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  1. GalBrew

    Purple hot break

    Ok, this is a new one for me after a decade of brewing so I thought I’d put it out to the brains trust for opinions. I’m brewing a fairly simple Kolsch style beer and as it has reached the boil the hot break has formed on top (normal I hear you say). The odd thing is that it is a distinct tinge...
  2. GalBrew

    A quick survery for those who have never entered a homebrew comp

    Hi All, The recent Beer Cartel homebrew survey revealed that 72% of respondents had never entered a comp before which when combined with some of the discussion around why that might be, got some of us in the Vicbrew committee at the latest meeting to wonder why this is the case and to how we can...
  3. GalBrew

    FS- Melb: 98L Whirlpool Kettle, Pump, 4-ring Burner, False Bottom, Cam

    Hi All, I have some gear for sale that has become surplus to requirements now that I use my Granfather exlusively now. Item #1: 98L Whirlpool Kettle I have a sandwich base, thick walled, 98L stainless steel kettle, this has an inbuilt thermometer, whirlool inlet and of course a tap down the...
  4. GalBrew

    Lunch Meet Indiegogo Campaign.

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but for those who enjoy the Brewing Network and Lunch Meet in particular there is an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to bring it back. Totally understand if you its not for you but I found the show quite funny and didn't mind putting in a bit of cash...
  5. GalBrew

    For Sale: 3v Brewery with HERMS

    Hi All, I am (rather sadly) putting my brewery up for sale. What is on offer is a traditional 3 vessel setup (70L HLT/50L MLT/70L Kettle) with HERMS in the form of one of Nev's Stainless Steel HERM-IT kits. Looks pretty right? Anyway a quick run through of its features: HLT The hot liquor...
  6. GalBrew

    Two Birds Bantam IPA

    It also has the word 'bantam' on the label. Surely that gives a hint that it's a small version of an IPA or a session IPA if you will. I thought it was pretty straightforward.
  7. GalBrew

    Issues with gluten free beer - Briess Sorghum Extract.

    Hi all, I have now made a couple of gluten free beers using the Briess White Sorghum extract. I have had haze issues with both of them. Now just to clarify this is not yeast haze or chill haze, nor does it seem to clear up over time. I have even filtered one with a 1um filter to no avail, it did...
  8. GalBrew

    Club Info?

    Hi all, I have been thinking about joining a brewclub for a while now, and it seems that I would be a Melbourne Brewer living out east as I do. So what is the deal with the club, are there regular meetings and the like? Do I just turn up or is there some ritual paddling I have to endure to join...
  9. GalBrew

    Sourcing Fresh Liquid Yeast

    Hi AHBers, For those of you who use liquid yeasts, where do you purchase them from? I have had a couple of packs come in recently around 6 months past the date of manufactuer which gives very low viability. Where do people go to get fresh liquid yeasts or are there only certain times of the year...
  10. GalBrew

    Malt Mills

    There has been a lot going around about mills at the moment, motors, crush etc. and I was wondering what specific mills do people use as I am intending to mill my own stuff soon. I am going to discount the cheap 'corona' mill, but what is the best mill out there? I see there is the Mashmaster...
  11. GalBrew

    Core Brewing Concepts - Brew Kettles?

    Hi all, I my web travels I have come across the flashy looking brew kettles and mash tuns that are available from Core Brewing Concepts. According to their website some of these can be seen at Grain and Grape. Has anyone seen these in person yet? If so what are people's thoughts on them? They...
  12. GalBrew

    Hop Pellet Composition

    Hi all, After searching on this topic to no avail. I have a question regarding hop pellets. I BIAB and use a hop sock, for the most part it has done its job and contained most of the hop matter from the pellets once they have broken up in the boil. I have recently started purchasing hop pellets...
  13. GalBrew

    D-rest/lager Fermentation Question

    Hi all, I am currently fermenting my first lager and there seems to be quite a few different opinions on what exactly to do around here. I have a bo pills fermenting with s-189 at 12deg, which started off at 1.050. When it got down to 1.013, which only took 6 days I gave it a 2 day D-rest at 18...
  14. GalBrew

    For Sale: 2x Rheem, Coca-cola 22l, Ball Lock Kegs

    Hi all,I have a couple of 22litre Rheem, Coke branded post mix kegs for sale. They have been converted into ball locks in the past and come as is. They are clean inside and hold pressure, but I can not guarantee they are 100% leak free and the posts will need a good soak in PBW. I would prefer...
  15. GalBrew

    Fermentation Vessel/fridge Fit

    Hi all, quick question. I am in the market for a new fermentation fridge/freezer and was wondering how many vessels can people fit in their particular fridge/freezer? I would like to be as efficient as possible and do as many ferments as once, so how many vessels and what kind of vessel can you...