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  1. Kai

    Berlinner weisse. A cube full of spew?

    I've done it a lot of times in a vessel much like yours with no O2 related issues like acetic acid bacteria pickup. But I have had wild yeast growth on several occasions with this method. I've found that boosting the temperature above the tolerance of yeast (>37°C) has helped there, but i...
  2. Kai

    Hargraeves Hill Esb Clone - Recipe help.

    Hey guys! The ESB has gone through a a lot of changes, while trying to keep it to the core premise of malty, bitter with a big tropical passionfruit whack. And obviously it is not a "real" ESB, but then again neither are most IPA's either though I suppose that's a conversation for another...
  3. Kai

    Berlinner weisse. A cube full of spew?

    I've done a lot of sour mashes in the last year or two. Yes, a bit of time (and brett) may well clean it up, but if you want a fast turnaround sour then it can be done without the pongy bits. I mash and lauter as normal (i.e. don't sour on the grain). Pitch a lacto culture and hold a warm...
  4. Kai

    Pork Scratchings Recipe?

    I have a method for a form of pork scratchings that I use from time to time. It's not quite what you're after, and it's very time and labour intensive for a small (but delicious) return, so I don't do it very often. It also uses up what would otherwise become food scraps in my kitchen. Buy some...
  5. Kai

    Stout water

    Good that you're happy with your darkies without them. That is the most important factor. The reason I asked the question is I also have heard plenty of discouragement from professional texts with regard to the use of carbonates in water treatment. However, I have never fully read up on the...
  6. Kai

    The Cheese Thread

    Thankyou, I did. Forget, I mean. That's a pretty hairy blue to reach that point though. And yes, if you get a spot or two of blue on your white, then just wipe it off!
  7. Kai

    pH meter - Useful or not?

    Can you replace the electrode on these sub-100$ models? From the cheapest to the fancy ones, all pH meters will grow unreliable if they are not maintained properly. Buy a cheap one if you are getting good results, but be prepared to replace it (or parts of it) every few years. Or buy an...
  8. Kai

    Stout water

    Why are you not a fan of carbonates, manticle?
  9. Kai

    The Cheese Thread

    The correct answer is perhaps. Unless there is some pretty savage air circulation in your fridge (which I doubt) blowing mould from one cheese to another, then think about how those tiny little critters are going to make it all the way from one cheese to another. If they can do that unaided...
  10. Kai

    A Beer Accompaniment

    I just read back through this entire thread, what a way to kill half an hour before bed. Someone brought a sampler pack of Blairs hot sauce into work recently. Serendipity provided my with cold pizza, so I elected to use that as a base to taste the range. When I opened the bottle of After...
  11. Kai

    Uk Liquid Yeast

    This is precisely correct, in my humble opinion. The issue is not about (extra) oxygenation, it's about rousing. Heavily flocculent top cropping english ale yeasts are pure evil on a homebrew stage, as far as I'm concerned. You have to beat them with a stick morning, noon and night to keep...
  12. Kai

    Alternative To Carafa 2.

    Roasted wheat is a good replacement if you can find it. Briess Midnight wheat seems to be reasonably readily available over here now. Getting a bit (but not a lot) of colour from your crystal malts also helps well in a black IPA. Alternatively, if you can find some Sinamar (brewing colourant...
  13. Kai

    Top Cropping Coopers Yeast

    To guarantee a good top crop from a yeast you need to see three distinct stages on the surface of the fermentation. Stage one looks foamy and contains little to no useable yeast. This ought to appear the day after pitching as the yeast starts to do its thing, and roughly during the first third...
  14. Kai

    Coopers Yeast Question

    I think you would need more than a one box of dregs to kick off a fermentation properly. I have fond memories of kicking off starters of Coopers yeast with a 6-pack of pale ale and I don't think you could kick off a fermentation with four times the number of yeasties. I'd recommend either...
  15. Kai

    Little Creatures Pale Ale Post Buy Out

    Said well. I opened this thread to attest that currently, to the absolute best of my knowledge, the only Pride of Ringwood in existence within the Little Creatures stable is a little homebrew packet from Grain and Grape, waiting to be dry-hopped into a cask of dark ale for the weekend handpump...
  16. Kai

    Taste Sensory Training

    Whoops. Inimitable. Sorry, Pedro.
  17. Kai

    Taste Sensory Training

    I remember wondering about these kits once upon a time, when a group of intrepid South Aussie brewers were planning to sit their BJCP exam, chaired by the imitable Captain Pedro. I recall from that finding suggestions about how to dodge up samples to match common beer faults. I'm sure the...
  18. Kai

    Cub 50l Keg

    Tap water temperature, tap water pressure and chemicals anybody can buy off the supermarket shelf are enough to clean a keg. A regular habit of taking spears out just to clean and fill is something people with gaps in their understanding do.
  19. Kai

    Belgian Yeast With High Esters, Less Phenolics For All Round Beers?

    Dammit, I opened this thread to suggest 3944 also look at mash profile and proportion of wheat in the grist maybe (ie none).
  20. Kai

    31 Ways To Open A Beer Without A Bottle Opener

    I hope it was at least a twist top. Otherwise, she had teeth. Opening crown seal bottles is easy once you work out the leverage involved. Even a wedding ring will suffice, best to stick with metals harder than steel though.
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