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    Did I ask for the wrong thing?

    First time swapping my CO2 out, called LHBS and got quotes $200+ for a 2.3lt swap and go. Read on here to expect $50 or so? What gives? Who should I call for gas in Brissy Northside?
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    Saporro AG Clone

    Ok, so the wife FINALLY found a beer that she would drink (SIL as well, double win!), so I'm keen to try to make something similar. I've read a few people saying to just try to go for a light, crisp lager. But as I would still consider myself a novice brewer I wouldn't have any idea how to put...
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    Am I going crazy? Cider OG

    I'm putting together one of the MJ Craft Series Ciders (Pear and Strawberry). I've dropped in an extra 500gm of Brown Sugar (in addition to the 1kg of dextrose instructed) to give it extra kick (rather than the 4.7%). Just doing a gravity reading prior to pitching and I'm getting 1.106! Temp is...
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    Free crown seal bottles (mainly 330-375ml, some 500mls) - Bris Inner N

    As above, all bottles have been cleaned and used - bit dusty but apart from that ready to go. MILK CRATES NOT INCLUDED - YOU WILL NEED TO BRING YOUR OWN BOXES. If not gone by Sunday 23rd Feb they are going in the recycling bin. Cheers all. Diggs
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    Crown Seal Stubbies (330-375ml) Brisbane Northside - $20?

    As in title, most are 330 or 375, there are some 500 and 750's in there. Crates ARE NOT included with the bottle, so you'll need something to take them in. All have been cleaned and labels removed and used for brewing - have been in storage though so will need a good wash. Moved to kegs so no...
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    Pin Lock Kegs FS x 6 - Brisbane

    $25 each - as stated - 6 x PIN Locks kegs, good condition. All have been used and work well - no leaks. Inner North - Brisbane. PM Me for details. Thanks
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    Tapping 40lt pot

    I'm sure I saw something on how to do this, I'm comfortable with the drilling etc but I'd hate to screw up the position. I was thinking approximately 5cm from the base for the center of the whole so it won't draw off any hot/cold break or trub?
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    Bulk primed with panella

    So it wasnt till I was all ready to bottle and had a few beers in me (couldnt go for a drive) that I realised I didnt have any dex! SWMBO only has panella in the house so thats what I used! I did a quick half assed google and couldnt find any info re using it or what ratios to use - so I just...
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    PET Bottles - Brisbane Northside As it says.
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    Pineapple beer

    Had a south african over yesterday and I was just wrapping a cider I was putting down and she started talking about pineapple beer her grandmother used to make in RSA. Its actually a cider I guess as its pineapple chuncks and skins fermented not a pineapple flavoured beer. Going to give this a...
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    Kegged for the first time

    I know I have seen you guys on here sprouting on and on about how good kegging and how you will never bottle again. How good is kegging? I will never bottle again! : D Unfortunately I only have a party charger and a brumby tap to start with, but i have a fridge and will be setting up a dual...
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    Ghetto Jockey Box with Tap King?

    Getting all excited about these Tap Kings now! Was thinking it could be a good way to create a real Ghetto Jockey Box? Maybe even better using the DIY TK Plans? Sit the TK Bottles inside an esky with some ice or even the Dry Ice packs, run all tubing etc to a tap on the outside (doesnt need to...
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    What to do with a Mr Beer

    Bought one of these ages ago when I first started brewing, even then with my limited knowledge I realised it was a piece of shit. Its been used once and then put in the cupboard. Any ideas if there is anything worthwhile I could do with it now? I wouldnt even give it to a mate, if they wanted...
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    Wife just bought the cheapo Kogan version, first thought is - how can I use this for homebrew???
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    Anaconda 4 Ring Burner Looking at grabbing one of these as I go to all grain with a 40lt pot and BIAB, 75K BTU. Just a little confused as to whether a stand is needed as it looks like it might just sit on the ground? I'd...
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    No Chill - Possible Airborne Yeast?

    Hey guys, did my first BIAB on Monday and dropped it into my cube for no chill (laying it on both sides and getting handle coated), all looked and it sucked in as it's supposed to do and stayed that way. This morning I have had a look at it and it's started fermenting! There is a krausen and the...
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    Oktoberfest Brisbane 2012

    Confirmed for 2nd and 3rd weekends of October. Didn't go in 2011 but in 2010 is was a pretty piss poor affair from memory. Anyone else going to go?
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    A Bit Chuffed

    Got a mate around helping me build a fence (haven't seen him in a while). When we finished up yesterday we decided a beer was in order, so I cracked out a Coopers Pale Ale I had made using Coopers Yeast - this one actually didn't go in the fridge and hit 22 or so and brought out a lot of...
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    Did I Screw It?

    So did a Dark Ale last night and after my boil and adding my preboiled and partially cooled water my temp was still sittling at 30+, I sealed up the FV and dumped it in my fridge hoping it would get down to temp quickly. I set an alarm and got up at just after midnight to pitch my yeast (my...
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    Coopers Yeast - Bananas, Will It Fade?

    I recultured Coopers Ale yeast and used with a Coopers Aussie Pale Ale kit, I know it fermented at 20-22 as this wasn't in the fridge (this one is supposed to be a quaffing beer) and this presents banana aromas. It tastes ok, but my question is will the banana fade with age in the bottles? It's...