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  1. real_beer

    Great Australian Drinking Stories

    My better half often brings me home little treats from her Op Shop travels, I found this one in the bookcase the other day. I've iscanned a few snippets for anyone interested to read. It was first published in 2003. If I've impinged on copyright at all I've no doubt the mods will delete it...
  2. real_beer

    Angle Grinder For 'simplest Kettle Cutting Jig'

    Having 5 rubber coated kegs to convert I decided to build this great little jig rather than using the usual freehand method. I quickly ran into a few problems others might benefit knowing about. 1). My 100mm grinder didn't have a...
  3. real_beer

    Diy's Get One Of These, They're Brilliant!

    While walking through the local 'Masters' store yesterday I found what's possibly the best idea I've seen for many years. I immediately grabbed one to safely hold the kegs when drilling them for the various fittings. It's so simple, versatile, & full of possible uses that I saw all the projects...
  4. real_beer

    Beer Barf Blast-off!

    Here's a link posted on The Home Brew Forum UK the other day to a little game game called "Beer Barf Blast-Off" Play
  5. real_beer

    Nice Youtube Brewery Video

    After a hectic day charging around town in traffic most of the day, I got home & fired up the computer to do a little research for my next project & came upon this great video. From the moment it started I drifted into a wonderful place best described as paradise. Beautiful music, scenery...
  6. real_beer

    Attention Perth Brewers

    Perth brewers thinking about making a party keg might be interested in one of these pipes for sale at the Armadale Recycle Tip. They'd easily fit a corny keg with heaps of room for ice around them. I didn't measure with a tape measure but the walls look about 12mm thick, you could almost drive a...
  7. real_beer

    Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs Dies Aged 56

    Very sad news: The 80's were terrific The Apple IIe I bought at the time is still the computer that holds the fondest memories for me, closely followed by my collection of Atari St's. I paid $1500 for a slightly used one at the time & spent...
  8. real_beer

    Dissapointed But Impressed!

    Hi Brewer's, I'm posting this mainly for others who might be waiting for the same book without realizing the release date has slipped so much. I had this book on pre-order with for awhile & thought I should have received it by now...
  9. real_beer

    F%$#ing Chanel 9 Perth

    7:30 pm 100th repeat of Two & A Half Men 8:00 pm same shit again! 8:30 pm another repeat The Mentalist 9:30 pm another f#@$ing repeat CS f#$@ing I 10:30 pm another f@#ing repeat of the dickhead who earns a living putting sunglasses on in CSI f$#@ing Miami! 11:30 pm Rugby Union already shown live...
  10. real_beer

    What A Dream & Determination Can Achieve!

    An interesting story on the BBC News website about Ms Mazumdar-Shaw who originally trained to become a brewer in Australia, before returning to India to follow in her father's footsteps as a brew-master.
  11. real_beer

    50 Litre Wheelie Bins

    WA Brewers, Saw a bit of discussion recently about little wheelie bins. Red Dot Discount Variety Stores have 50 lt wheelie bins on sale for $19.99 (normal price $29.99) starting on 9/12/09. Also the catalogue has discount coupons for various price ranges of purchases. Spend $21 get $5...
  12. real_beer

    Retail Spending, The Big Picture. Can you really get your head around how big this amount of money really is, and all spent on one wekend, in a rooted economy? Unbelievable! Definitely makes our Bulk Buy dealings look pretty insignificant in the scheme of things. Its made me...
  13. real_beer

    One Ear Clamps

    Hi Guys, I've ordered some one ear clamps to try on some of my barbed connections. I haven't used them before and was wondering if there's a special technique or feel to use for gauging the pressure you apply to close them properly? I thought I would be able to buy a special tool that...
  14. real_beer

    Hop Comparrisons, Expectations, And Results

    Hi everyone I've been thinking that with all the debate surrounding hops at the moment maybe a thread describing results of beers brewed with the same name hop but from different locations. Obviously this is done already with the established commercial hop market, but I am talking more about...
  15. real_beer

    Long Term Hop Storage

    A few people involved in the current Hop Bulk Buy might want to evaluate this solution for storing their hops when they arrive. It does require a small investment but with the price saved on the cost of the hops could be worth considering. No doubt a lot af people are already doing this but it...
  16. real_beer

    Hello Forum Moderator, Anyone There?

    I'm participating in two Bulk Buys at the moment "New Perlick Taps" & "Millmaster Gear Guard" which are both being run really well with good spirit being shown by all party's involved with the deals. The people organizing the Bulk Buys are getting good respect and feedback from the people...
  17. real_beer

    Perth Brewers Thinking About Moving To Ag

    New Perth brewers interested in looking at what AG brewing is about would enjoy a visit to Roy's brewing demo this coming Sunday at TWOC in Bibra Lake. He's a nice bloke with lots of knowledge to tap, and never pressurizes anyone to buy anything. He usually has two brews on the go at once and...