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  1. seemax

    Weirdest beers in America

    If you're looking for some inspiration for an experimental brew...
  2. seemax

    Food Grade Hose

    Visited the new Masters near work and found some grade hose (see TMP II) I've been using the 6mm ID and it fits nicely on 1/4" barbs (unlike 5mm stock beer line!!) for both CO2 and beer. They also have a good range of push in fittings for the 6mm...
  3. seemax

    For Sale: Perlick 525ss (brand New)

    I have 4 x Perlick 525SS for sale, brand new in wrapping. $50 each. I'm in Melbourne but will happily post (500g or 3kg satchel?). PM me. Also got a few pots (35L , 40L) an old fridge which holds 3 corny kegs....
  4. seemax

    Beer Heist

    Spending the weekend in Shanghai ... the supermarket near my hotel is catering for expats and the like and has a good range of imported beers. Here's what I've picked up for tonight, all for the measly sum of $15. Tried the Rochefort 6 last night ...very smooth indeed ... looking forward to...
  5. seemax

    Beer In Asia

    I do a fair bit of travel in Asia for work and often struggle to find good beer besides the usual imported suspects or low alc chinese sweet beer (more hops dammit). This time around I've hit the jackpot ... Right now I'm in a hotel in the french quarter of Ho Chi Minh and the executive lounge...
  6. seemax

    Arduino Kegerator And Ipad Ui Wish I had as much time as these guys !
  7. seemax

    Pots For Sales (melb)

    I have 2 pots up for sale. 1. 35L with handles and glass lid - needs a bit of a clean and has a 22mm hole - $30 2. 40L with handles and lid - clean and in excellent condition also with a 22mm hole - $60 Take your pick of the taps and connectors. Also available is the voile sheet as...
  8. seemax

    Beersmith 2.0 New look, extra features plus native OSX version! Arriving June!!
  9. seemax

    Ikea Thermometer

    Visited Ikea today, crazy as it might sound on a long weekend it turned out to be fairly quiet (horsies and holidays keeping people away?). Anyway came across this little gadget Designed for checking internal temps of meat... it has a...
  10. seemax

    Specials At The Green Shed

    Happen to be roaming around the green shed minus the kids so I actually had more than 10 seconds to spend looking around. Marine insulated coolers (white eskies), 116L, with outlet off the base (1/2" approx) - $119 marked down my $239 21L upright cubes (like Willow) with bung and flexible...
  11. seemax

    Weihenstephaner Korbinian

    Dropped by the local IGA boozer... they have most of the James Squire range plus other specialities such as Chimay and Duvel. Tonight though I discovered they stock ALL the Weihenstephan range at $5.50, not bad, from memory cheaper than Dan Murphys. Then I saw the Weihenstephan Korbinian...
  12. seemax

    Brew Gear For Sale In Melbourne

    It's time to make some room in my brewery... err sorry, I mean laundry :) Wort chiller - $30 DIY job from 12mm copper 10 coils of approx 30cm diameter, includes 2 hose clamps and short hose ends I used it a few times to chill 20L odd down to 20C without problem It needs a clean up with a...
  13. seemax

    Big W Bargains

    Happen to visit Big W today and strolled past the home brew and homeware sections and found a few really good deals ... The ol' faithful 19L pots, stainless steel with glass lid down to $11 Pasta maker/roller, hand operated, $14 potential grain mill Beer tap system designed for the Beck? kegs...
  14. seemax

    Large Urn For Sale Couldn't get the brand but they think it's at least 60L in size. Located in Morwell... nice drive for Melbourians :) 3hrs to go and it's sitting on $10. Perfect BIAB vessel or HLT or... urn for coffee while brewing ;)
  15. seemax

    Importing Hops & Yeast

    Looking at buying some hops while in the USA, for example 1lb (450g) of cascade pellets for $19! Based on the AQIS website information is seems pellets are ok, with no size limit listed. Tried searching the forums, doesn't appear to be much discussion, any one done this? Also what is the rules...
  16. seemax

    Beering In The Usa

    Currently visiting Detroit for work... didn't take long to understand why all the locals (upon hearing my accent) ask the question "Why the hell have you come here?" - quite a depressed state since the demise of the auto giants. Despite this, the choices for eating out are crazy, but even more...
  17. seemax

    Powell's Malt

    Finally got a chance to meander down to Powell's Malt in Braeside (10min drive). Had a good chat to Michael (son of Grant the original malster) about all things malt :) They sell the basic range of malt to the public in 25kg bags (pils, ale, vienna, munich, wheat). Got myself an odd bag of pils...
  18. seemax


    Normally there are only a few pots listed on eBay, but there is currently a huge selection. For example the search "stock pot" yields many decent prices, some Buy Now. For those wanting to do full volume extract or setup for AG...
  19. seemax

    1st Class Doesn't Mean "real" Beer!

    Well I'm relaxing in the 1st class lounge at HK aiport... and they don't even have any decent beers available... all I want is a Sierra Nevada IPA... too much to ask? Looks like I'm stuck with Asahi and Hein's..... hmmmm.... could be worse I suppose.
  20. seemax

    12l S/s Stock Pot Special

    Harris Scarfe is selling 12L stainless steel stock pots for $25, save $65 apparently. From memory this particular brand (TuffSteel) had a good solid base. Not as cheap as the 19L BigW pot... but probably much better quality. Good for doing BIAB partials with maybe 2-3kg grain.