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  1. mikec


    Wheat extract cans are only 50% wheat though aren't they? So he's only got 25% wheat.
  2. mikec

    Sydney to Goldie to Melbourne Brewery Crawl

    Assume you already know or have done the Sydney breweries. Canberra: Wig & Pen, Bentspoke. Take the long way through Vic via the mountains, most of the roads should be open again by now. Black Dog, Bridge Road, Sweetwater, Bright Brewery, Blizzard Brewing, Social Bandit. Then to Melbourne for...
  3. mikec

    Sydney to Goldie to Melbourne Brewery Crawl

    GC: Balter, Black Hops, Fortitude (Mt Tamborine). Brisbane: Newstead, Green Beacon. Head down the New England Hwy and stop at New England Brewing at Uralla. Then across to Port Macquarie: Little Brewing Co, Black Duck. Down to Newcastle, then central coast to visit Foghorn, Six String, Block n...
  4. mikec

    Micro Matic Premium Regulator

    I don't see gauges on them. I'd want gauges.
  5. mikec

    Fermentation Fridge

    I just use a heat pad, on its side a bit away from the fermenter. So in your pic in the OP, it would be vertical on the left side of the fridge. Works a treat.
  6. mikec

    Have I mentioned I'm opening a brewery?

    Yeah mate, all done. We have a winner, hops and yeast are now in, should be brewing it Wednesday. We brewed our first batch last Wednesday, started with the IIPA. Man, what a beer it's going to be.
  7. mikec

    double brew days

    3V Herms here, often do double days but the limiting factor is power. I need 4 x 10A elements at once (HLT, HEX, 2xKettle) but only have 2 x 10A circuits. So I have to juggle a bit. One day I'll splash out and setup a gas kettle. I find if I setup and weigh grain (or even mill it) the night...
  8. mikec

    Daylight Slaving starts tonight

    Psst! You meant an hour later, yeah?
  9. mikec

    Woolworths to exit Masters hardware venture

    Anyone happen to know what kinda discounts are running on paint?
  10. mikec

    wort cooling in Queensland !?!t

    I really should check in here more often. So, who wants to see how I chill my wort in tropical far inner west Sydney?
  11. mikec

    So, I fell asleep....during a boil

    ATO looks after excise for alcohol now. And I thought the production level required for measurement rather than calculation was 100,000L?
  12. mikec

    Have I mentioned I'm opening a brewery?

    You are correct, it does, and yes as you've pointed out here are ways around it! I'm secretly rooting for the Belgian IPA. The one I have in mind is quite light and summery.
  13. mikec

    Have I mentioned I'm opening a brewery?

    So I mentioned above that we are going to let the people decide on our first seasonal! Here's the link to the survey. Should run for a couple more days. Vote early, vote often!
  14. mikec

    Have I mentioned I'm opening a brewery?

    Hey Ben We're brewing at the Australian Brewery, in 4000L batches. I'm not aware of anyone who could do batches that small for you. There are a few brewpubs and the like that have 200L systems but the reality is, because their system is so small, I suspect they wouldn't have spare capacity. St...
  15. mikec

    Have I mentioned I'm opening a brewery?

    Well, I am! Been working on it for the better part of this year, but everything is coming together now so I am more comfortable announcing it. Stage 1 is gypsy brewing. Our liquor license is getting close and we are planning to launch in November with 3 beers. 2 core beers and a seasonal. We...
  16. mikec

    Recommend me a new sanitiser

    Starsan. It's not expensive because it lasts FOREVER. 1.5ml per litre of cold water.
  17. mikec

    Where can I drill in the fridge for gas pipe?

    You guys are smarter than me. When I built my keezer I just drilled and hoped for the best. If I hit something, I stopped and tried somewhere else.
  18. mikec

    Classic AHB threads

    So what happened? He didn't report back! Gravel Rash Ale has a certain ring to it.
  19. mikec

    Any takers?

    At best this is highly, HIGHLY speculative based on the hopes of future success in China. At worst it is an outright scam.