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    Mounting Drip Tray On A Fridge

    Might have something to do with whatever the fridge door is made of maybe, or the ammount of paint or other stuff between the metal? Mine could hold the items pictured fine without moving at all.
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    Mounting Drip Tray On A Fridge

    Haven't brewed for about a year since wife had a baby but the magnets did still hold the drip tray fine, however they started to rust so I have removed them recently (fridge is outside). The ones I got were 22kg pull force each, There are more powerful ones but they are a bit more expensive...
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    My First Kit / Extract Home Brew

    My beginner advice (some of which has been stated already): Use 1kg Light Dry Malt in place of any brew blends (most dry malt probably aren't labelled but if you can find the muntons spray malt I prefer this to bintani etc it looks more powdery and less crystalised) Decent yeast, e.g. Us05 or...
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    Whirlpool In A Crown 40l Urn

    Wait 20 minutes for convection currents to stop after boil. Whirlpool Wait 20 more minutes for everything to settle. A bit time consuming but seemed to work for me.
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    Birko Element Gunk?

    I probably shouldn't admit this, but I noticed my element turned a copper colour after using a copper immersion chiller a couple of times and came to conclusion that the copper had somehow come off the chiller and bonded to the element. Now I know. :)
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    25 Kg Sodium Percarbonate Bags For Sale In Perth

    I would be keen for half a bag but SWMBO is giving birth very soon so might not be able to grab it for a while (I am near osborne park) Tony: sent you a pm
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    Biab Sky Hook

    I find it's handy having it dripping over the kettle to get the last drops out while you heat to boil. Pulley also means you dont drip wort everywhere and have both hands free to squeeze your bag.. if you're into that kinda thing. I use a ladder leaning against the wall with a pulley tied to...
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    Hop Rhizomes

    Rupert at Hopswest in Albany Maybe send him a message and see if he will have other varieties available soon?
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    First Biab In My 40lt Urn

    I have the same one also.. I fish it out with my paint stirrer.. God help you if you wedge the legs under the element like I did one time trying to get it out. I was just about resigned to leaving it in there for the boil when I somehow magically unhooked it.
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    Ag Hoegaarden Recipe

    Do you boil the zests or soak them in alcohol to avoid infections? (Or is there enough alcohol in the beer to keep them at bay?) Also, how long do you leave them in the beer?
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    Ag Hoegaarden Recipe

    I've made 4 wits now and have slowly upped the coriander and zest (but have yet to taste the latest one which I think had about 20g of zest/coriander). I have been using wb-06 at 17c so I don't know if you could call it a true wit.. but I have been very happy with the results. I think the...
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    Help With My Setup

    Heres my 2c Get 3m of 5mm Line. If you aren't in a hurry just leave at 100kpa for a week to carbonate.
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    Bag Not Draining

    Am encountering the same problem. Have done about 20 brews with the CB BIAB bag and am now getting the wort pooling above the grain. I think the problem became noticable after I did a few witbiers, prior to that it seemed to drain fairly well without much squeezing. Will try some of the...
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    Munich Vs Wb06

    Not exactly what you are asking but I have used wb-06 in 4 wits now fermented at 17c and they have all turned out really good (from what I have read its more a heffe style yeast?) Have not tried munich so cant compare.
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    Gravity Readings?

    I cant think of any reason a preboil sample would be the same as post boil other than the following: 1. The readings are stuffed (temperature.. evaporation on the refract.. or something else weird) I would say this is most likely 2. You added water (or it was raining) 3. Nothing boiled off The...
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    Wit Beer Biab Mash Schedule For Belgian Wit Need Help

    I was pulling some basil seeds off the plant the other day then smelt my hand.. smelt kinda peppery and lemony.. got me thinking about using them in a wit.. I did a quick google search but couldnt find anything much.. I dont suppose anyone has used them before? Anyone have any experience with...
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    Mash Tonight...brew Tomorrow Night

    Would chucking in a few campden tablets help to safeguard it a bit?
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    Beerfingers Goes K&k

    I had the most success with kits when I used a kit with a kilo of the muntons light dry malt extract and a decent yeast with a few hops (never had any spectacular beers using brew enhancers). Have only done about 20 AG beers but so far my best kit beer has been better than my best AG beer...
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    Out Of Date Kits - Any Issues?

    Yes, you can use a fresh yeast to ferment them.. wether they turn out anygood is anyones guess (the cans shouldn't contain molasses, just hopped malt extract). If the cans are swolen (convex on the ends), ditch them. In any case the beers will probably be darker than if they were fresh. I would...
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    Perlick Taps Will Not Fit!

    Hmm my perlicks dont have a spring