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  1. slash22000

    Darwiners - where do you get your grain and hops from?

    Mill pays for itself soon enough with the $$$ saving on bulk grain. How long does it last, good question, long enough you will use it all before it goes bad if you brew with any sort of regularity. Keep it dark/dry and it'll last 12 - 18 months easy. Just don't do what I did and leave a few KG...
  2. slash22000

    Darwiners - where do you get your grain and hops from?

    Specialty grains or base malt? Base malt I buy in 25 KG sacks and truck them up 3-4 at a time, costs about $80 for cartage. Store in 25L air tight plastic drums from Bunnings, holds about 15KG grain per drum. Specialty malt I buy 5KG total of whatever grains I want to fill a 5KG Auspost...
  3. slash22000

    Mangrove Jack Craft Series Yeasts

    Brewed an IPA with M07. OG 1.074 (mashed at 65ºC), added 2 packs dry, FG 1.010 five days later. I thought my hydrometer was acting up, checked it and calibrated, nope all good FG was on the money, ~86% attenuation. :huh: Not carbonated yet so I can't comment on taste, but there's enough hops in...
  4. slash22000

    New member from Darwin

    Never done a side by side, but I seriously doubt they make their own extract. It's almost certainly repackaged from another vendor. Coopers is usually the way to go with extracts for the pre-packaged stuff. They're a big brewery, they know what they're doing. I dunno if it's kosher to post...
  5. slash22000

    New member from Darwin

    G'day mate. Darwin here. You're going to need temperature control, period, if you want to make good beer. I used to make Coopers kits at room temperature, it worked, they were alright, but it's just too easy for everything to go pear shaped. I got a $100 secondhand chest freezer off Gumtree and...
  6. slash22000

    TUBS kit from OzBrew

    It's a shocking store. They sell nothing but those kits you see above (maybe some Coopers cans etc too), with a small mini fridge filled with random tiny bags of hops/yeasts for double the price you can buy them elsewhere. I went in there looking for crystal malt once and was told "Nobody uses...
  7. slash22000

    Stuck or done?

    21 litres + all your ingredients should come out to around 1.096 if I'm not mistaken. WLP028 has an attenuation of 70-75%, or 1.029 - 1.024 FG. Are you sure you're reading the hydrometer properly?
  8. slash22000

    5500 watt ultra low watt element

    I hope you have a 20A wall socket or else you're going to have a very pissed off wife in short order.
  9. slash22000

    Sorry, but we're not sorry - BrewDog pull off an awesome PR stunt

    Accused of promoting binge drinking ... 3.8% ABV ... -_-
  10. slash22000

    How to add permanent volume markings to a kettle.

    PSA: this was posted today: saw with great interest the posts here about etching your stainless kettles. Not wanting to blow $100 that I spent on my kettle, I asked my brother-in-law, who...
  11. slash22000

    Water to Grain Ratio Help?

    Pro tip: Google is your friend for all conversions. = 20.3074986 litres per (7.21 kg)
  12. slash22000

    15/16 inch US tap -> adapt to AU garden hose?

    This one is a long shot but I'm hoping I'm not the only person in Australia who has suffered the yankee curse. Moved into a new unit, my hose adapters don't fit any of the new taps. After a few hours of Googling it turns out the wanker landlord has installed American faucets with "15/16 inch"...
  13. slash22000

    Galaxy malt replacement is Commander

    Never could find a decent substitute for American 2-row. Everything we get in Australia is at least twice as dark as US 2-row, except for Pilsner malt, which is different again.
  14. slash22000

    Pellet Hop absorbtions.

    If you're using a hop bag (which you probably should be) then you will lose less wort, about half as much (from what I've read) since you can squeeze the hops/let them drain. Also, don't forget dry hops in the fermenter. They will absorb just as much wort.
  15. slash22000

    Pellet Hop absorbtions.

    Yep I go by the same calculation Pratty.
  16. slash22000

    Trub from BIAB. Filter?

    Unless you're maxing out the complete volume of the urn already, why not just make more wort to account for loss? Also, use a hop bag, if you're not already.
  17. slash22000

    Stone Brewing - Officially Exporting to Oz

    Got my hands on some bottles of Arrogant Bastard and Ruination IPA recently. They're as good as I was promised they would be, although both bottles were ~3 months since bottling, I imagine drinking them fresh on tap would be mind-blowing.
  18. slash22000

    Hop Screen

    If there was hop crap etc wouldn't those just clog up?
  19. slash22000

    Jobs at Stone brewing

    I would do it in a heartbeat if I had the balls to move to the US alone, knowing nobody over there.
  20. slash22000

    Glasses what's best

    I was actually quite impressed by the Spielglau IPA glass. Everybody was on about how "it's just a gimmick" etc, and maybe it's purely psychological, but I swear drinking from one beer tastes better than it does from your bog standard pint glass.