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  1. T.D.

    For Sale Ag & Kegging Setup Melb

    A true shame Warren! Gotta say your beers have been some of the best HB I have come across, it will be a shame not to have it on the scene anymore! Best of luck mate. I'd say we'll all be very envious of you and your fitness, trading beer for exercise!
  2. T.D.

    Beersmith On Special

    There has been talk of this for yonks but never seems to come to fruition. Apparently the 2.0 version will work on macs as well as PCs. But who knows when it will be here...
  3. T.D.

    Coles And Bi-lo Delete Home Brew

    I remember seeing this topic in the top threads list a few times but never got around to reading it. I thought the title meant that just the coles brand goo was being deleted. I realised this was not the case last night at 9pm when bottling a batch of Rye IPA, everything set up and ready to...
  4. T.D.

    Campfire Mega Jet Burner

    Exactly the same as that mate!
  5. T.D.

    Campfire Mega Jet Burner

    Just regular low pressure bbq jobbie. I have one set up on natural gas too (mains gas) which I think is marginally less powerful than the LPG one but still easily manages a rolling boil for ~40L on 2 rings.
  6. T.D.

    Campfire Mega Jet Burner

    I have a 3 ring burner and have done plenty of 40L+ boils with no problems at all. Good rolling boil on either the outer two rings or the inner and outer rings.
  7. T.D.


    Sorry to slightly hijack this one, but does anybody know if the nickle plated fittings are ok to use, say in the mash? Will the nickle plating react in a bad way or anything?
  8. T.D.

    128-200 Mj Mongolian 32 Jet Burner

    I use one of these on my big system and can easily do 150L batches with it, and even then its a struggle to keep boilovers from occurring. I would think it could handle at least 200-250L boils if necessary. They suck some gas though, for a 150L batch it goes through pretty much a full 9kg bottle.
  9. T.D.

    Double Batch Brewery Upgrade

    One thing I always wonder about hard-plumbed rigs is how are you going to empty the mash tun? Bailing it out?
  10. T.D.

    Unistrut For Brew Frame?

    Dexion new is not cheap at all. You have to luck out and find some second hand for it to be worthwhile...
  11. T.D.

    Unistrut For Brew Frame?

    Are there issues with using galvanised steel with burners. I thought it gave off some nasty toxins when heated up? I was always told not to weld galvanised stuff for this reason...
  12. T.D.

    Markws Brew Stand Build

    Where's my popcorn... :D
  13. T.D.

    My Ugly Kettle

    Scary! Feels like yesterday I was seeing this pic!
  14. T.D.

    Zapap Ag Mash Tun

    After around 7 years of AG brewing I have actually ended up back using a mash tun just like this. Its the one that G&G sells - 20L plastic bucket and 9" s/s FB. Great setup. As much as a lot of people end up moving to more "substantial" setups, this one really does everything you need for a...
  15. T.D.

    Bad Brewing Ingredient Combos

    For me its amber malt and american hops. Particularly Amarillo. Just grate against each other I reckon.
  16. T.D.

    Wildest Of The Mild

    Gotta say I really don't get these OTT bitter beers. I have made plenty of "American" milds and find that around 26 IBUs and 2-3g/L of late hops is about right to keep things in balance. Recipes that boost the IBUs just seem to offset that by also boosting the malt, which seems sort of...
  17. T.D.

    Immersion Chiller Materials

    Will the plastic coating on the outside withstand boiling wort though (household hot water is much cooler)? And if so, it may end up effectively insulating water in the coil from the wort...
  18. T.D.

    60l Ali Pot Cut Up To Make New Tun.

    That is very interesting re the wall thickness. You may have discovered a bit of a crafty ploy used by these pot producers. They are claimed to be 4mm thickness (which you'd assume meant throughout the whole pot) but looks like they may keep it 4mm at the top where you can easily see the...
  19. T.D.

    60l Ali Pot Cut Up To Make New Tun.

    Ali's a pretty good conductor. Having excess headspace and surface area when doing small mashes would not have been the best thing for temp stability. So I can understand wanting to cut it down. The geometry of the MLT isn't that great now if you fly sparge... Not the end of the world but tall...
  20. T.D.

    Mac's Sassy Red

    Is somebody gave you a recipe that called for say 5% crystal, what spec would you assume that meant? The first thing that jumps into most people's minds when you say crystal malt is medium crystal, that is my point. You can't just lump all crystals into one category, they have entirely different...