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  1. Dave70

    DIY Dog recipes

    Most probably remember when Brew Dog generously released a lengthy PDF with over 200 pages of recipes. Some may be a little light on detail, but all the parts seem to be there. I'm wondering if anybodys been brewing these and how they stack against the originals...
  2. Dave70

    A grope among the gum trees.

    My wife sent me a pic from our local shopping place the other day of old Don accompanied with 'guess who'. I said 'you should have gone up taken a selfie with him'. Now I'm kinda glad she didn't...
  3. Dave70

    RIP Charles Manson

    Nah, not really, **** him. Horrible little proxy murdering piece of shit.
  4. Dave70

    O2'ing a yeast starter.

    My stir plate hasn't turned up yet and I want to pitch this weekend. What I do have on hand id my O2 set up. Any thoughts on weather giving the starter a quick bubble would be a good / bad idea?
  5. Dave70

    Vale Hugh Hefner

    Fair to say he had a good innings.
  6. Dave70

    RIP Les Murray

    Poor old Les fell off the perch today. Like many, I knew his work via TISM rather than soccer.
  7. Dave70

    Shorten / ALP - bigoted xenophobes.

    Bill Shorten's latest TV ad, appealing to nativism and xenophobia, is disgusting, degrading and shows appalling judgment — Troy Bramston (@TroyBramston)...
  8. Dave70

    Cyclone Debbie. Bring it on.

    Good for him.
  9. Dave70

    Immersion heaters

    To save a little bench space I'm looking at using an immersion heater for the mash only portion of my brew day, similar to the one pictured, so only need to get the wort to 75 deg or there abouts for mash out - no boil, and have a few questions for those familiar with them. *Will a 2400 unit...
  10. Dave70

    Favorite hefeweizen yeast / method.

    In particular, one that throws plenty of banana / bubblegum / clove with a tart finish. I had a few down at Zierholz ( ) and it had it in spades, even the aroma. Not that I brew many (German) hefes, but when I do they generally come out on the yeasty / tart side of...
  11. Dave70

    Can you brew a decent cider from cheap reconstituted shop bought juice

    I generally only brew cider seasonally when I can get my hands on boxes of cut priced wind fall and mutated looking fruit a local grower puts aside for me. When I've had a go at using something like Westcliff (Aldi) it turned out mouth puckeringly dry and bland. Is there a trick to using a...
  12. Dave70

    RIP Gene Wilder

    Aw shit..
  13. Dave70

    Zierholz Premium Brewery ACT

    Headed down that way in a few weeks and noticed this joint. Anybody here familiar with it? Good place for a feed and drink with the family?
  14. Dave70

    Attenuation in big beers.

    I'll be doing a slightly tweaked version of Brewdogs Old world RIS shortly and the recipe calls up for Wyeast 1272. The beer finishes at around 9.5% and the ABV tolerance of the yeast is shown at 10%, which seems to be sailing a little close to the wind. In general my beers never go any higher...
  15. Dave70

    Licorice, root or powder?

    Anybody has experience with these ingredients? How much to add and when? I was after the actual brewers licorice in stick form, but it seems a bit scarce. The powder or root (which I'm assuming you steep or make a tea from) is pretty easy to come by. Going into a fairly big stout. I doubt...
  16. Dave70

    Bairds greyhound racing ban.

    I can count on one hand the number of times I've gambled in my life, but my old man (semi retired) not only sits on the board of directors of the local club, but knows dozens of people whos livelihood was basically just extinguished. If this ******* tool (Baird) would like pop in for a visit...
  17. Dave70

    Consume hops - loose weight.

  18. Dave70

    Come on, we've all been there..
  19. Dave70

    Using SN9 in beer.

    Not exclusively of course, but I'm planing a Sasion and would like to push that fruity, dry almost Champagne (ish) angle so was thinking of adding after a week or so. I've gone with NS9 because it seems a pretty good neutral all rounder. Happy to hear any better suggestions. My main concern is...
  20. Dave70

    A sad day also for lovers of female wrestlers and porn.