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  1. vortex

    PM system broken.

    Trying to send a message to another member - who's a MOD - and I get the message: "The following errors were found The member raven19 can not use the messaging system This personal message has not been sent" What's up?
  2. vortex

    MG Steam Ale, Yeast?

    Folks, Does anyone know if the fermentation and bottling strains for MG Steam Ale are the same? Picked up a six pack tonight and the yeast has all flocc'd out, so I'm going to try and culture some up. Won't bother if the bottling strain isn't the same as fermentation, though. Cheers
  3. vortex

    Andale Tap Comparison: Floryte V's Brumby

    I'm just about finished with building my keezer, and went to Andale for taps last week. They didn't have floryte's in stock, but he's got back to me with a price today. Just under $130/tap (the price on the Andale site doesn't include the handle). They also have the Brumby taps in stock, for...
  4. vortex

    Sydney: Stanhope Gardens Area. Beer Spots!?

    Folks, I'm over in Sydney for 5 days next week with a few of the boys for the World Time Attack at Eastern Creek. We're booked into a caravan park in Stanhope Gardens - (yeah near the parklea jail..) and I need to know where around there has good beer. Even if it's a place which can sell...
  5. vortex

    Wtb: Andale Snaplok Taps And Fittings

    Recently picked up an Andale 4 tap flooded font, and obviously it needs taps and adapters. I'm interested in DA or Floryte taps with snaplok fittings (would prefer all taps the same), and the snaplok fittings themselves to install on the font. I don't mind putting a seal kit in either so long...
  6. vortex

    Infected Yeast Starter? Wild Yeast?

    (Duplicated my post from another forum to try and get some other opinions on what is going on here..) Recently I swapped a vial of Irish Ale 1084 for a slant of Pacman with peakydh on these forums. The slant only had a very small amount of yeast on it, so I made up a 25mL starter (in a seperate...
  7. vortex

    Lost 10l To Grain, What's Going Wrong?

    Finished my second AG brew today. First one I missed all my numbers and didn't worry, just went with it, so I didn't over-complicate things. Today I looked at the numbers, and I'm a bit worried. I put a DSGA recipe into BeerSmith 2, using the supplied grain quantities and amounts, and then...
  8. vortex

    $22 Brewery Washer

    We have a spare shower cubicle at our place, so I've claimed it for washing brewery gear. After using the plain jane shower head which required lifting kegs full of water up to the shower head, I knew there had to be a better (easier) way. I took a trip to Bunnings and built up a pressure...
  9. vortex

    Mashmaster Minimill, Bolt Sizes?

    Picked up a MiniMill this week, but I don't know what size the bolts on the top and bottom for attaching it to a hopper or mounting it are. Can't find any info on the MM site, and trying 6mm, 7mm and 8mm bolts all failed. 6mm threaded in a few threads then jams. Leads me to believe it's...
  10. vortex

    John Guest Fitting On Regulator Output?

    Had an issue with a leaking CO2 line recently, which left me with an empty bottle (noob mistake, put it togeather and didn't check for leaks!). I have picked up some threaded ball lock connectors, JG CO2/Beer line and associated JG connectors. But there is one connection still that I want to...
  11. vortex

    Heat Belt Vs Heat Pad

    I have a Heat Belt currently, and just ordered a controller for it and the fridge so I can controll the fermentation temp correctly It occurred to me that perhaps a heat pad might be a better idea, given that it would warm the bottom of the fermenter first, where the yeast would be. Is there a...
  12. vortex

    Slow Fermentation

    I've recently picked up a brewing kit from Brewcraft, and picked the Coopers Pale Ale Style kit for the beer that comes with it - which is the usual kit and kilo extract kit. Kit was Black Rock East India Pale Ale, and the kilo was number 15, I think? DME + Dextrose I assume. Yeast was Safale...