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  1. JakeSm

    Need Idess For A Cerveza.

    Good afternoon everybody, I am in need of some ideas for a cerveza recipe, as i have never done one using a full extract recipe yet. I have a few cans of morgans extra pale LME in the cupboard and some citra, cascade and amarillo in the freezer. ( about 50g of each ) i also have a tiny bit of...
  2. JakeSm

    First Extract Beer, Not Settling After 10 Days In The Bottle.

    Hey Guys, I have recently attempted my first full extract brew and the whole fermentation was fine, no issues. However, after about 10 days in the bottle the beers are still cloudy?? Any thoughts on this would be great, im assuming i should just wait a bit longer to see what they are gonna do...
  3. JakeSm

    Mixed Berry Cider

    Hi all, i am quite new to the CIDER brewing, i have brewed an apple cider in the past and also observed a mate brewing his first ginger beer from scratch. i was after some ideas or recipes for a mixed berry cider. i need to know what sugars, yeast, volumes and how much berries to use, or...
  4. JakeSm

    Full Extract, Australian Pale Ale Recipe Ideas Please.

    Hello, and what a beautiful day it is!! I am wondering about a recipe for an Australian Pale Ale, full extract, not using the kits anymore as i have done a few goof extract brews already and now im doing my summer beers. If anyone has a good extract recipe they are willing to share that would...
  5. JakeSm

    Becks Clone Recipe Ideas

    Good Morning All, I was helping a friend put together a recipe for a kits and bits BECKS clone, and i couldnt help wanting to do one of these myself. however i would like to do a full extract recipe and just need a few ideas on the malt tins and hops. i have a few types of grain in the...
  6. JakeSm

    Coopers Celebration Ale/british Pale Ale Recipe

    Hey all, I have a friend who has been brewing for a litle while now and i have recently got him into steeping spec grains and using liquid malt extracts as sugars also. He is after a recipe that can taste something like the coopers celebration ale or a good british pale ale recipe. He is not...
  7. JakeSm

    First Go At An Extract Brew.

    Hi all, Just after some thoughts on my first crack at an extract brew. I came up with the recipe myself and want to know what anyone thinks i should do differently next time. Cascarillo American Amber Ale. *250g caramunich *200g medium crystal *300g my own roasted pearl Barley *1.5kg morgans...
  8. JakeSm

    22 Kg Co2 Cannister

    Hey everyone, Just wondering does anyone know of how much a 22 kg CO2 can is worth to buy as i am lining one up for $100 and wanting to know if this is good or not. Or if this will be too big or if anyone wants to buy one??? Cheers jake
  9. JakeSm

    Wanting To Buy Kegs.

    Hey everyone, Im looking to buy a keg or two as i am trying to get into kegging my beer. Was wondering if anyone has any spare kegs or kegs they arnt using and would consider selling for a good price, would you be able to let me know. Cheers jake
  10. JakeSm

    Need Help Or Thoughts On This Attempted English Brown Ale.

    Hi Everyone, Today i put down a brew hoping to make something like a newcastle brown or a darker english ale. This was the recipe i used: 1x TCS sparkling ale tin, 1.7kg 1kg Raw sugar 200g Brown Sugar 150g Dark Dry Malt 50g Crystal Grain 60g Dark choc malted grain 250g Roasted Barley 12g...
  11. JakeSm

    Anybody Made A Grand Cuvee?

    Hi Everyone, i have bottled my version of a grand cuvee last week and was wondering if anyone has a recipe for one that they have done before and liked. i tryed to go for around 8-9% abv. i used: *mangrove jacks belgian ale *800g dextrose *800g Dark Dry Malt *300g maltodextrin *150g crystal...