap HERMs system, that there should be a dedicated thread to this type of PID. You can buy them on ebay for around $40 delivered. They have about...
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    Terrible Ramp Times With Sestos Pid - Any Help Appreciated

    Hey guys, doing my maiden run on my new system and the Sestos PIDs are having a terrible time ramping up... It has got 1 degree over the last 10 minutes which is pathetic. With the same elements using my old STC 1000 I was getting 2 degrees a minute. I'm guessing I have done something wrong with...
  10. K

    Scratch's 1st Birthday Today

    Hey guys, As per the title it is Scratch's 1st birthday today, I'm heading in with some other brewers if anyone is keen for an ale or two from about 12-1pm. Should be a good arvo.
  11. K

    My New Herms Controller Build

    I decided that the current dodgy Honk Kong STC-1000 that I bought for $15 off ebay werent up to scratch for the brewery, I decided to lash out on some PID's and a new controller box, making my brewery look somewhat proffessional. Here is the list of things I bought. Made some precise...
  12. K

    How Long Should It Take For Hop Rhizomes To Take Off?

    I planted the rhizomes that I bought off Doc last Tuesday, followed planting instructions to the letter, I was just wondering how long it should be until I saw some action with growth? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers!
  13. K

    A Herms Question - Wort Return Temp Or Grain Bed Temp

    Since getting my HERMS going with Nevs coil, I have noticed that the reading for my wort return and the reading of my grain bed differ by about 4 degrees. So when the returning wort is at 69, the grain bed is only at 65. (Both thermometers are calibrated and digital). Should I amp the HERMS up...
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    Wort Return

    Can I please get some ideas on wort return for my HERMS? I currently just use a piece of silicone tubing that sits on top of the mash with a float, but I think I am getting too much channelling with this. Any photos/ ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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    Are Ping Pong Balls Food Safe?

    I was thinking of using ping pong balls as floats for my dry hopping socks so that it doesn't just sink to the bottom and get stuck in the yeast cake. Any thoughts??
  16. K

    Batz And Tidal Pete Are Everywhere?

    I was enjoying a schnitzel at ze German club the other day, when I spied out of the corner of my eye this!!!: I cant believe they have let these stay up there......
  17. K

    Vroom Bistro + Bar James St In The Valley

    In my travels yesterday I stopped to get a coffee at a small cafe-looking place in James St in the Valley, and I was amazed at their beer list. Some good quality crafts on there, plus they do $5 stubbies on a friday afternoon (Which is basically giving them away). I had a quick chat to the...
  18. K

    Cleaning Odours Out Of Cubes.

    I have some cubes that stink of god know what was in them, is there any way or chemical I can use to get the stink out? They are food grade. Cheers
  19. K

    Mashtun Inspiration - Need Your Photos

    Hey guys, I need to upgrade my mash tun (converted keggle) to do bigger batches, and was wondering if anyone minded sharing their mash tun inspiration with me. I would really appreciate some photos as well if possible so I can see exactly what everyone else is doing. thanks guys.
  20. K

    Need A New Mash Tun.....

    I have outgrown my old mashtun and it is time to upgrade. I'm specifically looking for a 15 Gal Blichmann Brew Pot. If anyone is thinking of selling theirs, I will purchase it. PM me. cheers!