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  1. beergee

    Hi everyone

    Good luck in the Land of the Long White Cloud @Brum ! Remember, sanitation is the most important thing!
  2. beergee

    Giveaway and Inkbird Big Discount Sales on IBBQ-4T bbq thermometer+ITH-1p

    This would be heaps better than my cheap $7.00 digital one. Count me in! :)
  3. beergee

    FS Melb. 3V brew system $150

    Wow that's a great deal. Pity I'm in WA! Giving up brewing @GrumpyPaul or moving to 1V ?
  4. beergee

    Engine Crane as Brewery general lifter

    They're fairly big and unwieldy with little solid metal wheels that get caught on the smallest obstacle. Ok if your brewery floor is clean and smooth I suppose. Quite slow to lift too as they are basically a bottle jack pumping up the arm.
  5. beergee


    All good. Look forward to meeting you.
  6. beergee


    Hello @Paddy Melon , I live in Yokine and do BIAB. I'm only about 4-5 brews into All Grain, so by no means an expert. Planning on doing a Coconut Porter in the next couple of weeks and you're welcome to come over and help me muddle through. :)
  7. beergee

    Old Waeco CF80 to kegerator.

    That's a bloody great little set up. Well done on a shoestring budget!
  8. beergee


  9. beergee

    Giveaway and Inkbird Big Discount Sales on thermostats and bbq thermometers

    @inkbird who was the winner? you didn't tag anyone! :)
  10. beergee

    Hi! It's me the French-Canadian!

    Welcome mate!
  11. beergee

    Inkbird Giveaway on ITC-308 WIFI Temp Controller Thermostat !

    I'd love the wifi version! Save me going down to the shed to check everything is at the right temperature!
  12. beergee

    Gas regulator

    I'd be going for barbs on the gas side. Too many stories of people losing full bottles of CO2 with Duotights when they aren't fitted properly or get flexed in tight spaces and leak.
  13. beergee

    Cubed pilsner fermenting before adding yeast..

    Could you pour it into the fermenter and pitch the proper yeast in the hope that it might overtake the wild stuff?
  14. beergee

    Cubed pilsner fermenting before adding yeast..

    Unless there was some wild yeast sitting on the hop pellets....?
  15. beergee

    black and yellow beer

    Looks oxidised. If it was a pre-hopped kit you probably shouldn't boil it either as you could make it more bitter.
  16. beergee

    Some independent craft brewers disappointed with Queensland's proposed changes to liquor laws

    We have a similar law that needs changing in WA. My local Brewery (Seasonal Brewing) can sell their own brewed beers from the tap without any worries, but any beers from other breweries on their guest taps have to be bought with food. It's ridiculous and extremely frustrating for them.
  17. beergee

    When to dry hop

    Probably a bit late to do anything now short of fishing it out and adding some weight, but when I've used magnets in the past I've put a couple of stainless steel teaspoons in the bag to weigh it down. Unfortunately in my experience the bag does not seem to sink of it's own accord otherwise.
  18. beergee

    Colony west lemonade

    When you have a stable gravity reading over about 3 days you should be ok to bottle. Do they predict a Final SG? It still seems quite high at the moment though it may have some non-fermentable sugars in it to maintain the sweetness.
  19. beergee

    220 year old Shipwreck Yeast

    Thanks mate, interesting!