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  1. keifer33

    FS: 50L Stainless Robinox Pot - WA (Perth)

    50L Stainless Steel Robinox branded pot with sandwich base. These are a high quality pot and has served me well for around 5 years. Was purchased from Beerbelly (SA) with welded fitting for Ball valve (3 piece) and pickup tube/compression fitting on the inside. A weldless dial thermometer has...
  2. keifer33

    WestCoastBrewers - Club Meeting 13th Jan

    Hello West Aussie AHBers. West Coast Brewers are having their first meeting of the year tomorrow night the 13th Jan @ 7:30pm at the Rivervale Community Centre, Corner of Surrey Rd and Francisco St, Rivervale There will be plenty of info on upcoming events for the year, which from looking at...
  3. keifer33

    Fs-> Perth -> 4 Tap Kegerator (room For 8 Kegs)

    As with many of my beer related things I have to regretfully part with them. So up for grabs is a 4 Tap Kegerator. This setup has consistently allowed pouring a good beer easy due to the flow controllers and cleaning easier due to John Guest disconnects throughout. You will not be disappointed...
  4. keifer33

    Fs-> Perth -> 50l Esky Mash Tun

    As the title states I have an 50L (approx volume maybe a litre or 2 either way) esky mash tun up for grabs. The brand is Coleman. Included is a copper manifold (slots approx 1cm apart) connected to a stainless bulkhead with a 2 piece stainless ball valve. A thermowell is also included and...
  5. keifer33

    Fs-> Perth -> Water Filter (just Needs A New Filter)

    Having a clean out as I am packing up to move so might have a few things for sale over the next few months. First up. Aquapure AP11 Water Filter. Has new fittings attached recently so can just accept a chunk of garden hose on each copper pipe with a few hose clamps. Will most likely require a...
  6. keifer33

    [fs:perth] 2 X 19lt Ball Lock Cornie Kegs

    Up for grabs is 2 x 19Lt Ball Lock Cornie Kegs. These where purchased recently to assist in a busy time of bucks parties,weddings etc but are now taking up space. Seals have been replaced and kegs and hold pressure no problems. New seals have only been used once. Price $60 each and Pickup is...
  7. keifer33

    2012 Wa State Amateur Brewers Competition Is On!

    As the title suggests the WASABC is on for 2012. All the details are on the website WASABC and the dates suggest your better get brewing quick smart if you haven't already. I haven't got an affiliation with the Comp so queries should be directed to the contact us on the website.
  8. keifer33

    Fs - Wa/perth - Pot & Element + Brew Stand

    30Lt SS Pot + 2Kw Element (Including diecast box and cable gland, please note the power cable will be removed and buyer will need to add it back) + Thermowell and assorted fittings. - $50 (As the pot is basically free a keen interstate buyer can pay postage and I will dismantle and send all the...
  9. keifer33

    Perth: Hop Rhizomes X 2

    Have had to dig up one of my hop plants from its pot and have cut off two rhizomes. The variety is Wurtenberg(er). They can easily be split up more if you need to get a couple of plants from it but for now I have just put them with some paper clippings in a plastic bag. Only ask for a...
  10. keifer33

    Fs> 2x Alumasc Beer Taps Including Fat Lock Shank And Jg Fittings

    Doing some tidying up of the brewery areas and after thinking about it long and hard I have decided to part with a few things. First up is 2 x Alumsac Beer Taps with a Fatlock adaptor attached (Means taps can be taken off for cleaning etc without beer going everywhere). The shank allows about...
  11. keifer33

    [perth] For Sale - Portable Keg System

    For sale I have a Portable Keg System which was built in approx October last year and has been used a few times. It includes the following items 36L Cosmoplast Keep Cold Cooler (Rubbermaid Style) 2nd Hand 9Lt Cornie Keg (Firestone Branded) Tap and Shank installed in Cooler with Liquid...
  12. keifer33

    For Sale > Perth > Assorted Fittings And Equipment

    Well after a few setbacks my dream rig aint going to be happening anytime soon so this stuff may as well go as no point sitting around for a few years. 12" Bazooka - New never used $15 Assorted 1/2" Snaplock Fittings - New never used $30 Weldless Ball Valve Kit - New never used $35...
  13. keifer33

    Coopers Kit Cans For Beersmith 2 - Download Included

    As discussed in another topic I have been mucking around and trying to get Beersmith 2 to play along with getting the EBC and IBU right using the Coopers Kit Can Range. The file attached has the current range of Coopers with all the figures based on that on their website. It is very close but...
  14. keifer33

    Wa: Pump, Keg Tap Adaptor And Test Tubes For Sale

    Just doing a bit of a clean out and have come across the following. Pump - Never used (purchased for a project that I dont have time for anymore) - $20 This is the ebay link which has a bit more info- Keg Tap Adaptor - Used once - $20 Will allow a...
  15. keifer33

    Wa Aka Sandgropers Xmas Case Swap 2011

    Well it would appear James thread has been lost in the millions of topics on here and isnt really in the right spot. So its time to get a proper thread up and running and thinking about organising this bad boy as its almost October :unsure: . So lets start discussing possible locations and...
  16. keifer33

    Unexpected Low Efficency? Pitch Now?

    So as the titles says I have gotten an unexpected low efficiency from my latest batch. I have been getting around 60-65% efficiency for BIAB no sparge just full volume which is quite ok by me as its been consistent...well until today. I will be honest and confess I didn't take a final boil...
  17. keifer33

    2400w Element Heating Times - With Pictures!

    So recently there have been a few posts about 2400w Over the Side (OTS) Elements and their heating capacity. So I thought while I was brewing tonight I would throw some times and photos up to try and give people an idea on what it is capable of. To start of with this was done in Perth on a...
  18. keifer33

    Fs: Perth -> Wyeast 1469pc X2

    Well with CB recently getting this in and some other WA brewers wanting some I ordered a bit extra thinking there might be some interest but its been all quite so I thought I would post it on here and see if there is anyone interested. Basically got 2 packets here ready to go. Price is $12.80 a...
  19. keifer33

    Fs: Perth -> Coopers Pet Bottles

    So with a recent move to kegging I now have a surplus of PET bottles that need to go as Im running out of room in my unit. Currently have 9 boxes with 15 per box. Happy to take $5 a box just to recoup a few dollars rather than throw them away. 5 Boxes have been recently purchased from a fellow...
  20. keifer33

    Wasabc - Wa State Amateur Brewers Competition 2011

    Was wondering today when this was going to be running and the details are up on the site for 2011. Website - Entry Pack -