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  1. doon

    FS:fridge freezer melbourne

    Got a whirlpool top mount fridge/freezer. Its 8 years old and has been working fine last few weeks every few days it starts beeping and needs to be switched on and off. freezer has kept things frozen fridge kept things cold. Would most likely work fine with an external temp controller. Its...
  2. doon

    wheat in braumeister

    Just wondering if people with bm's have used large portions of wheat with success. Up until now I have only used 500 grams. Want to do a recipe with 2.5kg pale 2.5kg wheat and wondering if I will get wort fountains etc
  3. doon

    F/s Homemaker 40 Bottle Wine Fridge-melbourne

    40 bottle wine fridge. I bought it to use as a second fermentation fridge but dont brew that much so havent used it. $70 will put pics up later
  4. doon

    Free: Pickup Melbourne Bottles

    For pickup in Melbourne 47 longnecks - some in a big carboard box, some in a grey plastic crate of sorts 23 stubbies maybe just donate a couple of your finest
  5. doon

    The Perfect Lager?
  6. doon

    Rye In Braumeister

    Has anyone brewed with rye in their braumeister? Doing a brew tomorrow with 20% in it just wondering if there will be any issues? Chris at g&g said to rest it at 40 deg for 10-15 mins to help thin it out any other suggestions?
  7. doon

    Barley Wine On 20l Braumeister

    Just thought I would post this as I have just finished brewing this. Did a double mash 5kg of grain 64 degrees for 60 mins in auto. Quit put into manual at 62 degrees sparged with 6 litres. Back into auto another 5 kg of grains 64 for 60 mins 75 for 5 sparge with 9.5 litres and boil for 2...
  8. doon

    Free: Upright Freezer Pick Up Melbourne

    Hey guys i have an old upright freezer for free to be picked up in melbourne. Still works as it was still running in my shed today before i pulled it out. Seals most likely need replacing as it has frosted up. Mat.
  9. doon

    Grain And Grape Second Shop?

    Sorry if this is in wrong section just wondered if anyone else has heard about or seen what looks like another grain and grape shop near highpoint shopping centre in Melbourne? Just drove past before and saw the logo but not the name
  10. doon

    All Grain Gear For Sale Melbourne

    55 litre Beer Belly mash tun with stainless false bottom, bulk head, ball valve, hosetail and dial thermometer - $180 60 litre Aluminium brew kettle from Beer belly with weldless stainless bulkhead, stainless pickup tube, stainless ball valve and hosetail- $100 ( this was knocked over so where...
  11. doon

    Braumeister Fail

    Well up until 20 minutes ago I was as happy as a dog with two dicks Just purchased a 20l braumeister from g&g was filling up to do a short boil as instructed by the guys there but noticed water leaking from tap. Thought it was just because I needed some plumbing tape on thread so did this but...
  12. doon

    Star Shaped Keg Posts

    what tool do you use to get these off? i have 3 kegs with one of these each on i dont seem to be able to get anything to fit them and get them off
  13. doon

    No Chill Cubes

    Rays outdoors are having a sale in Melbourne (not sure about other states) with 24.5 % off. Picked up a 25 litre cube for 12 bucks! Just make sure you pressure test them out of the three that were at the Highpoint store only one held pressure when my fat arse kneeled on it! Happy No Chilling
  14. doon

    Ag Ftw!

    Just transferred my first AG to secondary, took a sample to check gravity, and holy shit does it taste good! You can really taste the malt and the amarillo is awesome, actually tastes like a good microbrew beer. I am sure that i have stuffed a few things up so my efforts are only going to get...
  15. doon

    Jumped In The Deep End

    Had the day off today so decided to take the plunge and brew with new equipment Had made up a recipe in beersmith for an aussie ale with amarillo, was trying to go for a concentrated 17l litre batch to water down as i am no chilling into 17 l cube. Only ended up with 15l (oops) and missed...
  16. doon

    My Graduation

    Decided to use my tax return to set up an All grain system. Splurged out and have ordered Complete esky mash tun with thermometer (cause i am lazy and wanted a nice professional job rather then half assed one i would make) and a 60l Aluminium brew kettle, also got a turkey burner from Grain and...
  17. doon


    Would an infection cause a brew to become lighter? Just asking as I did a kits and bits with the Coopers English bitter and although most of them have come out fine, three so far have poured a hell of alot lighter then what the others have and have tasted like arse mixed with cider.
  18. doon

    Commercial Fridge

    Hey guys i was over training at Dohertys gym in Dandenong VIC today and noticed they have a 3 door commercial drinks fridge for sale. No price on it but sign says make an offer. If i had money and room would grab it but i am a renter with SFA shed room. Anyway here is the number if someone is...
  19. doon

    Bread Smell And Taste

    1 tin Coopers Sparkling ale 1 tin Coopers wheat malt extract 20g amarillo @ 10, 5 and dry hop US56 Put down this recipe just for a quick one about a week and a half ago. Every sample i have taken from it has had a quite a strong bread smell and taste, although it does seem to be getting milder...
  20. doon

    James Squire Sundowner Lager

    Anyone tried this? bought a slab today just having one now and it is a pretty good drop